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Circular saw cutting guides

If you are using a circular cutting saw for performing the cutting of wood materials normally then you don’t want a guide for that, but if you are willing to perform the cutting of wood materials with the professional manner then you need a proper guide to do that work.

This is because there are multiple cutting methods are available in the field of carpentry and each of them have a separate and unique circular saw uses in designing the wood materials. Here is a guide for performing some special kind of cuttings on the wood materials, you can follow them to make your carpentry work even more professional.

Guide for a square cut:

You can build the handy circular saw accessory in the hour and use it the next time based on your need which is perfectly give you the square cut on the shelf or any other wide board.
You can get all the parts for the both from a 4*8 feet sheet of ½ inch MDF. The MDF method is selected because it has a inexpensive, stable and it was readily available on most of the centers and lumber yards.

Cutting the MDF will creates more dust storm, though so that when you going to perform this task, before that you need to wear a mask and put a fan in the window if you are working inside a room. While you are perform the cutting process inspect and make sure that the sheets for the edges are not dinged up or dented.

Then handle the blades carefully whereas you are getting it home to avoid the damaging the edges. If you can’t haul a full sheet then ask to have the sheet ripped into two 2*8 feet work pieces which are easier to handle. You will also want a wood glue and three no 8*7/8 inch round head screws and a one-inch washer in your circular saw.

For info about small mini circular saws, and how to work with them:

Guide for the straight edge cuts:

Glue the fence to the base and then you can run the saw against the fence to the cut the guide. The factory edge is normally used of the fence and to use the guide for this cutting, you need to simply clamp it to the piece which you are cutting and aligning the base with the cut line.

The main key to get a straight edges cuts is that you need to make sure that the fence is d=set perfectly straight. It can be start by drawing their reference line from 6 inch in from the edge of the MDF sheet.

The saw along the line with your circular saw. Then flip the 6-in. Strip which is referred as a fence and it was placed over onto the remaining MDF and align the two saw cut edges. Clamp the fence in this position while you draw a fine line along the factory edge. You'll use this line to make sure the fence stays perfectly straight as you glue and clamp it.

You can flip the fence over again and back to its original position and you can spread it to the wood glue on the surface which will face down. And finally, you need to align the factory edge of the fence with a line.

Make sure that it is end where you will start the circular saw cuts and this will help you get the saw to get a straight start when you are using the guide to cut it. You can clamp the fence and let the glue set for 20 minutes. Then run your circular saw along the fence to separate the straightedge from the rest of the sheet

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