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Different types of Band saws

Normally the band saws come in many different shapes and sizes based on their own unique uses and purpose of it used. The band saw is recognized as the most versatile power tool in the market based on the popular woodworking magazines reports. Any kind of material used for cutting the wood material will change the type of the band saws.

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Based on the materials which you are working with and the type of project which you are completing will help you to determine that, which type of band saws are used for cutting the wood.

Band saw Types

  • Vertical.
  • Horizontal.
  • Meat.
  • Wood.
  • Metal.
  • Cover.

Metal band saw

From all of the above types of band saws, the metal band saw is the ideal power tool for doing the jobs which require you to cut via a tough metal. The metal band saws are further categorized as vertical band saws and horizontal band saws.

Horizontal metal band saws

The horizontal band saw is generally used to cut the wood stock in the down position to reduce the size of the wood materials.

Vertical metal band saws

The vertical metal band saws are used for doing the intricate jobs such as filing, polishing and contour cutting.

Normally the metal band saws does not need a extra maintenance though and generally, they have some other additional building features in it. A coolant which keeps the blades of the band saw as lubricated and cool as well as a brushes or brush wheels which prevent the metal chips from being caught in the blade are very common to find these types of bands.

Unlike the all other types of saws which have a unique ability to cut via a range of materials other than just a wood and making them a popular tool in the most of the workshops. The metal saws are best for the projects which involve the following things:

  • Creating new blades for use in different types of band saw
  • Cutting metal stock down to smaller, more manageable sizes
  • Filing and polishing metal to finish the product
  • Cutting pipes and bar stock to length

Wood band saws

A wood band saw is a famous choice for the professional wood workers. When you compare it with all other table top saws, then this is the most important power tools which is used in the carpentry as a versatile machine.

Whereas the smaller stationary band saws which are used in the workshops and timber mills also used to operate the large scale band saws for a ripping lumber wood, but you need to know how to use them. The band saw has a unique ability to work with a wood timber which has a larger diameter.

Due to the smaller kerf or small cut size provided by this band saws, then there is a less of the quality timber is wasted. The wooden band saws are operate as the same as the any other band saws, with the blades which are placed on a continuous loop of the metal teeth that perform the succinct cuts via the timber. There are many types of wood saws in market, some of them are:

Head saw

These type of saws are larger than any other band saws which are responsible for making the first cut in a long.


The main duty of the resaws is to cut the stock into a smaller sections which are generally going against the timber grain.

Double cut saws

The double cut saws are having the blades on its both sides to cut the wood materials.

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