5 DIY Projects Your Pets will Love

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Being a devoted pet lover, I firmly believe that treating our furry companions shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. There are countless fantastic wood DIY projects out there waiting for you to try.

In this guide, I’ll share the top five DIY projects I’m confident your pets will adore. Keep reading, and I’ll walk you through how to craft each one!

#1: Bedside Table Cat House

Bedside Table Cat House

You can count on this project if you want to keep your feline companion off the furniture. It is easy to make and cost-effective. This bedside cat house is a multipurpose project. It serves as a bedside table and doubles as a house for your feline friend!

Materials and Tools

To design the beside table cat house:

  1. Cover the floor where you work with a newspaper or a cloth. This is to protect your flooring from runs and glue drips.
  2. Cut circles to suit the size you want for the cathouse and side table. You can decide to make it smaller or bigger depending on what suits your current need.
  3. Glue the larger dowels. This must be at the four equidistant points around the circle. Allow the glue to cure overnight before you move to the smaller dowels.
  4. Use a finish, such as a polyurethane seal to keep the furniture clean and beautiful.

#2: DIY Tepee for Your Dog or Cat

Tepee for Your Dog or Cat

The grand purpose of a teepee is to make your furry or feline friend cozy. Your dog and cat will love it as a space to sleep and play. So, how do you design a stylish teepee, and what do you need? 

Rather than going to the store to buy them at a price, you can make one for your cat or dog yourself. To do this, you will need:

How to Make a DIY Teepee 

  1. Make four triangles from your fabric.
  2. Fold the seams and sew. Make a mark about 26 inches from the bottom of the triangles, fold, and sew the apex point down. After, sew the bottom edge of the triangle for a clean seam.
  3. Line the edge of the first two triangles with the side inwards, then pin them together.
  4. Ensure you open up the triangle and pin the other edge with your third triangle. 
  5. Repeat this process until you have pinned all sides together, then sew all the edges you have pinned
  6. Choose which panel you want to be in front of the tent, then cut an opening for the door.
  7. Slit 18 inches up from the base, fold the new edges over the pin, then sew together to prevent fraying.
  8. Gather the dowels, tie them, and use your string or twine to tie the first dowel.
  9. Wrap your string around the poles several times.
  10. Put the fabric cover on the pole.

#3: Easy DIY Bow Tie for Dogs

Easy DIY Bow Tie for Dogs

Making your dog stylish does not cost much. If you need something extra special for an occasion aside from his or her usual collar or clothes, then this bow tie is what you need to make!

All you need is a piece of fabric, an elastic band, scissors, iron, thread, and a needle.

Here is how to make it:

  1. Cut out your fabric as a rectangle, one at 10X35 inches and the other at 5X3 inches.
  2. Sew the larger triangles together with an allowance of ¼
  3. Trim the seam allowance to about ⅛, then turn the fabric right side out
  4. Tuck in the raw ends of the rectangle and press them. 
  5. Make a half fold and close the opening with a stitch. 
  6. Using your hands, crunch the fabric into the shape of a bow tie. 
  7. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, fold the smaller rectangle in half longways, right sides facing. 
  8. Turn the fabric, so the seam is inside and stitch across the end of the tube.
  9. Finally, place the bow through the hole and your dog’s collar. 

#4: DIY Rainbow Scratch Post

Rainbow Scratch Post

Your feline friend is going to be smitten with this next DIY: the rainbow scratch post. For this fun project, here’s what you’ll need:

Instructions on design:

  1. Even the base surface by sanding to ensure that it is free from splinters or other debris.
  2. Use a pencil or chalk to draw a cloud on the base on each end.
  3. Draw the rainbow shape twice on a piece of thick wood or MDF.
  4. With a scroll saw or Dremel, cut out the two rainbows.
  5. Secure the two rainbows by drilling. 
  6. Each side of the rainbow will need four brackets to be attached to the base. Use .75-inch screws to be drilled on each side.
  7. Wrap the sisal rope onto the rainbow with a hot glue gun from one end to the other [1].
  8. Finally, secure the rainbow’s brackets into the base with the clouds with screws and drills.

#5: Repurposed Crate Bowl Holder

Repurposed Crate Bowl Holder

If you don’t have any use for your crates lying around your home, you can repurpose them into a bowl holder for your dogs.

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To make a repurpose crate bowl holder, you will need these items:

Follow these steps to do this project:

  1. Start by positioning each bowl face down on the crate, side by side, and tracing around them. When cutting, aim for a hole that’s about a half-inch smaller than your traced outline. Use a compass to sketch this slightly smaller circle before cutting. It ensures a snug fit for the bowl.
  2. Drill the center of each circle.
  3. With your jigsaw, start cutting the smaller circles.
  4. Finally, use a stain or paint to finish it.
  5. Once dry, place the two bowls on the crate.


For those of us who want nothing but the best for our pets, crafting these DIY projects is a no-brainer. Armed with just a few materials and a bit of time, usually only a few hours, you can craft something special.

Trust me, it’s not just cost-effective but also a heartfelt way to ensure your feline and furry pals are both happy and secure!

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