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How to use band saw?

Band saw is a equipment by using which anyone can make a simple cuts on the wood material. The bench top band saws can make a intricate cuts fastly and accurately when creating the wood projects in a home workshop. using of the bandsaws needs more practice, extreme care but if you do it properly then the results are worth the effort.

Some Tips to Handle the Band Saw

Decide the type and size of machine you need to work:
The benchtop bandsaws are generally a bit smaller than all other mounted saw types. While you are deiced to go for selecting the bench band saw, then here are some of the things to consider:

  • Capacity
  • Cutting speed
  • Blade length
  • Table features
  • Ease of use
  • Safety features
  • Power requirements


The capacity of the band saw means that how much maximum length the wood can be cut by the band saw. There are two measurements which decides the capacity of the bandsaw. One is width of the wood material and another one is thickness of the wood material which can be cut with the material.
A traditional bench-top band saw will help you to make a cut on the woos about 9inches to 10 inches wood materials which is equal to 22.9 cm to 25.4cm in width and it will cut via the material about 3 or 4 inches or 7.6 to 1.2 cm thickness.

Cutting speed

The cutting speed of the band saw differs based on the variable speeds which have a little more flexibility than a single speed machine which cost you more. To give a practice to the new users, a single speed saw will work for most-cutting projects which will give you the grantee of secure cuttings.

Blade length

Even though the length of the blade does not effect on the cutting size of the wood material, if you want get a perfect cutting on the wood, then you need to select a saw which uses a common size blade which is available with a different types of teeth types and blade widths.

Table features

The table features refers to that the table of the itself. Most of the times the tables made from the heavy and durable materials like a cast aluminum or a cast iron with a milled guides for a miter attachments and a tilting capacity will give you more versatility than the fixed and plain tables.

Ease of use

Before selecting the band saw then make sure that there is no special tools or a complicated procedures which are need for setting up your saw, changing the blades or servicing with it.

Safety features

Select a machine which is double insulated or it has a grounding plug and it will provides a good visibility around the cutting areas. A lock out switch will make it difficult for the children to turn the saw on if they have a unsupervised access to it.

Power requirements

Most of the tools used for cutting the wood materials will sort operate on the standard household electrical voltage of the country where they purchased in. Most of the larger commercial or industrial machines may need a 3 phase power connection which is not available in a typical home owners power connections.

If you are well known about the above features then, you can easily able to use your band saw.

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