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Tips and warnings for using band saws

The band saws are mostly used by the carpenters to cut the wood materials. Other than cutting the wood materials the metal band saws are used for cutting the metal things and some other hard materials to shape them.

Normally the band saws are comes with a many sizes and prices, but there are standard basic band saws like in this article, which is used for all common purpose of cutting the wood materials. The band saw which is made up of steel with a teeth rotates on two wheels and passes via a table.

The guides and bearings which are located above and below the blade to hold in the position as it cuts. All you need to do is simply place the board on the table and push it via the rotating table. The entry level bench top saws will provide you a portability over cutting the capacity which is referred as the maximum cutting width and height of the band saws.

The floor model band saws are comes with a range of 14 inch, which is a typical band saws with a heavy construction with a vibration-dampening the cast iron components, induction motors, substantial blade guides, tensioning and tracking systems and a full range of blade choices.

Important parts needed to operate the band saws:

  • A professional band saw with a suitable attached blades
  • Bench or table to mount the band saw
  • Wood stock which is used in your project

Some of the tips to handle the band saws

Always Keep your machine serviced correctly and clean. Removed accumulated dust from dust exhaust tubes, and oil the blade guide bearings frequently.

Choose a band saws which is suitable for the whole range of the cutting which you needs. The bench top band saws are convenient to use where the space is limited but larger in size. Generally, the floor mounted bench saws are more versatile than the normal once.

Warnings for handling the band saws:

  • Always Make sure you have sufficient illumination for the task at hand.
  • Always unplug your saw when adjusting it or replacing blades.
  • Wear safety glasses and a dust mask while cutting.

Other than these things, you need to know that These kind of band saws are having a larger capacities than the benchtop saws and the larger tables. If you want to use the band saws, you need to do the following:

Check all the needed clearances for your cut

You do not want to be halfway via the cut only to find the workpiece which will not turn or feed through completely and it is now to plug your saw in.

Make you cut

If you want to turn the saw, then permit it to come up to speed and note that the blade is traveling in a straight true line. If there is any observable wobble or deflection in the blade, the stop and recheck the assembly of the band saw for the proper adjustment.
Please mind that you need to keep your fingers as far as possible from the bandsaws blade as a safety purpose and feed the stock so that the blade follows the cutting which you have made in it.

Mark out your cut on the wood stock you are using

You need to make a clear, easily distinguished lines on the wood materials, using either a soft lead pencil or a marker which is suitable for the marking on wood materials. Here do not use an ink marker on the wood which is to be naturally finished or stained with a transparent stain.

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