When you need something that packs a punch and provides ultimate raw power, look no further than the Homdox 52CC Chainsaw. With the power of 3 horses, we had to try it out and compare it to other chainsaws on the market (read the full comparison here). It seems well-reviewed and the price isn’t too bad, so what’s the catch? It doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of overall looks and aesthetics, but good thing Homdox isn’t in the business of making things pretty. This saw is advertised as pure power and it has some various improvements over its predecessor.


There were several design updates with the 52CC saw. The longevity of the saw was made longer thanks to the new air filtration system and it now has an automatic oiler. On the outside, this chainsaw isn’t much to look at. It comes with the standard handlebar, which could be a little further from the motor and comes with a hand guide which seems solid. The logo and basic information are printed on the blade but other than that, there’s not a lot of going for this chainsaw in terms of overall design aspects.

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  • This chainsaw was made for maximum efficiency and everything from the ground up was built to ensure that this chainsaw will last for years to come
  • Comes with a slip-free handle which is great for people that often get sweaty hands, have trouble holding tools with gloves or people with bad hands that have trouble holding chainsaws in general
  • Has an assisted starting system so that you don’t have to work overtime to get this thing started or yank on a pull cord that seems to take forever and a lot of effort to get it going
  • While it’s 20 inches, it features a low-kickback system to help make sure that it’ll never jump or kick upon you, which can be dangerous and it’s something that a lot of novice chainsaw owners don’t know about until it happens to them
  • Has various updates over the previous chainsaw which help extend the overall lifespan of the saw, make it last longer during cuts without needing more gas and the chainstays fresh and sharp thanks to the new auto-oiler on this new version
  • Extremely easy and fast installation of the blade is done in 6 simple steps without a lot of effort and can be done with one easy tool

Pros & Cons


  • The Homdox 52CC Chainsaw 20 inches in total and provides a huge punch of power to let you completely cut clean through limbs or branches of about any size
  • The design of this chainsaw is completely ergonomic and made to be easy on the hands which are a plus for the elderly or people who have a bad back as well since this chainsaw was built to reduce fatigue
  • Easily started thanks to the button powered starting system which was made so that you didn’t have to pull a cord or jump through any hoops to get it going
  • While being 20 inches, a lot of people are probably concerned about kickbacks, well there’s no need to worry because this chainsaw comes with an anti-kickback system that works flawlessly to protect you and help you make cleaner cuts
  • Can be used as a multi-purpose chainsaw and isn’t just for limbs or branches as it can be used for cleaning up firewood, cutting down trees and any general-purpose yard work that you may need to be done


  • They’re pretty low on stock a lot because they’re relatively new and people keep ordering it up so if you want to get your hands on one you kind of have to act fast


Q: How hard is it to replace the chain?
A: It’s relatively easy but you also have to make sure you get the right kind of chain as well. The gauge of this chain is .058 inches and the pitch is .325 inches. The chain size is as advertised, 20 inches. You can get these chains from anywhere and as long as those size requirements match, it should work just fine on the saw.

Q: Where does this chainsaw come from? Where is it produced?
A: As far as we can tell, this chainsaw is made in China but the shipping is really fast and it’s made with excellent quality in mind. We haven’t had any complaints or noticed anything being cheap on the saw, despite being made in China and shipped to the US.

Q: What’s the overall weight of this chainsaw?
A: The weight of this chainsaw is about 13 lbs. It’s very lightweight, easy to hold and it doesn’t cause a lot of friction on the hands or have any glaring issues when it comes to the weight. Our review of the Remington RM1425 shows that it is also a chainsaw favorable to those who want it small.

Q: I need to get this chainsaw repaired or worked on. Where do I go?
A: This would be better asked in a local repair shop because there are shops that work specifically on small engines and lawnmowers. They would be best suited to help fix your problem but know that the customer service department for Homdox is also always available to answer your questions.

Homdox 52CC Review Conclusion

While this particular chainsaw model doesn’t come with its case, it does come with a sleeve to help protect the blade when it’s not in use and to protect things around it of course. In our opinion, this is a pretty great chainsaw and the 52CC version dominates the predecessor in every way possible. You won’t be disappointed in the slightest as the people who’ve bought and left reviews for this chainsaw haven’t yet been disappointed.

It’s great for every general-purpose such as cutting up firewood and it doesn’t struggle with any kind of wood that we’ve found. It’s great for tearing down stubborn trees as well, but just make sure you consult with a professional who knows what they’re doing before cutting down trees. Check out this list if you are looking for more advanced chainsaws for pros.