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SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw Review

The SKIL 3386-01 band saw has to be one of the best models on the market, simply due to the fact it is based on the latest technology, it comes with the latest features and it is more than just well-made. At the same time, it is one of the cheapest band saws you can get. Despite the fact, it can be compared with more expensive models. Keep in mind that the SKIL 3386-01 band saw isn’t a professional band saw, so it isn’t a great choice when it comes to choosing the professional model. On the other side, it can be used for minor applications and it will last for a long time, simply because it is well-made and the manufacturer used the best and the most durable materials. In addition, some components are not very durable.

Features of the SKIL 3386-01 band saw:

  • It is very small and compact, so it can be used on remote locations and it is very easy to transport.
  • Very accurate and precise, so it can be used for delicate operations.
  • The LED light is very useful and it makes the SKIL 3386-01 band saw much better.
  • The price is very low. In fact, this is the most affordable band saw on the market. So it is perfect for people who want to save a bit of money.
  • Dust port is a standard feature, so there won’t be dust in the workshop.
  • Motor has one speed, but it can be used for wood and metal, so it is more useful than similar band saws.
  • Very easy to adjust and the adjusting of the SKIL 3386-01 band saw takes just a few minutes.

What owners say about the SKIL 3386-01 band saw ?

With the help of the owners, the SKIL 3386-01 review is more accurate and more precise. At the same time, you will get the idea about all the best things this band saw has to offer. In essence, you can imagine how it would be to own this band saw and for what applications it can be used. We used only opinions of the owners who have this saw for a long time, so they know all about it. According to them, the best features are:

  • It is very small, so it is far more practical than other machines of this type on the market.
  • The materials are durable and they make the machine lightweight.
  • It is very precise, so using it for delicate operations won’t be an issue.
  • The electric motor is durable.

The SKIL 3386-01 review is the best thing to get an idea about the band saw in question. In any case, this model is a great choice, but only if you are looking for the ideal band saw that will be used occasionally. On the other side, if you are looking for a professional band saw, this model isn’t a great choice. Keep in mind that the price is more than just low, so this model is perfect for beginners as well.

SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw Review
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