What is the Best Corded Circular Saw? — Must-Have Models for Your Workshop (2023)

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Corded saws such as circular saws can deliver power and cut through thicker material, but this is only true if you know what to look for. You don’t want to end up with a saw that limits your movement and application. To prevent you from wasting money, our team conducted numerous tests to find the best corded circular saws in the market.

Best Overall
DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw (DWE575SB)
Editor’s Choice
Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
Best Budget Choice
GALAX PRO 12A 5500RPM Corded Circular Saw
DEWALT 7.25 Inch Circular Saw No Background
Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7.25 Inch Circular Saw No Background
GALAX PRO 12A 5500RPM Corded Circular Saw No Background
The Dewalt 7-¼-inch circular saw is only a mere 8.8 pounds and runs on Dewalt’s patented 15-amp motor for power. The smooth aluminum base keeps the saw stable and level to create consistent cuts even when you are a pro or a beginner.
Makita saws and blades are known for quality and precision. The 5007Mg circular saw delivers up to 5,800 RPM using its 15-amp motor. It also has two built-in LED lights for a more precise cutting job.
Saving money doesn’t mean skimping on the quality. The Galax PRO 12A was chosen by our team and is a very lightweight, durable, and powerful saw for the price. It also has an integrated blower to keep your workspace clean and tidy.
Best Overall
DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw (DWE575SB)
DEWALT 7.25 Inch Circular Saw No Background
The Dewalt 7-¼-inch circular saw is only a mere 8.8 pounds and runs on Dewalt’s patented 15-amp motor for power. The smooth aluminum base keeps the saw stable and level to create consistent cuts even when you are a pro or a beginner.
Editor’s Choice
Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7.25 Inch Circular Saw No Background
Makita saws and blades are known for quality and precision. The 5007Mg circular saw delivers up to 5,800 RPM using its 15-amp motor. It also has two built-in LED lights for a more precise cutting job.
Best Budget Choice
GALAX PRO 12A 5500RPM Corded Circular Saw
GALAX PRO 12A 5500RPM Corded Circular Saw No Background
Saving money doesn’t mean skimping on the quality. The Galax PRO 12A was chosen by our team and is a very lightweight, durable, and powerful saw for the price. It also has an integrated blower to keep your workspace clean and tidy.

Reviews of the Top Corded Circular Saw

1. DEWALT 7-¼-Inch Circular Saw (DWE575SB)

Whether you are just a hobbyist DIYer or a serious professional, power tools such as circular saw are staples in your workshop. What sets the Dewalt DWE575SB apart from the rest is the aluminum base for stability. It can also minimize vibrations for smooth and precise cuts.

The Dewalt DWE575SB circular saw features a 15-amp motor that allows users to tear and cut through the toughest materials. The built-in electric brake not only keeps you safe by turning the saw off when you release the trigger, but it is also handy whenever you need to set the saw down temporarily.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

2. Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-¼-Inch Circular Saw

The Makita 5007Mg Corded Circular Saw is our editor’s top pick for the extra features it offers. Not only is the Makita 5007Mg one of the best circular saws for power, but it also has two built-in LED lights to illuminate the workspace for more accuracy in every cut.

The settings are easy to read with large letters and markings ensuring you have the right measurement each time the blade cuts. Circular saws can make a mess with debris and dust flying everywhere, but the Makita circular saw has an advantage due to its built-in dust blower.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

3. GALAX PRO 12A 5500RPM Corded Circular Saw

As always, our team ends the top three picks with a budget one. Our experts know that consumers deserve the best no matter what budget range is. Thus, the GALAX PRO 12A is an excellent corded circular saw under $50!

You have a slightly less powerful motor of 12-amps, but the circular saw can deliver up to 5,500 revolutions per minute to match any full-sized model. The cut depth and bevel angle can be adjusted to handle any wood, metal, tile, ceramic, or plastic material you need to cut. 

The GALAX PRO 12A is among the most lightweight circular saw options at only a mere 7.1 pounds.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

4. SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

The SKIL 5280-01 is one of the smallest circular saws measuring only 14.24 inches. Due to the smaller profile, the SKIL circular saw is only 6.95 pounds. However, the size does impact the blade’s speed, and although it has a 15 amperage motor, the RPM is only 5,300.

The SKIL 5280-01 is our team’s top choice for a compact saw suited for smaller workshops and easy portability at a construction site. The SKIL saw has a 51-degree bevel capacity and an arbor size of ⅝ inches.

The integrated dust blower of this Skil 5280-01 circular saw will keep your workspace clear and free from debris to improve visibility and accuracy.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

6. Bosch CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15 Amp Circular Saw

The Bosch CS10 also makes it onto our list. It’s similar to the CS5 with a few extra features. Bosch is proud to present a 15-amp circular saw with torque-to-weight efficiency, which means the Bosch CS10 delivers a 5,600 RPM enough torque for all materials you place in front of it.

Although this power tool is quick and powerful, the comfort grip will still make sure your hands and arms don’t suffer from unnecessary fatigue.

The Bosch CS10 offers great bevel capacity at 56-degrees and has magnesium components to ensure durability over the years.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

7. Metabo HPT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Kit

One of the best corded circular saws for power, the Metabo HPT 7-¼-inch Circular Saw has a 15 amperage engine that can deliver an amazing RPM of 6000. Users can expect fast cuts at high speeds without any burning or sparks.

It is not every saw that gets awarded the title “Best Corded Budget Circular Saw for Pros” in the 2020 Pro Tool Reviews, but Metabo HPT earned it with amazing features.

The Metabo HPT is a lightweight model with a wide cutting capacity, powerful engine, equipped dust blower, and both depth and bevel adjustments to suit your needs.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

5. Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The Bosch CS5 is an excellent choice for improved quality, visibility, and power. It is a 7-¼ inch circular saw that is lightweight and powerful with a 15-amp motor. The carefully planned left blade design will give users more visibility during cutting.

The Bosch CS5 also features a snag-free lower guard that keeps the saw from kicking back and jamming. You can expect to deliver smooth and fast cuts each time with the 120-Volt saw and the comfortable grip handle. 

The Bosch CS5 circular saw is capable of cutting through materials such as MDF and even 4×6 lumber without any trouble. 

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Corded Circular Saw Buyer’s Guide

Corded circular saws may seem to limit your work, but they actually provide benefits that cordless circular saws do not. However, if you don’t know the essential features you should have, you won’t have a model that can award you with the advantages a cordless option can’t. Thus, our team has compiled important things to consider when looking for the best corded circular saw.

Power and Speed

The speed of a saw determines the type of job you can undertake and all the materials you can cut through. In general, a more powerful blade is better, but not if you are cutting softer materials.

The speeds of the blades are measured in RPM or revolutions per minute. The RPM addresses how many revolutions the blade can make in 60 seconds. The speed doesn’t come from the blade itself, but it comes from the motor. The power is measured in amps and they are pretty straightforward – the higher the number, the more power you get.

The engine and the speed are important when considering how powerful a circular saw is. Our team suggests a 15 amperage motor and an RPM of around 5,500 for the most decent corded circular saw.

If you are going for corded options like the DeWalt DWE575 or the DWE575SB circular saw, they exhibit larger and stronger motors than cordless models so you won’t have a hard time finding ones that can match those figures above.


There are also different blade sizes you should consider. The brand you choose will list the measurement of the blades on the power tool for you to get an idea of what it can potentially handle. For example, most of the options our team picked can be up to 7-¼-inches, which is the average size and best balance between speed and power.

There are smaller circular saws, such as the handheld options that have smaller blades coming from 3-¾ to 5-½ inches. These choices are very lightweight and recommended by our team for small DIY projects and smaller wood pieces. A reliable 7-¼-inch circular saw blade size is meant for both professional and beginner usage. 

The recommended blade size can cut through material up to 3 inches thick, which greatly increases the variety of projects you can work on. They can be used to cut thinner pieces but the revolutions per minute and engine power may splinter the material.

Of course, there are also larger blades than the standard 7-¼ that can be around 8 to 14 inches. These corded circular saws are meant for large-scale and heavy-duty jobs. Our team also suggests looking for onboard storage, especially for blade wrenches, to allow quick and easy blade changes. Many of the units we have chosen have this useful feature, as well.

Bevel Capacity

In simple terms, the bevel feature allows you to make bevel cuts or angled cuts. The bevel capacity determines the angle at which you can tilt the saw. Among the options selected by our experts, you can expect a beveling capacity of approximately 50 degrees, which is more than sufficient for the majority of woodworkers and construction professionals.

Another consideration for the bevel capacity is how easy it is to use. The adjustments are usually made via a knob or lever, so make sure the operation is straightforward.

Weight and Ease of Use

As any woodworker will tell you, the weight is more than just a number for these power tools. How heavy a corded circular saw will influence your working hours. You want a lightweight model like the Rockwell Versacut that won’t weigh down your arm and cause fatigue within half an hour. An extended runtime will also help you save time on your project.

The ideal weight of the circular saw will vary for each person. On average, our team suggests saws under 10 pounds for most people. Of course, the lighter weight the saw is the better, but make sure the model you pick will still feature the same capabilities as a heavier one to meet your needs.

Also, you should consider the handle. Look for one with a comfortable grip and preferably an oversold handle to give you an easy grasp for improved maneuverability. The saw should also be well balanced for you to apply pressure evenly during cuts for consistency.

Our experts won’t sugar coat it and say corded options aren’t without their drawbacks, one of which is the range of motion. The transportability of the circular saw is limited by the cord length, but this issue can be easily rectified with an extension cord.

The placement of the blade will also impact the ease of use. A left-sided blade is meant for right-handed users as it gives you more visibility of the cut line from the right side. Conversely, left-handed users should look for a blade mounted from the right for clear visibility.

Look for a spindle lock for quick and easy blade changes. Like a table saw, a circular saw affords you the flexibility to change the circular saw blade or choose the blade of the circular saw for the job, but it can take away from the convenience it’s meant to bring if the changes take a lot of time. This is where the spindle lock comes in to enhance usability.

Safety Features

There are a few add-ons a manufacturer can include in the circular saw to improve safety and keep your hands safe and improve your quality of work at the same time. First on the list are laser guides, which will clearly map out the next few inches the blade will cut through. Having this feature will guarantee precision and equal cuts every time.

There can also be LED lighting built into the system to help illuminate your workspace. Overhead lighting is susceptible to shadowing from objects around the room and the saw itself. Having LED lighting will make sure you always have a clear line of sight.

Then there is the brake system on a circular saw that is vital in its safety. There are two types of breaks: manual brakes and electric brakes. Our team is a fan of electric brakes because the blade will automatically halt when you release the trigger. The manual brake system takes a while for the blade to finally reach a standstill, usually in 5-7 seconds. 

An integrated dust blower will keep your workspace clean and your working surface tidy, so you always have an unobstructed view of the blade and your cutting line.

Material and Durability

The base plate is another essential factor. Some models our team listed above feature an aluminum base plate for stability, which makes the power tool lighter due to the metal’s nature. Unfortunately, due to the malleability of aluminum, they can easily warp upon heavy impact.

If you want a strong and more durable base to withstand heavy use and the occasional bump, our team cast aluminum or magnesium plates as some options above do feature. 

Aside from the saw itself, the blade material will also make or break the power tool. The type of blade you choose and the teeth count depends on your material. Our team has put together a quick list of blade materials you can find on the market.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet, so a steel blade littered with microscopic diamonds is suited for stone, concrete, and all other hard materials. Then there are the regular steel blades. Steel is usually a composite material for saw blades that can feature cobalt, tungsten, or carbide steel. 

Most circular saws will feature a carbide blade in the package. You can also find a carbide blade with only the tips coated in this tougher material.

Worm Drive or Sidewinder Circular Saw?

A circular saw can be broken down into different categories with a sidewinder and worm drive circular saw as the most coveted. A sidewinder circular saw is more lightweight than a worm drive circular saw. The biggest difference between the two types is the drives they use and the motor.

For sidewinders, the engine is next to the blade, such as the Bosch CS5. Because of this compact placement, sidewinders are also typically smaller but not all will feature a space-saving profile. A worm drive saw sees the motor at the back of the tool near the rear end of the blade. Worm drive circular saws are great for tight spaces despite the larger size.

Our experts recommend sidewinders for longer runtime and speed. It can deliver up to 6,500 revolutions per minute. Worm drivers are slower, but they offer more torque to make up for the lack of speed. Pick your tool by considering the type of projects you work on to find the right one.

Price and Warranty

A warranty [1] is always a must in any electric tool or appliance you invest in. Having an extended warranty will make sure you are properly protected no matter which one you choose. A guarantee and exchange period are also necessary, just if you end up with a product that is not a good match with the wood.

All of the options we chose have a warranty period of around one year, but some brands offer 3, 5, and even lifetime warranties on their products or parts.

The price of the circular saw is entirely dependent on you. People have varying budgets and what they are willing to spend on a tool. Our team always makes sure to include one premium choice and a budget one to accommodate everyone. You need to consider the purpose of the saw to find the right tool within your budget and suitable for the job.

We can help you narrow down all your choices easily if you are weighing options between the sidewinder and worm drive. Worm drive circular saws are more expensive than sidewinders. The material of the saw, the extra features it has, and its capabilities will also impact the price. You can forgo some things, such as different blade options, because you can purchase them separately, but some aspects you cannot skimp on include safety features.

Our team’s best advice is not to compromise the quality, durability, and usability when considering the price.

Safety Tips and Reminders in Using a Corded Circular Saw

Make sure you are donning all the necessary PPE before operating a circular saw. It is ideal to know the essential woodworking safety guidelines to keep you away from injury. Even if you are looking at a handheld one, there is still a risk when using an electric tool. Many people also forget that saw maintenance is imperative to maintaining the saw and the blade’s integrity. Make sure you clean the blades and all of your work areas from time to time.

Test out all your tools before operating to make sure everything is functioning in optimum condition. For example, check the blade to see if it’s sharp enough because a dull blade will not produce clean cuts, cut slower than usual, and might bind on the job. You should also check to see if the power cord is wrapped around anything or snagging on an object that may tug on the saw during use.

(Don’t get confused between a trim saw and circular saw, to know these power tool better, check our detailed comparison of circular saw and trim saw here)

Our Top Pick For a Corded Circular Saw: Dewalt DWE575SB

Our team’s top pick for the best corded circular saw is the Dewalt DWE575SB. Dewalt power tools are all reliable, and the DWE575SB is no exception. It has one powerful motor at 15 amps. Many features, including dust clearer, beveling adjustments, an electric brake, and an ergonomic handle, are incorporated here to reduce fatigue and improve user experience.

If you are looking for powerful, compact, and easy to use circular saw, you can check our comparison of Rotorazer and the Rockwell Versacut here. Read next! 

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