2×4 Lumber Prices — How Much Should a 2×4 Cost?

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Lumber is one of the most sought-after construction materials in the market. However, due to the continuous increase in demand, its price has also increased over time.

So, in this article, our expert woodworkers explored the market to determine the 2×4 lumber prices to help you find the wood material that’s within your project’s budget. 

The Cost of 2×4 Lumber

The cost of 2×4 Lumber may vary depending on the type of wood, length of the wood, location, market supply, and demand, among others. Generally, 2×4 lumber is cheaper, strong, durable, and suitable for many woodworking projects. 

Typically, the 2×4 lumber available in the market is mostly from fir, pine, and spruce trees. Their prices may have slight differences, but these tree species have similar characteristics. 

Another factor that may affect its price is the board length. You will find 2×4 lumber cut in 8 feet to 16 feet board length. These board lengths are essential for your woodworking projects. 

Douglas Fir wood

For instance, if you’re putting up a wall, you may need a shorter stud length more fitted to the size of your wall, which is normally 8 feet. Meanwhile, if you’re working on longer projects like benches, we suggest getting a 16 feet board.

On average, below are the current costs of 2×4 lumbers:

2×4 8' Lumber

This wood board is 2 inches thick, 4 inches wide, and 8 feet long. It’s the most common size of lumber suitable for construction and various DIY woodworking projects.

2×4 10' Lumber

This lumber is 2 inches thick, 4 inches wide, and 10 feet long. This board size is useful for bigger projects that need longer pieces of lumber. Generally, you can save more when buying 10 feet of lumber than 8 feet of board.

attaching lumber to a workbench

2×4 12' Lumber

This wood board is 2 inches thick, 4 inches wide, and 12 feet long. This lumber can be used in various applications, such as outdoor structures, framing walls, building shelves, and furniture. 

2×4 14' Lumber

This wood board is 2 inches thick, 4 inches wide, and 14 inches long. This size of lumber is commonly used for building larger projects, such as decks and constructing sheds.

2×4 16' Lumber

It’s the longest size of 2×4 lumber with 2 inches thickness, 4 inches width, and 16 inches length. It’s the practical choice when building larger constructions like barns and sheds. 

Historical Prices of 2×4 Lumber

treated lumber

The price of 2×4 lumber is volatile and continuously fluctuates due to many factors, including natural disasters, economic conditions, and supply versus demand. Below are the average prices of 2×4 lumber in the past decade: 

Year8 Feet10 Feet12 Feet16 Feet

Factors Affecting the Cost of 2×4 Lumber

Wood Type

The type of wood has a great impact on the price of the 2×4 lumber. For instance, the lumber from softwoods like fir, pine, and spruce can be less expensive than those from hardwoods, such as maple, oak, and teak. 

Teak wood

This is because hardwoods are generally more durable and stronger than softwood, so they are more expensive. Also, the quality or grade of the lumber has a significant effect on its price. High-grade lumber is more expensive than lower-grade lumber. 

Availability or Demand

Like any other product, the cost of 2×4 lumber is subject to the trajectory of supply and demand. Essentially, when the lumber demand is high, like during construction season, the supply will be limited, and thus the price will increase.

Many factors, including population growth, housing demand, and market conditions, drive the demand for lumber. When the economic situation is better, people may have an extra budget for construction. 

Meanwhile, the availability of lumber can be affected by supply distractions caused by transportation issues, weather conditions, and government policies that can drive the lumber price higher. 

Wildfire or Drought

Wildfires and droughts are environmental factors directly affecting the price of lumbers. Wildfires can disrupt the supply chain by damaging the forests that are the source of lumber. 

milling Red Oak

Also, they can make lumber transportation more difficult due to logistic issues and road closures. This can lead to a decrease in lumber supply in the market, hence causing the price to increase. 

In the meantime, the growth of trees can be hindered by droughts, resulting in a slowdown in lumber production. 

Extended periods of drought have the potential to impede or even kill trees, leading to a decrease in the availability of lumber and subsequently driving up costs within the industry. 

Thus, this highlights the negative impact that prolonged droughts can have on both the supply and affordability of lumber.

Cheap 2x4 Lumber for Sale

There are many suppliers that offer 2×4 lumber at a cheaper price. Some of the best places to buy lumber includes:  


This store has a great variety of 2×4 lumber at lower prices compared to other wood suppliers. 

lumber selection at Lowe's

There are many sizes to choose from, including 2×4 in 2 feet long at the lowest price. You can also avail of their store promos and free delivery service, depending on the wood type and size you’re buying. So, know more about lumber dimensions here!

Home Depot

It’s a popular store for home improvements where you can also find cheaper 2×4 lumber. They also have a wide selection of wood types, including various softwoods and high-grade hardwoods. 

You can purchase it as a bundle or by the piece. But you can save more when you choose the bundle. They also offer store discounts and free delivery. 


If you prefer to buy online, Amazon has many 2×4 lumber sellers that offer significant discounts. Aside from hassle-free transactions, their delivery is very fast and reliable. Besides, Amazon is one the cheapest places to buy lumber

person using laptop

If you’re worried about receiving damaged lumber, don’t worry because Amazon has warranty coverage, and they always handle refunds [1] efficiently.  


Which is cheaper, 2x4 or 2x6?

The 2×4 lumber is cheaper than 2×6 because it’s smaller and requires lesser wood to produce compared to 2×6, which is bigger and thicker.  Although other factors may affect their prices, like wood type, 2×4 is a cheaper option suitable for various applications.

How many 2x4 are in a bundle?

There are about 120 to 150 in a 2×4 lumber bundle, but it all depends on the length of the boards and your supplier. 

For instance, a bundle of 8 feet 2×4 contains more boards than 10 feet or 16 feet long. Check with your supplier to make sure about the bundle quantity.

More pricing guides here


The 2×4 lumber prices highly depend on different contributing factors that affect the change in its cost. And knowing the estimated lumber prices can help you determine the right budget to start your project. 

While there are expensive ones, you can find cheap but high-quality lumbers at the stores mentioned above.  

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