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Maintainance of band saw

Are you a carpenter? Then you may be familiar with the usage of band saws. Even though the band saw blades has a high-end sharpness and high performance at the starting time, if you are not maintained it properly, then the machine will break down and it will not to give you that type of performance which you had when you buy it.

Preventive or preliminary band saw maintenance can increases the band saw blade life. A well-maintained band saw machine helps in making the quality, efficient cuts and it will increase the safety of the workers. So that the maintenance process of the band saw is most important.

Maintenance of various parts

  • Maintaining the blade
  • Maintain the tooth of the blade
  • Maintain the chip brushes
  • Maintaining the parts with a proper lubricants
  • Maintaining the tables which the band saw is placed

Maintaining the band saw blade

The band saws blade life can be reduced because of the worn out blade guides, which may be lead to the breakage of the band saw. Where as this may cost you a lot while buying more blades, not doing so can cause the potential danger.
The space within the guides also needs to be maintained, as a back reason of the friction, the space may widen running you the risk of the blades moving out of the place. And also there are higher options of the blade being broken in the cutting process.

Maintaining the tooth of the blade

One main thing which shows the performance of the band saw is the sharpness of the saw blade and the number of tooth available in the blade. When you have more number of blade tooth then it will give you a very fast and clear cutting on your wood material.
When you cut the very hard wood material by using your band saw, then the tooth may bend or broken or lost its sharpness. To avoid this problem, you need to maintain it properly.

Maintain the band saw chip brushes

Even though the chip brushes are small in size they plays a very vital role in maintain the blade life as well as other components. And also even though the chip brush is many times overlooked due to its small size, you can save a lot of money by maintain this part properly.

Maintain the parts with proper lubricants

The lubricant which you use for your band saws parts takes a important role in maintain it. So that Never use water as a lubricant on band saw blades or any other blades, for that matter, water is not a lubricant. It can rust and damage the body and gullets of the bandsaw blade as well as the material being cut.
There are many number of branded lubricants available in the market which are specially made up for lubricate the blades, bits and cutting tools in the band saws. You need to use a proper lubricant for maintain your band saw properly.

Maintaining the tables which the band saw is placed

Generally, the band saws are fixed on the top of the bench or table to make the work of carpenter easy. Even though you fix the band saw on the table top perfectly, after a frequent uses of the band saw, then it will lose it fitness level on the table top by losing its screws and once the fitness level decreases than when you operate the band saw it will get vibrate, so that proper maintenance is needed for the band saws table also.

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