Dewalt DCS391B Review

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The Dewalt DCS391b is a powerful circular saw that can be used for various woodwork projects. This circular saw is also able to cut through various other types of materials that involve big or small projects, including metal, sheetrock, composite boards, etc. Whether I’m working on big or small projects, this heavy-duty saw doesn’t disappoint. It cuts through thick, solid materials with ease and delivers speed and precision every time.

Dewalt is a well-known, well-established brand that has a positive reputation amongst those who perform various hardware and DIY projects. It’s currently one of the top brands on the market, a preferred choice for circular saws. You can find this circular saw available within the price ranges of $140-$250, depending on where you purchase it from as well as depending on whether or not you purchase it with any type of special accessories or upgrades.

So the price range isn’t too high considering it is a top name brand as well as the fact that you will find that some other brands will cost you a lot more.

Is the Dewalt DCS391B right for you?

Before investing in the Dewalt DCS391B, the first thing I always consider is whether it’s the right circular saw for my specific requirements.

If you are more familiar with the use of high-quality track saws, and this is the very first time for you to purchase any type of circular saw, then you need to know more about what this particular type of circular saw does so that you will know if it is the right type of circular saw for your projects.

What Projects is a Circular Saw meant for?

Before I go into the whole Dewalt DCS391B review, let’s first briefly explore the uses of a circular saw. While there are certain types of saws that are meant for smaller crafting projects, a circular saw like the DCS391b is meant for larger projects such as sawing wood to construct a house or a backyard shed. If you’re looking for a smaller saw, check:

I wouldn’t recommend using this saw for more delicate tasks. It’s just too robust for those materials. It’s primarily designed for ripping larger sheets. While circular saws like this are heavier, but they’re still mobile. Personally, I’ve found it invaluable when I’m frequently on the move, especially when transitioning between different construction sites.

You can choose from circular saws that are battery operated (which means that you will need to charge the battery before and after use), or a circular saw that has a cord that you would plug into an outlet.


The Dewalt DCS391b boasts a user-friendly design comparable to other circular saws available in the market. Its wider structure provides excellent handling, complementing the power of its motor.

It features the signature colors that many tools of the Dewalt brand acquire; yellow and black. The colors allow it to stand out and to be easy to locate in a room full of other hardware tools. The handle is black, and the base, along with the left side display that exposes the blade are all silver in color.


The Dewalt DCS391B has many features that enhance just how well it works. Further knowing more about these features will help you to have a better idea of how the tool works and just how useful it can be to you when you are working on your different projects.

You can even use it when cutting plexiglass by following my tips on how to use circular saws for cutting plexiglass.

460 MWO, 5, 150 RPM Motor

The 460 MWO, 5, 150 RPM motor delivers a whole lot of power and speed needed for precision cuts in your materials and to help you get your tasks done quickly but neatly. Since it is a powerful motor, you have to be careful by the manner of cutting hardwood using a powerful circular saw.

Magnesium Shoe

From my hands-on experience, the magnesium shoe, though light, is one of the sturdiest parts of this saw. Its durability ensures reliable long-term use. I’ve been at ease knowing that I won’t face issues from short-term wear and tear, even when frequently moving the saw across materials.

Rubber comfort grip

The rubber grip mold is thick and forms fitting to your hands like a glove, which gives you the comfort that is needed while using the saw so that you don’t hurt your hands from the friction.

0-50 Degree Bevel Capacity

The 0-50 bevel capacity allows you to be able to give your materials bevel cuts within a large range for several different cutting jobs.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

If you want to use this Dewalt model on narrow wood, find out how to properly rim narrow wood using a powerful circular saw here.


Can I use any 20v battery with this saw?

Yes, any 20v battery will work to operate this circular saw.

Does it come with a battery charger?

If you choose the option labeled with “Tool only”, it does not come with the charger or battery. You will need to make sure you choose the complete kit option.

Does it have a break?

Yes, it has a break. It also stops operating when you release the power button.

Dewalt DCS391B Review Conclusion

To conclude this product, the DCS391B is a circular saw that is affordable for the features that it offers. Despite the pros and cons that this machine has, the cons aren’t 100% certain to happen; it depends on personal circumstances and mishaps.

Chances are that you will be more satisfied than not with this particular model of a circular saw. This would be after realizing that the majority of the reviews for this product are 5-star high rating reviews where customers were 100% satisfied with the outcome of this product.

So, with that being said, if you need a good working, sturdy, long lasting circular saw, then the Dewalt DCS391B is a good solid choice to go with.

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