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How to use a circular saw?

The circular saws are mostly used by the carpenters who perform the task of cutting the hard wood materials to shape the woods. If you a person who is newly used the circular saws, then before that you need to know the basic functions and features of the circular saws.
Here we are going to see about some of the basic functions and features of the circular saws in a detailed manner.

The base plate of the circular saws can be titled to make an angled cuts. Most of the saws, even the smaller ones, are adjust from the 90 degrees to little bit less than 45 degrees and making it possible to cut the beveled ends on the boards for the corner attachments, hip-roof rafter cuts, and even a miter cuts.

Most of the circular saws are equipped with a thumbscrew to lever to loosen the bolt which keep the saw blade on the perfect angle for the cut you are making and located on the front of the saw. Some of the circular saws are equipped with a scale which indicates the blade angle from 0 or square to the board surface to 45 degrees.

The blade used in the circular saw can be set to the depth required for individual cuts, from less than 1/8 inch to 0.3 cm to full depth the blade is capable of penetrating. The lever or thumbscrew that locks the base plate at the desired height is generally located at the rear of the motor on the left side.

Special parts comes with a circular saws

Many of the circular saws are equipped with a ripping fence, to guide the blade as you make a rip cut along the edge of a board which giving you're a tighter and parallel cut.

  • Dust ejector
  • Dust ejector is one of the main feature of circular saws which comes with a advanced model circular saws to blow the saw dust away from the operator’s face and from the mark where the cut is being made.

  • laser tracking light
  • Most of the advanced circular saws are comes with a well-equipped laser light which projects a bright red line down the path of the blade travel. These kind of saws can be purchased to get a retrofit on older units which are not factory equipped with them.

  • Blade guard

This part of the circular saw is consider as most important and essential for the safety feature on the any of the circular saw model. This blade guard has two parts which are typically told as the fixed guard over the top of the blade, and the floating guard which rolled out of the way as the saw is pushed into the work piece.

Some of the circular saws are having a handle so that the blade guard can manually lifted for the plunge or easier viewing of the cutting mark on the wood.

2 things to consider when using the circular saws

First thing you need to do before cutting the wood, place a support material near to the work piece so that the blade will not react with any thing which are underneath the cut as it is made. For example, if you perform the cutting process without support material on the concrete it may cause damage to your blade.

You need mark the lumber which you are going to cut the wood, using a measuring tape, scaled rule or stick rule then use a square either a steel square, tri-square or an angle square to mark the path of the blade travel for the length of your cut.

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