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Black+Decker LP1000 Review

While Black & Decker needs no formal introduction, the Black+Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper Chainsaw is a nice handy tool to have around for cutting limbs and trimming the fat off of trees. It’s a very lightweight and affordable electric chainsaw, weighing in at only 6 and a half pounds. While it can only cut up to 4 inches, it has a very strong grip, which is assumingly why it’s called the alligator. Even though it wasn’t mentioned in our comparison page, it’s still a pretty good tool. Ideally, this tool would come into play when a branch or limb is too strong and thick to snap with your hands.


Orange handlebars encompass a lot of what Black+Decker is about. The jaws of the chainsaw are protected by safety guards that clamp down on the blade when it’s not in use. The unique design of the jaws when opened resemble that of an alligator and when it clamps down, nothing is escaping its grasp. The bar length of this tool is just 6 inches long but it has no resistance when clamping down on a limb and is super easy to operate. It’s highly cost-effective and will make you never want to use hedge trimmers ever again.


  • While weighing only 6 pounds, it allows for the cutting of up to 4 inches, which tackles almost every limb or oversized branch that isn’t large enough to need a proper electric chainsaw
  • Has a unique color scheme that’s pretty common with Black+Decker products and has the unique form of an actual alligator when you look at it from the side and the jaws are opened up
  • Has protective safety guards for the blades when the saw is clamped down and the blade portion rests in the top area of the saw, which is also protected by a metal guard
  • Good materials were used and all parts of the chainsaw were constructed with care and quality. The rigid leather and plastic prevent the handles from wear, tear or damage and the saw itself is easy to clean off when you need to do so
  • Provides enough ample power with a 4.5 Amp motor that’s pretty incredible for the overall size of this saw. The motor allows you to quickly cut through those pesky thick branches that you’ve been struggling with and the cuts are always smooth as well
  • This saw doesn’t cost very much to have shipped and the product is backed by a limited warranty if you have any problems with it

Pros & Cons


  • Black+Decker LP1000 Alligator only weighs 6 and a half pounds and can be held several different ways for maximum cutting efficiency
  • The clamping jaws were made with pure precision and strength so that when you clamp down on a branch, this saw’s going nowhere until that branch is cut
  • The chain was made with heavy-duty metal, so when you go to work, the chain spins ridiculously fast to quickly chow through even the thickest and most stubborn branches you need to get rid of
  • Cuts wood up to 4 inches in diameter that other trivial tools can’t even come close to
  • Includes oil with your purchase, so you won’t have to purchase more oil right off the bat or look through your garage to get this thing powered up
  • Has a 2-year limited warranty with this product, so if you have any malfunctions or need to get this saw repaired, Black+Decker will replace it for free
  • Highly reviewed by thousands of real customers that have given 5/5-star reviews on Amazon and other outlets that sell this saw


  • The debris from the saw can be a little messy since there’s debris guard, so you might want to keep your mouth closed when this is in use


Q: I have a bad back. Is this saw relatively heavy or hard to handle if you have a bad back?
A: No, this saw weighs in at only 6 and a half pounds and the strong grips allow you to hold the saw with ease without putting any kind of pressure on your back or your legs like some other chainsaws do. A lot of buyers report being over 60 years old and using this chainsaw with no issues.

Q: How much oil does this thing require?
A: It doesn’t require a lot as far as I know. It only takes about 3 squeezes of oil into the saw and it’s good to go for a while. Most people don’t need to put any more oil in there for at least 10 to 15 branch cuts and that’s on the low end. The manufacturer recommends using a vegetable-based oil because it’s cheaper and more effective for when you’re cutting limbs.

Q: How long will an extension cord work with this saw?
A: From the instruction manual, this saw should work just fine with a cord of up to 100 feet without actually losing any power. As long as the cord comes with a 16 ga, you’ll be just fine as that’s what most common household appliances use.

Black+Decker LP1000 Review Conclusion

The Black+Decker LP1000 Alligator is unique in a lot of ways that make it one of the best handheld tools you can have for maintenance. You can feel the power of the bottom jaw when you clamp down on a branch and just know that branch isn’t going anywhere. There’s no resistance, there’s no slip and the branches are gone within a matter of seconds. It’s also great to have a cost-effective way to get rid of branches that are up to 4 inches in diameter without spending hundreds on a chainsaw.

This chainsaw is cheap but isn’t made cheap because Black+Decker usually makes pretty high-end and high-quality products. The motion of the saw is relatively easy, it doesn’t cause any friction which numbs your hands and it’s good to be used straight out of the box. Oil is included and it doesn’t cost much for more, so you’ll save some money there as well. Overall, it’s a solid saw.

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BLACK+DECKER LP1000 Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

Black+Decker LP1000 Review
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