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Chainsaw Types – Getting to Know the Family

The Art of Wood Crafting
Turning a tree's bark into exquisitely designed beds, tables, and chairs is no easy work. It requires a lot of intricate detailing, designing, and hard work. It wouldn't be too dramatic to add blood and sweat to that list because the kind of tools used in making furniture can scare even the most fearless people out there.

What Is a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a machine which plays a huge role in woodworking. It is made by a bar which is attached to a chain that holds the pointy edges that basically do the function of sawing. It is a mechanical device and is not attached to a specific place, that is to say, it is portable. These chainsaws are used in a number of activities like felling and designing wood. Some of its specific models are even used to cut concrete or ice bricks.

Introducing the Chainsaw Types

It might sound like a simple product with no hard science or detailing required, but in reality, a chainsaw has quite a huge family. Chainsaws are present in a huge variety, but their main professionality classification is done through the kind of motor they have, i.e., electric, gas or cordless chainsaw. To avoid wasting money, it is necessary to get to know the chainsaw family first and understand which one suits your requirement the most.

Gas Chainsaw – Benefits, Uses and Disadvantages

A gas chainsaw, evidently, runs on gas and is the more primitive type of chainsaw in the family. It has a fuel tank that can hold between 0.33 and 0.47 liters. The amount of time one refill of tank can last depends on the workload you put on the machine as well as the power supply and other factors. Compared to other chainsaws, this one requires more maintenance and user's patience. They produce noise and can choke easily, but when you need to do some heavy wood crafting, a gas chainsaw should definitely be your priority. Its power and durability are much better than those of other chainsaws.

Electric Chainsaw – Benefits, Uses and Disadvantages

An electric chainsaw, on the other hand, is ideal for the layman who does not have to do any major wood cutting or pruning. These chainsaws produce less noise and are simpler to use and safer than a gas chainsaw. It will not help you if you wish to cut entire forests down, but it is perfect for your do-it-yourself furniture or a when a tree branch needs trimming.

Cordless Chainsaw – Benefits, Uses and Disadvantages

The last kind of chainsaw, the battery-operated, cordless one, is so much better than the corded ones because it allows you to move about easily and doesn't require power. It is perfect for home usage and much safer with a runtime of around thirty minutes per battery.

We hope this helps you figure out the perfect chainsaw for your use!

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