What is the Best Budget Jigsaw? (2023) — Top-Performing Models for Less

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As you know, several woodworking projects require the best jigsaw models with reliable speed settings capable of both straight lines and angled cuts. However, this power tool doesn’t always come at affordable prices. Lucky for you, our resident DIY specialists tested all the important features of a budget jigsaw so you won’t waste your time and money on a subpar product.

Reviews of the Top Budget Jigsaws


Amid our search for the best budget jigsaws, our team came across BLACK+DECKER BDEJS300C. With its 4.5 amp motor and variable speed control settings, it’s no surprise that we’re able to achieve curved cuts easier than most jigsaws we tried for this product round-up.

Even at a maximum of 3,000 SPM, this corded jigsaw can perform stable and accurate cuts thanks to its adjustable shoe. It also has a quick-clamp feature that allows tool-free blade changing from T to U shank blades. 

You’ll also have no problem maintaining accurate blade strokes because this coded jigsaw is integrated with a dust blower that keeps your cutting line clear.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

2. TECCPO Variable Speed Jigsaw

Although TECCPO Variable Speed Jigsaw has a higher price tag among the best budget jigsaws on this list, our DIY specialists assure you that it’s worth adding to your workshop. If you’re a beginner, its laser guide feature will surely help you cut metal or wood pieces accurately. 

Besides its laser guide, its multiple orbital settings also enabled us to execute smooth bevel cuts during our series of tests. There’s no denying that this tool is truly versatile as it offers six jigsaw blade options, four for woodworking and two for metalworking, which is useful even for cutting rebars

Moreover, it also has allocated stroke lengths for different cutting styles used in various projects.

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3. HYCHIKA 6.7A 800W Jigsaw

Finding the best jigsaws for professional cutting doesn’t have to be expensive. After testing out HYCHIKA 6.7A 800W Jigsaw, we’ve proven this statement true. With its integrated led light, our jigsaw testers found utmost ease during the cutting operations. 

Adding to this delightful feature was its 800W copper motor that operates at a max speed of 3000 SPM. Along with its stroke length of 22mm and cutting depth of 110mm, rest assured that you can perform different cuts accurately. 

And did we mention that it has adjustable blade angles from -45 to 45 degrees? That’s right. This power equipment is specially designed to cut both hard and soft materials.

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4. BLACK+DECKER Smart Select Jigsaw

Another one of the best budget jigsaws from the same trusted brand is BLACK+DECKER Smart Select Jigsaw. Designed with a tool-less blade brace, users of this jigsaw wouldn’t need to use extra tools when changing its blades. 

On top of that, it operates with a reliable 5 Amp engine motor that’ll provide enough power to aid your cutting operation. It’s also engineered with CurveControl Technology and customized orbit configurations that gave us more control of the blade during our tests. 

Wood and metal works require stability, especially during the cutting procedures. Lucky for you, this tool has a highly adjustable shoe and wire guard to ensure precision. 

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5. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

If you’re not so tight on the budget, then Porter-Cable has some premium cutting tools appropriate for you. During our evaluation with the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw, our experts were impressed with its seven-speed dial settings that allow optimum cutting experience. 

For heavy-duty projects, you can rely on its 6 Amp engine to deliver reliable performance even in its highest speed settings. Given that this is a powerful machine, it’s not surprising that it has lock-on configurations and ergonomic handles for better control. 

Besides all that, this Porter-Cable PCE345 model features a keyless clamp that allows users to switch to other blades without any hassle. 

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6. WEN 33606 Orbital Jig Saw

When it comes to tool budget buys, our workshop experts will always recommend this brand. With built-in laser and led lights, our team conveniently executes each cut without difficulty. Integrated with a 6.6 Amp engine, WEN 33606 Orbital Jig Saw can run up to 3300 strokes per minute!

You don’t need to worry about scuffs in your material, as this tool has non-marring shoes that stabilize its body despite high-speed operations. It also features a hex wrench storage with a 6.5 ft power cord that’ll allow users to work more flexibly and comfortably. 

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7. Goplus Jigsaw with Laser Guide

If you’re working on a wide range of cutting involving beveling, then Goplus Jigsaw with Laser Guide should have the features you’re looking for. Owing to its 800W powerful motor operating at 3000 SPM, we didn’t have much problem cutting PVC, Metal, Hardwood, or Plywood materials. 

Its precision cutting capabilities include a built-in laser and guide ruler that helps for better cutting output. We’re also amazed at how easy it is to adjust its speed according to the hardness of the material at hand. 

Above all else, it also has ergonomic handles. Even with long cutting operations, rest assured that your grip will be comfy enough with no fatigue. 

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Budget Jigsaw Buyer’s Guide

Size and Design

Typical jigsaws manufactured by popular brands are designed with a compact construction that makes them easy to maneuver. And because it’s a handheld tool, you’d want it to be as handy as possible so that you can freely move around while working on your workpiece. The lighter and smaller it is, the more mobility it offers for you.

Our resident craft experts also recommend getting a jigsaw designed with a multi-directional blade clamp. Having this design gives your saw stable gripping strength even during the tedious cutting operations. 

It’s also safe to assume that a cutting tool running with a motor will cause vibration that may damage the quality of your material. To avoid that scenario, we suggest choosing a jigsaw brand with an aluminum or mild steel shoe bevel. The curved shoe at the bottom of your tool will enable your saw to adjust to different angles in a stable manner.


When choosing jigsaws, always remember that more power means versatility. It implies that your saw can handle hard materials easily during a long period of operation. If you’re working on a small project, for instance, you need a tool to make holes in the wood, using a jigsaw under 5 amp engine power is okay. 

However, if you’re considering professional tasks, our experts urge you to get saws that can power up to 6 Amp. The power rating of your jigsaw will also depend on how often you plan to use it. Homeowners could consider buying less powered models, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re considering taking on multiple cutting projects in the long run.


While speed can be affected by many factors, keep in mind that it always has a relation with your motor power [1]. As you can see in the list, every jigsaw brand has speed settings. 

These configurations are highly useful if you’re working on different materials. For example, cutting metal requires a slower speed. These functions are mainly used by professionals, but they can also be an advantageous feature for beginners as they get themselves familiar with cutting various materials. 


The main function of your jigsaw is owed to its blade, so it’s only natural that you consider it carefully. Most brands in the market are integrated with thin blades, making them capable of moving without restrictions. 

It’ll be helpful for you to check the stroke length measurement of your chosen jigsaw to see if it aligns with the materials you’ll be cutting. Thin blades also enable users to make intricate cuts easily. 

Blade options for jigsaw: 

Best jigsaw blades for wood

Laser Guide

It’s no secret that some workpieces require utmost accuracy. And if you’re a beginner, this can be hard to achieve. Lucky for you, many low-cost jigsaws are designed with laser guides to help users visualize their cutting line better. 

Some brands may not have this feature, but it doesn’t mean that they function less than those models that come along with it. 

Corded vs. Cordless Jigsaw

As you may already know, these cutting tools vary in two different types: corded and cordless jigsaws. The major perk of working with a cordless model is that you’ll never be hindered in terms of mobility. You can move around without worrying about getting the tool unplugged from its power source. 

However, there’s a crucial detail you should know. Cordless saws have lesser power than corded ones. On top of that, they often designed heavier with that extra battery adding to their current weight. 

Although cordless models may appear more convenient, corded saws will get you through more tedious cutting operations than its alternative. 

Dust Control

Cutting materials will produce debris and dust that will hinder your line of sight. When that occurs, it can damage your workpiece or, worst, lead to an undesirable accident. Jigsaw manufacturers know about this, so you’ll notice that most tools nowadays have dust blowers to keep your cut lines clear. We recommend this, especially for beginners. 

Our Top Pick For a Budget Jigsaw:

Upon testing and evaluating the best budget jigsaws in the market, our resident woodworkers unanimously voted for BLACK+DECKER BDEJS300C Jigsaw as our top pick in this product roundup. Although all modern jigsaws in this list are reliable, this saw’s flexible base plate and versatile speed settings convinced us that it’s worth adding to any workshop.

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