What is the Best Gift For Woodworkers? (2024)
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Getting the perfect gift for a person who loves carpentry can be difficult. There are many essential tools and accessories that every woodworker would need to build a wooden masterpiece. You could end up buying tools that are not essential to the receiver and give ones that have the same purpose.

I’ve curated a list of the best gifts for fellow woodworkers. Trust me, these are worth every penny and are sure to be appreciated and put to good use.

Best Overall
Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser
Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser” 26HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower
There’s no need to worry about trying to drill the perfect square pocket hole in any wooden material because the Powermatic Bench Mortiser is one of the best gifts for woodworkers who love to have a precise-cutting power tool in their shop.
Best Overall
Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser
Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser” 26HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower
There’s no need to worry about trying to drill the perfect square pocket hole in any wooden material because the Powermatic Bench Mortiser is one of the best gifts for woodworkers who love to have a precise-cutting power tool in their shop.

Reviews of the Best Gifts For Woodworkers

1. Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser

One of the most drastic measures every woodworker’s needs is to learn how to drill perfectly square pocket holes in their chosen material. 

If this were years ago, many experts would say that every woodworker needs ample practice to get a precise puncture in the board. Powermatic PM70  Bench Mortiser eliminates all that hassle with its double lock system that holds the material firmly for a stable and accurate drilling action. 

Beginners will certainly appreciate this device. It features a quick-action fence and adaptable quick clamps that can be set to any angle, handling materials up to 5 inches thick. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

2. IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw

Having a quality pull saw is one of the essential requirements in any workshop and any woodworker. While having an electric-powered table saw is a woodworker’s dream as well as miter saw, it can be intimidating to use, especially for a small project in the shop, and even odd jobs around the house.

Traditional handsaws can make a really great gift that is a little stocking stuffer but won’t break the bank for someone who’s just starting to get used to all the board-cutting operations. IRWIN Tools Universal Saw has a grip built in clamps from resin and molded into an ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip clamps with less fatigue. If it have clamps, they can always use more.

Users can also expect to get high-quality slit as this device has triple-ground teeth and a universal tooth grind for fast material removal.

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3. Ridgid EB4424 Sander, Oscillating/Edge Belt

If you really love to move away from really generic woodworking presents, getting this Ridgid EB4424 Oscillating Sander is always another way to go. 

Out of many device in this list, I strongly recommend having this machine in every woodworking shop as it makes the sanding process less time-consuming with its ball-bearing construction and tool-free conversion from belt to spindle. 

With its oscillating and rotary motion, you can easily form burn-free finishes on edges, contours, faces, and curves. It also has a built-in dust collection port, so users don’t have to worry about contacting too many particles or dust, this makes this one of the favorite device.

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4. Shop Fox D2918 24" Heavy Duty F-Clamp with Wood Handle

A woodworker can never have enough  many clamps in his or her shop. Especially because I know that many clamps can come in handy when working on a project that involves putting the board together to make it a square. 

During one of my tests, I noticed that Shop Fox’s D2918 F-Clamp has a long and narrow stationary head that allows its clamps to reach into tight places. It also has quick clamps sliding adjustments that work well even when constructing intricate pieces. 

With its steel bar construction, it is set to accompany any woodworker in many design and years to come.

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5. STANLEY Sweetheart Chisels Set, 4-Pieces

If you love to add a classic touch to your gift that is little more than a stocking stuffer, then any woodworker would love to receive a good quality chisel set or kit at some point. The Stanley Sweetheart Chisels Set made from high-carbon chrome steel with tapered bevel sides that make the carving work a lot easier. 

Speaking from my experience, beyond its attractive price point that appeals to many, this handtool quickly became one of my go-to sets. Its hornbeam handle is designed for prolonged use, and the attached slender blade offers razor-sharp precision. It’s a worthy addition to any toolkit.

These lightweight chisels also have a fine edge and classic style that is sure to add efficiency to any woodworking project. You can start using this chisel set or kit in making your first DIY wood signs at home

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6. Fast Cap Wood Glue Dispenser, 16 Oz Btl, Dripless

A woodworking shop is never complete without a little board glue here and there. Although measuring how much glue you’ll need for a project is next to impossible, I still think this dripless dispenser is a brilliant gift to consider. 

Everyone knows that there is never a clean simple way to use glue in any craft activity, but with its non-drop seal and easy to fill bottle, any woodworker will be delighted to own a convenient lumber glue dispenser. This 16-ounce Fast Cap Wood Glue Dispenser also comes with Yorker and Blade style tip

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7. KAKURI Japanese Kiridashi Carving Knife

Another way to go about gift ideas that is little more than a stocking stuffer for woodworker needs is by buying a quality marking knife. These little carvers are often used for measuring the part of woods one may love to slit. 

Kakuri’s Japanese Kiridashi carving knife has a refined hand-hammered simple design and edged cutting edge that’s really popular as a measuring or marking device. This Japanese knife is widely used in the industry by professional and hobbyist DIY woodworkers. 

This renowned product manufactured in Japan constructed with high-grade materials is made to be a razor-sharp and durable professional carpenter tool. It is an impressive tool especially when making woodturning projects at home. 

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Gifts For Woodworkers Buyer’s Guide


In my woodworking shop, I’ve always had a mix of two core types of tools: hand tools and power tools. Hand tools certainly have their place and demand manual effort, but it’s the power tools – think table saws, bench mortisers, and sanders – that give me that boost in efficiency and speed, streamlining my construction process.

While buying electric machines can like high-grade CNC routers be tempting, there are available handtools in the market like chisels [1] , plane blade and handsaws. They are one of the favorite because they are affordable and a more practical option when dealing with smaller woodworking plan.


Getting materials like board, glue dispenser, apron or nails as a present can also be a little tricky because you’ll have to know exactly what kind of project one is working on. Every material differs in style, size, and functionality, so you have to be specific when shopping for these. 

When in doubt, refer to a woodworking glossary for help and clarity.


There’s no way or you never wouldn’t think of safety gears when buying for a person who loves carpentry. From protective safety wearables like googles, gloves, great woodworking apron and arm sleeves, all of these are widely available in the market and considered as a thoughtful present to give.


I’ve noticed that if you’re uncertain about what to gift, it’s often a safe bet to choose packages like woodcarving or drilling kits, particularly for beginners. I’d recommend picking kits that align with their crafting passions; it makes the gift resonate more when they open it.

My Top Pick For a Gift For Woodworkers: Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser

After going through a bottomless list of presents, I concluded with one final pick, and it was none other than the Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser

When it comes to giving presents, I must always consider the value and quality over anything else. With its functions that create perfectly square pocket holes through woods as thick as 5 inches, this machine will make any woodworking activity faster and more convenient. 

I’m also impressed by its beginner-friendly features, making it an easy choice for the best gift for woodworkers. 

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