10 Beginner Dremel Wood Carving Patterns

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Looking for easy weekend wood carving projects? I’ve compiled a variety of beginner Dremel wood carving patterns that you will enjoy crafting.

With these designs, you can learn the art of wood carving using a Dremel and create masterpieces with practice. To help you get started, let’s dive in!

Top Wood Carving Patterns and Ideas With a Dremel

#1: Small Owl

Small Owl

This particular example of wood carving shows an owl carved to look like it’s sitting in a tree. To achieve darkened eyes, you can use Dremel’s pyrography tips and the VersaTip. 

Also, you can start this project using a piece of broken branch or green wood. But make sure to use thick branches to create depth. Use a paper template as a guide if you’re not confident in your freehand skills. 

Tip: Make sure to use the right wood for your carving projects

#2: Trinket Box

Trinket Box

This hand-engraved lidded box featured reclaimed wood and was made using a Dremel. It’s ideal for any occasion, such as an engagement or wedding gift. You can also make your own box to protect and store jewelry.

(Check other reclaimed wood projects in this post!) 

#3: Celtic Knot and Cross

Celtic Knot and Cross

This pattern is easy to follow, yet it looks impressive after you’ve done it. If you are getting used or just starting with wood carving and cutting, this is an excellent pattern to start. 

Trust me, using a Dremel makes crafting this Celtic knot and cross so much simpler. Give it a go when you have some free time!

#4: Letter Opener Pattern

Letter Opener Pattern

Letter openers are sure to be a timeless gift for your friends and family. So, why not customize it, right? 

Though we use email and Facebook messenger to convey our message, it would be a good idea to gift a letter opener to someone who still uses paper. It’s like bringing back the old times. Plus, this is a good desk accessory, so give this pattern a try! 

#5: Carved Bear

Carved Bear

Dremel’s pyrography skills are incredibly valuable for carving wooden bears, and this particular design captures a wealth of emotion. Utilizing practice pieces can aid in the development of your skills. In fact, you have the option to craft a family of bears with various emotions if you desire.

#6: Wooden Letters

Wooden Letters

These wooden letter patterns can add a personal touch to your room space. Also, if you’re a preschool teacher, you can create wooden letters and hang them on your classroom’s wall for the kids to see and learn at the same time. 

Use your Dremel to carve each letter and paint them the color of your choice to make the letters livelier. 

#7: Wood Dragon Dremel Carve

Wood Dragon Dremel Carve

This Dremel dragon pattern is made using various carving techniques. First, you must cut the basic shapes, creating intricate detail and pockmarks for the scales. 

You can add more detail and create a great-looking dragon with fine-line hatching. This piece is also a great way to practice and showcase your skills.

#8: Engraved Wood Sign

Engraved Wood Sign

This pattern-tutorial will show you how to craft an engraved wooden sign with your Dremel.

Interesting Read: How to Sign Woodworking Projects

Ideal for those just starting out, this has a range of designs suitable for any setting, be it your home, office, or even as a heartfelt gift. Don’t miss this one!

#9: Wooden Leaf Sconce Pattern

Wooden Leaf Sconce Pattern

This project is for those looking for a fun and unique way to add some Dremel-carved wood art to their walls. 

It will also add a beautiful touch to your room. Besides, you can surprise any family member who loves candles by making this wooden leaf sconce wall accent. Hone your Dremel carving skills, and do this gift-perfect project. 

#10: Jack-O-Lanterns


Craft a one-of-a-kind Jack-o-Lantern with your Dremel. Trust me, your neighbors will be green with envy with this decor! Carve any design you fancy onto the pumpkin and make it the perfect fall accent for your home’s exterior or interior. 

You won’t also have to limit this project for the fall season. Feel free to get creative any time of the year!


What Dremel bit do I use to carve wood?

The Dremel bit you can use to carve wood projects is the Dremel 107 ⅛” shank. If you can only buy one bit, opt for this bit size. But take note, there are various Dremel bit sizes and shapes with intended uses. So, make sure to check this Dremel bit guide for better results. 

What are the best wood options for carving with a Dremel?

For beginners, the best wood for carving using a Dremel would be willow, birch, horse chestnut, pine, and limewood. 

These are all softwood, allowing beginners to start carving easily. Once you’re experienced already, you can try maple, cherrywood, pear, and apple wood. 

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What rotary tools can I use aside from a Dremel?

Aside from a Dremel, you can use alternative rotary tools like the WEN 2305, Dewalt DW660, and Black & Decker RTX-B. 

These rotary tools offer similar functions to a Dremel, which you can use for wood carving [1]. For other options, consider using a quality electric wood carving tool for enhanced precision.

But if you’re considering a scroll saw for carving smaller pieces, you might like the Dremel Moto Saw


You can create all the beginner Dremel wood carving patterns mentioned above using just one tool. Sometimes, you just need the Dremel and its heads; in others, you can use the attachments included with the tool. 

If you’re planning on adding more details to the designs, the additional tips that come with the Dremel will help you achieve your desired results.

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