Bad Boy Mowers Price Guide (Models Listed)

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Residential and commercial needs are like two different puzzles in regards to mowing. Lucky for us, Bad Boy Mowers has a wide range of products to pick from. But now the real head-scratcher is figuring out which one fits your budget and lawn care needs, right?

Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. To make sure you don’t end up with the wrong tool, I’ve compiled a list of Bad Boy mower prices. Let’s narrow down your shopping choices together!

What Types of Mower Does Bad Boy Offer?

From traditional push mowers to zero-turn riding mowers, this brand has everything a landscaper needs under its belt. 

lady riding Boy MZ Rambler

Now, if we break it down a bit, you’ll find that most of their top-notch models belong to two main groups: commercial and residential zero-turn mowers. Let’s take a closer look at what sets these two categories apart.

Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

Besides its long-lasting and durable construction that’s to be expected of a mower under this brand, commercial units have more powerful engines. 

In fact, they can handle tougher lawn conditions and cover more mowing areas than typical mowers. Despite being full-sized, they’re also easy to use.

Residential Zero-Turn Mowers

No matter what brand it is, the general knowledge is that residential zero-turn models are always cheaper than commercial units. While that’s true in Bad Boy Mowers’ case, their budget-friendly selection offers enough power for small to medium mowing areas. 

Bad Boy Mower

Besides that, they also have tough constructions meant to withstand harsh conditions.

Bad Boy Mowers Lineup

Compact Outlaw

The Compact Outlaw series has a space-saving design and narrow wheels most suitable for mowing hard-to-reach areas. And since they have dual deck isolators, you don’t have to worry about handling impact from harsh lawn and weather conditions. 

These units also have efficient baffling systems that deliver exceptional grass lifts. 

Gas-powered Riding Mower


If you scan their Maverick series as we did, you’ll quickly notice that every drivetrain has twin-compression shock support that makes their rears efficiently responsive. Besides that, you can get this model in different mower deck variations from 48 inches to 60 inches.

Bad Boy Mower Maverick

Gas-powered Riding Mower

Maverick HD

Another entry-level mower selection you can rely on is Bad Boy Mowers Maverick HD. These units are designed with bigger engines and Hydrostatic drive systems, so you can expect them to fulfill day-to-day mowing requirements. 

Bad Boy Mower Maverick HD

You can buy these models in 22.5 to 27 HP engines and 42-inch to 60-inch mower deck sizes. 

Gas-powered Riding Mower


Depending on the unit’s horsepower, mowers under MZ selection can operate from 9.7km/hr to 10 km/hr. After several test drives, these models also deliver better traction, thanks to their framed design. 

Bad Boy Mower MZ

Gas-powered Riding Mower

MZ Magnum

Bad Boy MZ Magnum Mowers are priced in the middle of the chart compared to other mowers. But as the old saying goes, price isn’t everything [1]

Models under this selection can handle the complexities of residential and commercial lawn mowing requirements, which are highly owed to their powerful Kawasaki engines.  

Gas-powered Riding Mower

MZ Rambler

If a smaller ride is what you seek, MZ Rambler could fit that bill. Not is it an economical option for its price, but it’s also made out of a durable 2×2 all-welded steel frame and runs with a dual hydro-gear system. 

Bad Boy MZ Rambler

Gas-powered Riding Mower


With five engine options ranging from 27 to 36 HP, I don’t doubt that any mowing experts will agree that Rebel mowers are meant for heavy-duty lawn tasks. These units are also sold in 54 to 72-inch deck size varieties, macking them in commercial settings. 

Gas-powered Riding Mower


A demanding lawn requires an equally powerful mower like the Bad Boy Renegade series. Packed with a Vanguard engine that runs 37 HP, rest assured that these units can accompany you in extensive mowing tasks without a problem.

Bad Boy Mower Renegade

Gas-powered Riding Mower


If you ask us, the advantage of the Rogue series over other selections under this brand is its vast engine options and deck sizes. Depending on your mowing requirements, you can find a model under this category with 54 to 72-inch mower decks and 27 to 38.5 HP engines. 

Gas-powered Riding Mower

ZT Avenger

Although you’re limited to 54-inch and 60-inch models under this product line, ZT Avenger features three competitive engine options from Briggs, Kawasaki, and Kohler.

Bad Boy Mower ZT Avenger

Gas-powered Riding Mower

ZT Elite

ZT Elite mowers are equipped with engines that suit residential lawn tasks. However, it’s important to note that its deck sizes are varied from 48 to 60 inches that can mow at least 3-acre of land. 

Gas-powered Riding Mower

How Much Should I Pay for a Bad Boy Mower + Factors to Consider

Lawn Area and Condition

Your lawn may have complex slopes and obstacles that a regular mower can’t overcome. For these cases, go for units that can deliver more power. You’ll also need a wide deck if you’re mowing a vast landscape.

lady operating Bad Boy MZ Rambler

Type and Frequency of Use

A push mower should be enough if you’re handling a small turf. However, riding units could make it easier for you if it’s a vast landscape. Your mowing frequency will also determine how often a unit needs maintenance. 


Looking at this Bad Boy mower price guide, it’s impossible to ignore how varied the prices are. Like other brands, higher power capacity and wider deck often determine how high or low their pricing will be.

Top 5 Bad Boy Mowers Today and Their Prices

Bad Boy MZ Magnum Residential Zero-Turn Mower

As a residential mower, MZ Magnum could range from $4923 to $5089, depending on your choice of mower deck size and horsepower variations. 

These units are sold with reliable Kohler engines that run from 22 HP to 25 HP. With deck sizes 48 to 54 inches, these models can mow from 2.5 acres up to 5 acres of land.

Bad Boy ZT Elite Residential Zero Turn Mower

Bad Boy ZT Elite is a zero-turn mower, so you can expect its utmost convenience when it comes to maneuvering. On top of that, these selections also come in different mowing deck widths from 48-inch to 60-inch. 

Bad Boy Mower ZT Elite

Its engine options are impressive, with motors manufactured by Briggs and Kohler.

Bad Boy ZT Avenger Zero Turn Mower

If you’re looking for a mower that can cut grass in a vast landscape that’s 5-acre and above, then ZT Avenger is your command. With Kohler and Briggs engine options, these riding mowers can deliver up to 25 horsepower. 

They’re also mid-priced, which means these units won’t break the bank as much as other alternatives.

Bad Boy Renegade Diesel

As a lawnmower model with the highest price tag in Bad Boy Mower’s catalog, high-powered performance and efficiency aren’t impossible for these units. In fact, they can operate up to 37 HP and handle the toughest landscaping jobs out there. 

Bad Boy Mower Renegade Diesel

Besides Vanguard EFI, Renegade mowers also feature the ever-reliable Perkins engines. 

Bad Boy Rogue Outlaw Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Like Renegade, the Rogue Outlaw series is designed with vastly powered engines and wider mower deck sizes. Because of this, these models are often used in commercial settings rather than residential ones. 

You will also experience optimum comfort as all models under Bad Boy Mower’s Rogue Outlaw have suspension seats. 

Where to Find Bad Boy Mowers For Sale/Dealers Near Me

Besides local stores and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, we highly recommend browsing Bad Boy Mower’s website. 

With just a few clicks, the webpage will tell you the nearest store you can go to with the available stock of the mower you choose. It’s also safer as they only list authorized dealers.


How much does a bad boy commercial mower cost?

A Bad Boy commercial mower can cost between $6,000 to $22,000. The total expenses you’ll incur from buying them depend on what type of mower you’re looking for, its deck size, and the power it can deliver. 

How much is a 60-inch Bad Boy?

A 60-inch Bad Boy mower could cost around $6,000 to $10,000, according to the model availability of the brand. You may not know, but not all their product line offers deck sizes at 60 inches.


Now that you have a good understanding of what Bad Boy mowers have to offer, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for you. 

While going for the least expensive option might seem appealing, I want to emphasize that these tools will only go the distance if you take good care of them and use them correctly. So, make sure you pick a product that fits your lawn’s specific mowing needs. 

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