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Basic types and uses of the circular saw blades

The cutting blade is a most important part in the circular saw which perform the cutting of wood materials when the motor is running. The factors about the blade used in the circular saw will tell the over all performance of your circular saws. For more info about circular saws in general, check this page.

Some of factors which determine the performance of the circular saw blade are:

  • Shape of the blades
  • Size of the blades
  • Thickness of the blades
  • Sharpness of the blades
  • Shape of the blades:
  • The name of the circular saw itself says that it will only use the cutting blades with a circular shape. The round shape blades will not change in all types of circular saws, but the cutting end shape of the blades will change depends up on the model of the blades used in the cutting saws.

  • Size of the blades:
  • The diameter of the round shape circular saws means the size of the circular saws. Generally, the circular saw blades are come with many different sizes which are used in different size circular saws.
    When the size of the blade gets increased the thickness of the blade get decreased in the circular saws.

  • Thickness of the blades:
  • The thickness of the blades refers to how thick the blade used in the saw. Thickness of the blade takes a important role while you are cutting a big size wood materials or very hard wood materials which need a thicker and shaped blades to cut them.

  • Sharpness of the blades:

The sharpness of the blade takes a vital place in cutting the wood materials. The level of sharpness means that how fastly the blade cuts the wood materials and how clearly the blade cuts the wood materials without making a small parts in the wood materials.

In addition to the above factors, there are some others things to noted about the circular saw blades which are explained below:

Basically, the circular blades comes with a different ranges by means of the blade composition, number of teeth which is the cutting bits or surface of the blades, the amount of set which is refers as the width of the kerf removed by the blade and blade quality.

One of these circular saws will probably have a plain HSS or high-speed steel saw blade in it when it is new one.
The TCT or tungsten carbide tipped blades are much more durable than the all other materials in all woods, especially in a tough hardwoods. Also, the plywood and composite boards are hard on the blades do that the TCT blades are needed on them.

Normally the blades with a less number of teeth about 28 or less than that and with a less rake to the face the teeth are designed for ripping along the length of the timer with the grain.
These kind of blades are typically give you a rough cut and they are cheap to buy and cheap to performing the sharpening process since they have a fewer teeth in blades.

The blades which are comes with more teeth about 40 or more are designed for cross cut the type work. They will give you a lot neater cut in the most of the circumstance on your wood materials.

The brave based are made from the from carborundum or other abrasive materials bonded together in a resin or some other synthetic binding materials which are used for cutting the concrete or metal surface.

These kind of blades also lead to wear away rather quickly but for a small project which are inexpensive and help you make a fast cuts.
For information about smaller saws:

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