What is the Best Arborist (Top Handle) Chainsaw? — Top Three Best Picks In 2023

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With the amount of arborist chainsaw brands out there, it’s hard to find the best pick for your needs. In addition, you might pick up something that’s substandard and incompatible with your work and routine. To avoid the burden of returning a product and wasting cash, our experts narrowed down the best arborist chainsaws in the market. 

Top Three Arborist Chainsaws

1. TIMBERPRO 26cc 10-Inch Top Handle Arborist Chainsaw - Best Budget Pick

 If you’re going for topping and trimming, then the TIMBERPRO 26cc Top Handle Arborist Chainsaw one of the best picks. Beginners or tree surgeons who want to use a chainsaw for landscaping and maintenance can look into TIMBERPRO. The easy start and automatic lubrication make it a breeze to handle.

The TIMBERPRO is sturdy and has enough power for regular use, but lightweight enough not to burden your back and arms. It’s a cheap, convenient buy that doesn’t sacrifice quality or function.

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2. Tanaka TCS33EDTP 14-Inch Arborist Saw - Best Value

The Tanaka TCS33EDTP arborist saw is fit for anything you want to try out! The saw measures in at 12 inches and is a balanced length for its pure fire engine power. 

At 32 cc, this arborist [1] saw guarantees excellent performance. Experiencing comfort and ease of use is also a great feature in this saw. It has a vibration-dampening system, half-throttle choke, and an automatic oiler. 

Like the Tanaka TCS51EAP, this chainsaw is perfect for hobbyists, professionals, and beginners alike. If ever your trusty Tanaka needs repairs, a 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial, and 1-year rental warranty are available.

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3. Makita EA6100PREL 18-Inch Arborist Saw - Best Overall

The Makita EA6100PREL is best for those who want an arborist saw for long-term operations. All of Makita’s best features point toward long-term use! It’s durable with an air-filtration system. You can have it at maximum function without any fuss.

At just 13.3 pounds, you can handle it for longer, unlike its heavier counterparts. Though lightweight, it doesn’t compromise power. With 61cc and a long bar (18 inches!), you can cut off hard trunks and branches with ease. 

The only drawback is the $600 price tag. However, as we’re sure it’ll last you in the long run, it’s worth the investment.

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What's the Ideal Arborist Chainsaw?

Balanced Power and Weight

Opting for greater power in a chainsaw often translates to a heavier tool. However, not everyone can comfortably manage their weight for extended periods. To make the best choice, consider the tasks you intend to tackle. Then, aim for optimal efficiency by finding a saw that balances power and weight, ensuring it aligns with your capabilities.

Promises Comfort

You don’t want a tool that makes back-breaking work even more of an effort. Look for a good grip, easy starts, vibration dampening, and other efficient systems for your chainsaw. You can look for chainsaws with ergonomic design like Husqvarna 435

The Right Length

Again, whatever activity you’re doing affects the length you choose. Topping and trimming may benefit from shorter lengths tool like the Poulan chainsaws with small bar length, but wider, sturdy trees need longer bars. Make sure you can control the length you choose!

Our Top Pick:
Makita EA6100PREL 18-Inch Arborist Saw

The Makita EA6100PREL proves its price by being the best arborist chainsaw in the market. It’s a high-powered model you can use in the long-term. Whatever you do, it will perform its best! The construction of each of Makita’s saws is geared towards durability. With these tough materials you get an arborist saw that is suited for long-term use. Not only is the saw capable of running for long hours, but the operation is also extended thanks to the lightweight body and a long bar.

Operating a chainsaw requires a license. Thus, here are the things that you should know about the importance of a license to operate a chainsaw. Read next! 

Tanaka TCS33EDTP 14-Inch Arborist Saw

As an all-around tool, this Tanaka saw is your best bet. The Tanaka TS33EDTP is easy to use and has the best value overall. The vibration dampening system will make sure you can go long hours without putting undue strain on your arms. The chainsaw is suited for users of all experience levels and Tanaka even covers repairs for an extended period.

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