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How to use and maintain a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a tool which is used by the carpenters to cut the hardwood materials very fastly. It may be any kind of saw, the daily use of cutting saw will spoil the sharpness of the saw and reduce the lifetime of the cutting saw, which is possible fact even in the chainsaw also.

So that if you want to increase the life of your chainsaw, you need to make sure that the saw is in the top working condition at the time of your purchase. After you are purchasing the chainsaw you need to follow the maintenance procedure which is suggested by the manufacturer of the chainsaw.

How to maintain your chainsaw perfectly to achieve a long lifetime?

  • Every time before you use the chainsaw, check the bar and chain oil frequently.
  • To get more efficient cutting experience when working with pro chainsaw, always keep your chain saw sharp.
    This process also helps you to prevent the kickbacks and increase the security of the person who handles the chainsaw.
  • Frequently clean the debris from the saw after you use it on each time.

Major parts to maintain

  • Sharpening the chain of the chainsaw
  • Replacing the chain and bar of the chainsaw
  • Cleaning the chainsaw

Sharpening the chain of the chainsaw:

If you want to keep your chainsaws chain sharper, you need to use a file to sharpen the blades of the chain at a regular interval. Filing the chain of the chainsaw is not that much difficult work but it takes a vital place in maintaining the chainsaw.

Sharpening the chain has 2 different processes:

  • Sharpening the cutting teeth
  • Sharpening the depth gauges

Sharpening the cutting teeth:

  • To do this process you need to put the chainsaw in a vise or secured manner so that the saw does not move while you are working. Then engage the chain brake.
  • Now start sharpening of the cutting teeth of the chainsaw first. To do this position the file depth gauge on the chain so the arrows focus towards the chainsaw bar nose.
  • The file at the correct angle to the chainsaw rollers.
  • File each and every other cutting tooth using a smooth and even push strokes with a file.

Sharpening the depth gauges:

  • Every 3 times you file the cutting teeth, you should file the depth gauges. The depth gauges are located between the cutting teeth.
  • You need to put the file gauge over the depth gauge and select the hard or soft methods depending on the type of wood you used to cut the chainsaw.
  • Now file the depth gauge until the file reaches into a contact with the file gauge.

Replacing the chain and bar of the chain saw:

  • To replace the old parts of the chainsaw with new ones, first, remove the chainsaw bar and put the new chain in the old place.
  • Place the chainsaw chain without any gap, the chain of the chainsaw should not be loose because it can come off of the bar while you are using it.

Cleaning the chainsaw:

Cleaning the chain is a vital part in maintaining the chainsaw. You can clean your chainsaw by means of a simple cloth and water. You can use a cooling fan to clean the chainsaw clearly.

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