25 Best Hand Tool Brands and Manufacturers in USA & Abroad

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Today, there are so many tool brands out there, each boasting a dizzying array of products for your woodworking dreams. So, diving into this world can feel a bit like getting lost in a maze. 

But fear not! Whether you’re just dipping your toes into woodworking or you’re a budding DIY enthusiast, I’ve got your back. Here are my handpicked top hand tool brands out there just for you.

Top 25 Brands of Hand Tools Today

This list I’ve got here? It’s all about hand tool brands that really know their stuff. Whether they’re crafted in the USA or somewhere else in the world, these brands have one thing in common: they make some top-notch hand tools that are built to last.

1. DeWalt

Established in the year 1923, the DeWalt company’s factory has since provided high-quality hand and power tools in America that are proven to last a long time. You can find an extensive product line for different fields from them. 

DEWALT DHS790T2 Sliding Miter Saw

The Dewalt brand is known for its pro grade tools, including pry bars, blades, knives, axes, clamps, torque wrenches, manual fastening tools, and ratchets. The company is also known for its versatile lines of power tools. 

They are also regarded as one of the best producers of premium hand tools. They have manufacturing facilities spread across the USA. Upon purchasing their products, users are covered with a lifetime warranty.

2. Craftsman

The Craftsman brand is an American icon that has been producing top hand tools for nearly a century. Their popularity and dominance may be attributed to their primary sales channel. They also offer warranties on certain products. 

Like other top hand tool brands, the company has focused on providing tools that best service builders, professionals, and homeowners. With continuous iterations of their tools, users are assured of the quality and durability of Craftsman hand tools. 

Craftsman CMES510 close up view

The brand is known to manufacture hex keys, nut drivers, finishing tools, hand saws, and more. They also produce power tools, including tool storage units, electronics, and other quality hand tools. 

There is a vast selection of Craftsman hand tools, so if you’re searching for a tool that’s difficult to find, you’ll likely find it from Craftsman.

3. Stanley Black & Decker

This list of the best hand tool brands wouldn’t be complete without Stanley Black Decker. It is known to be one of America’s oldest producers of hand tools. It was founded in the year 1843. It officially merged with Stanley Black Decker in the year 2010. 

The brand retails most of its preceding acclaim in the marketplace. They are known for manufacturing one of the best tools for builders, such as basic hand tools. 

These hand tools by Stanley Black Decker include screwdrivers, saws, chisels, rulers, and hand planes. Stanley Black Decker also has a website so customers can easily browse their product line for more information.  

Black + Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw 1

4. Snap-On

Snap-On was founded in the year 1920, with roots tracing back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has grown to become a household brand in America. But recently, Snap-On works with more than 130 nations globally. 

Snap-On has a wide selection of handheld tools. Furthermore, they are produced for various sectors, including mining, construction, aviation, agriculture, and automotive. 

The brand pride itself on its ingenuity and inventive ideas. The company’s 3000 pending and active patents are a testament to its ingenuity. Snap-On tools include kits, tool storage units, workshop equipment, and many more. 

5. Ronix

Ronix was founded in the year 2004. It is considered a leading international brand that provides technical hand tools and machines. The company has more than 2000 tools, from basic to high-tech, available in the international markets today. 

ronix tools

Several automotive and industrial professionals utilize products manufactured by Ronix. Other professionals include electricians, technicians, carpenters, mechanics, manual workers, and even homeowners.

6. Klein

Klein has the longest history of manufacturing tools since it was established in 1857, but still remains to be popular among consumers. 

With over 160 years of tool-making experience, the company spent decades dominating the hand tool market. Klein tools remain one of the top brands professionals choose for quality and durable tools.

The company is also the proprietor of other brands that produce tools for home or work sites. These brands include Alco, Klein cutlery, and Civitella, among others. Klein Tools has a vast network of distributors, which allows accessibility for several consumers.

7. Knipex

Knipex is a family business. It has been in the business for a record of four generations. They are known to manufacture pliers with distinct grip options. 

knipex tools

They are reliable and durable hand tools, but these hand tools are a bit expensive. Their headquarters are located in Wuppertal-Cronenberg, Germany, and most pliers and cutters are mostly made in Germany. 

With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, Knipex has established a reputation as a trusted brand among professionals and enthusiasts who prioritize precision and reliability in their hand tools.

8. Wera

Wera was established in the year 1936. It is highly recognized with its business tagline, “Be A Tool Rebel.” The company is a German manufacturer and has expanded operations to include the Czech Republic. 

It has a good product line. Most notably, the company is known for producing the best in quality tools such as ratchets, screwdrivers, and wrenches. 

9. Wiha

Wiha was established in the year 1939. It has become the leading producer of professional hand tools and equipment. The company has a global marketing presence. 

wiha tools

Company owned plants are located in several countries, including Poland, Vietnam, Germany, and Switzerland. They have produced 3500 different tools, including insulated tools such as precision screwdrivers, bits, cutters, and pliers. 

10. Channellock

Channellock is known to manufacture a variety of tools, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, first responders, metal fabrication, and agriculture. However, the brand is popular for making the best hand tools, especially its pliers.

The Channellock company was established in 1886. Since then, the company has produced more than 140 different types of pliers, some of the top-rated tools made in the USA. You can go ahead and browse their selection of pliers from their website. 

11. Irwin

The Irwin Industrial Tools is well-known in the 20th century for its tool lines. Some of the items they became popular for include the vise grip. However, this particular tool brand has recently lost favor in the public eye. 

Nevertheless, their bar clamps are still notably reliable and sturdy. Craftsmen and contractors continue to purchase saw blades and drill bits. 

Irwin Tools Marathon 24030

In 2008, the brand moved its production overseas and established factories in China. Stanley Black & Decker has owned the Irwin brand since 2016. This change in ownership and direction has led to a resurgence in the brand’s visibility. 

12. Milwaukee

Another name that’s not hard to miss is Milwaukee. It is hailed as one of the best hand tool brands in the industry because of its products’ premium and top-of-the-line quality.

The Milwaukee brand was founded in the year 1918. Since then, it has emerged as a brand for durable electric power tools. Despite its relatively steeper pricing, the brand also offers a diverse assortment of reliable hand tools. 

They also provide socket wrench sets and tape measures. Milwaukee tools continue to become popular among craftsmen due to their ability to create new tools, such as new electric power tools yearly. 

Milwaukee 48227225 Magnetic Tape Measure

13. Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is a family-owned business that started in the year 1977. The brand is popular for inexpensive manufacturing tools without compromising its quality. 

They’re also one of the brands that can easily be accessible due to the presence of branded stores and mail-to-order systems.

The company profits from producing general hand tool types, including hammers, screwdrivers, folding knives, socket wrenches, torque wrenches, and pliers. They are also popular for their specialty tools which include magnetic hand tools. 

14. Mac Tools

Mac Tools and its products were in high demand during World War II. The brand furthered its popularity due to its extensive diversity of tools which at one point was inventoried to be at 42,000 items. 

mac tools

At present, Mac Tools offers 8000 different tools at varying prices. Furthermore, the brand currently specializes in manufacturing automotive tools and auto-sports tools.

15. Estwing

Estwing was founded in the year 1923. The company has been producing reliable tools for almost a century. Their tools include claw hammers, prybars, axes, and other automotive specialty tools. 

They redesigned and improved the shock reduction grip among all their hand tools. This improvement allows comfort for all users while using the tool for some time. 

16. Lenox

Lenox was founded in the year 1915. The company prides itself on making one of the most durable hacksaw blades. The company has been in operation for over 100 years, and the quality of its tools has not changed. 

Aside from making essential hand tools, the company is also known for producing industrial saw blades and power tools. 

LENOX Tools Hole Saw

Some of the tools Lenox produces include HVAC tools, utility knives, hand saws, screwdrivers, hand saws, and more. They have set up a website for ease in browsing their product catalog. 

17. Dalluge Tools

Dalluge tools deliver quality, accurate and durable tools for its users. They pride themselves on tools that are well-balanced and sturdy. Many of their clientele include DIY homemakers, carpenters, and firefighters. 

Some of the tools the company produces deliver includes framing hammers, pry bars, nail puller, and finishing hammers, among others. The company most definitely has a tool in store you can use. 

18. Vaughan

Vaughan was established in 1869 and has been known to produce premium tools that are handy for any work site. Continuous positive product reviews are a testament to the company’s dedication to producing tools that can last a long time. 

Some tools the company manufactures include replacement handles, soft face hammers, bear saws, and pry bars.

vaughan tools

19. Kraft Tool Co.

The Kraft Tool Co. was founded in the year 1981. It might not be as old as any of the brands included in this list, but it does not churn out some pretty good hand tools. 

The company has consistently produced quality tools every time. Also, they have a global presence with a vast distribution network. They aim to make their products available to as many people as possible. 

The company carries several tool categories: plaster, flooring, masonry, tiles, concrete, and flooring. 

20. Empire

Since its inception in 1919, the Empire company has been known for producing hand tools for the construction industry. The company has continued to supply tools needed in the construction sector. 

The company produces the following products: measuring, safety & utility tapes, levels, marking & layout tools, and squares, among other tools. 

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empire tools

21. Chapman Tools

Chapman Tools has been making quality and perfected hand tools since 1936. With over 80 years in production, the hand tools out of this company are designed perfectly. This is one of those companies that integrate green manufacturing as a part of their purpose. 

The company produces specialty tools for different industrial sectors. The company manufacture tools for some sectors, including automotive, military, sewing machines, and industrial machinists. 

22. Grace USA

Grace USA was founded in the year 1941. Despite challenges, the company has consistently improved the quality of tools. Grace USA offers precision handcrafted tools. 

In general, they produce hand tools for various sectors. Some sectors include the military, woodworkers, industrial applications, gunsmiths, and mechanics. 

grace usa tools

Some tools you can purchase from the company include brass punches, hammers, screwdriver sets, hooks, and pick sets. 

23. Loggerhead Tools

Loggerhead Tools manufacture some of the best hand tools. They have over 35 patents in the US on different ingenious tool designs. They have standardized the form and improved the standards of their products with time. 

Some tools they produce include a bionic grip, bionic wrench, and more. The company has garnered public recognition for its work. Some of their awards include the Chicago Innovation Award. 

24. Wilde Tool

The Wilde Tool company, ever since its inception over 95 years ago, has been committed to producing and improving pliers. The company’s pliers have a nose angle of 32 degrees, allowing more leverage and power to make work easier. 

The company may be known for producing durable pliers, but they also manufacture service tools, chisels, screwdrivers, punches, scrapers, and pry bars. The company has maintained the quality of the hand tools over the years. 

wilde tools

25. Council Tool

There is a high chance that several US fire departments have a Council Tool product as a part of their toolbox. This connection between the department and the company can be traced to the 1930s. 

The company is dedicated to producing specialized hand tools. Its products include a fire swatter, fire rake, and many more. 

Top Wrench Brands You Should Consider

A wrench is a very useful hand tool when regularly making automotive repairs. The right wrench can help you reach tight spaces and accomplish work that would require a mechanic. Several tool brands available in the market provide some of the best wrenches. 


Gearwrench offers a 12-piece tool set of ratcheting wrenches. The ratcheting wrench works with 5 degrees of rotation, allowing you to tighten and loosen bolts or nuts easily. 

The tools are left with a bright chrome finish that resists rust, is easy to clean, and is nice to look at. Overall the brand offers excellent and premium tools. 

gearwrench wrenches


Crescent wrenches are known to have two jaws. One is stationary, and the other is mobile, which allows the user to adjust the size of the wrench’s opening and fit different fastener sizes. Their wrenches are known to be dependable and durable. 

Top Screwdriver Brands You Should Consider

Another fundamental tool that should be present in your toolbox is a screwdriver. It plays an integral role in getting work done on several projects. Several tool brands can provide premium quality of this hand tool that can last a long time.


Cremax is one of the hand tool brands that offer magnetized screwdrivers. Cremax offers a 57-piece set that has interchangeable bits and a diverse range of Phillips, slotted, and Torx drivers. These tools are made from stainless steel with an ergonomic design. 

cremax screwdriver

Top Hammer Brands You Should Consider

A wide array of woodworking projects require a sturdy hammer for its completion. Fortunately, there is more than one brand that offers quality and durable hammers available in the market today. 

Stiletto Tools

Stiletto Tools produces a durable 14-ounce titanium [1] hammer. This particular hammer has an ergonomic handle that allows comfort and a powerful strike, among others. This hammer, however, is on a slightly higher price point compared to other hand tool brands.

Vaughn & Bushnell

Vaughan and Bushnell manufacture a hammer with a steel head with a magnetic nail holder. Furthermore, it has a simple design and allows a comfortable swing among its users. 

Would it be Better to Use One Hand Tool Brand?

When accomplishing projects that involve different hand tools, it would be best to have a variety of tools from different hand tool brands. Every tool brand has a tool that they specialize in. 

DeWalt DWE402

It would be best to harness all these quality tools from different brands to help you complete woodworking projects, whether big ones or small ones. Needless to say, successful projects should not be dependent on brand loyalty.


Navigating the vast world of hand tools can be overwhelming, right? With countless brands out there, it’s hard to know where to start. But here’s a little secret: investing in top-notch brands can make all the difference in your woodworking projects. 

Now, you know the best hand tool brands, you can start your woodworking journey in no time. Together, we’ll build a toolkit you’ll be proud of!

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