What is the Best Hole Saw Kit? For Wood, Metal, Glass (2024)

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Drilling metal, wood, and ceramic are made easy with a hole saw. With the right type of material and technology, it can make precise and perfectly round holes without much effort. 

On the other hand, a flimsily made set often requires more pressure on the drill and may even rust after several uses. To steer clear of such products, I’m here to share my picks for the best hole saw kit that are reliable and efficient!

Premium Option
LENOX Tools 308042000G
Editor’s Choice
SUNGATOR 18-Piece Hole Saw Kit
Budget Option
Bosch HB25M
LENOX Tools 308042000G
SUNGATOR 18-Piece Hole Saw Kit
Bosch HB25M
• Bi-metal saw
• Best for commercial use
• 26 pieces included
• Bi-metal
• Rust and corrosion proof
• 18 pieces included
• Bi-metal saw
• Quick installation, faster cutting
• 25 pieces included
Premium Option
LENOX Tools 308042000G
LENOX Tools 308042000G
• Bi-metal saw
• Best for commercial use
• 26 pieces included
Editor’s Choice
SUNGATOR 18-Piece Hole Saw Kit
SUNGATOR 18-Piece Hole Saw Kit
• Bi-metal
• Rust and corrosion proof
• 18 pieces included
Budget Option
Bosch HB25M
Bosch HB25M
• Bi-metal saw
• Quick installation, faster cutting
• 25 pieces included

Reviews of the Top Hole Saw Kits

1. SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit (18 Pieces)

This hole saw set is one of the most affordable you can find in the market today. It’s made from thin-gauge metal materials to fend off corrosion and rust. The ten saw units included are each 2 mm thick, making them 50% more robust than slimmer saw units. 

The included saw units produce razor-sharp teeth, ideal for metal hole cutting. Every cut I made with these was precise, clean, and varied in depth from 43mm to 50mm.

Besides, this Sungator Bimetal Hole Saw Kit consists of a medium adapter, a spare pilot drill, and a small and large mandrel. This kit is very simple to use, thanks to the additional mandrels for various sizes.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

2. LENOX Tools 308042000G 26-Piece Hole Saw Kit

The LENOX Tools 308042000G Hole Saw Kit is one of the best hole saw kits ideal for demanding professional applications. It comprises 26 pieces, which you can use for many different applications, including welding, construction, and automotives-related. 

Besides, this new design from LENOX is almost twice as durable as other hole saws. This kit comes with 20 different saw sizes, most of which are pretty standard and commonly used. Each saw has increased wall thickness, enabling it to withstand much more stress. 

These saws have perfect teeth that can easily cut metal in just a few seconds. Longer and equally sharper teeth enable more precise cutting and faster plug ejection.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

3. Bosch HB25M Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

The Bosch Master HB25M is the cheapest item on this list. But surprisingly, it contains more pieces than most hole saws. 

There are 25 pieces in this set, 11 of which are distinct hole saw units that work well with both quick charge and standard arbors. Each saw unit comes with pilot drill bits that fit into the mandrel easily and makes it immediately usable.

Additionally, the threadless design helps avoid operational obstacles. The units are more resistant to increased friction and heat as they’re made with alloy and cobalt.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

4. Dewalt Hole Saw Kit (D180005), 14-Pieces

This kit from Dewalt offers the best return on investment. It has 11 very sturdy and user-friendly standard saw sizes, and every saw included features a C clamp design. 

The Dewalt D180005 Kit contains bushings that are noticeably more elevated than those found on other hole saws. These saw units also performed precisely as they worked with alignment windows. 

To guarantee compatibility with various machines, the kit includes two adjustable bushings that accommodate all common backsets. Another stand-out feature of this kit to me was its exceptionally easy installation process. Plus, its tool-free clamping system allows easy uninstallation. 

What I Like

What I Don't Like

5. Milwaukee 49-224025 Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee offers a quality product at a reasonable cost. This is a 13-piece hole saw set designed with a longer lifespan and faster cutting operation in mind. The Milwaukee 49-224025 includes nine different sizes for the saw units that are decent for most applications.

Each saw unit has RIP guard teeth specifically created with thin gauge steel within the cutting edge. These tools come with a lifetime teeth break warranty, which is fantastic given that they’re a heavy-duty toolset. 

Also, faster cutting speeds are possible without any problems, thanks to the thermoset paint and low friction.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

6. Spyder 600887 Hole Saw Kit

Creating holes up to five times faster than other hole saw kits is the edge of the Spyder 600887. It has a rapid core eject technology that, once the procedure is completed, it ejects the plugs with just a button press.  

You can use this kit with an expansive range of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. 13 different parts are included in this hole saw kit, and you have nine different hole-size options. 

Additionally, it comes with universal arbors that you can use in almost any hole saw machine. Along with the remaining components, there are 8/10-inch long arbor adaptors and 8/10-inch long hex key pilots.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

7. CRAFTSMAN 7-Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

This hole saw is made from high-quality material without any extra accessories or uncommon sizes. In this kit, you get six hole saws, ranging from 1-inch to 2 ½-inch. 

This Craftsman 7-Piece Bimetal Kit also comes with one mandrel with an adapter to fit bigger hole saws. There are no extra arbors or pilot bits provided. But this kit performed admirably as a whole. The pieces have long-lasting, razor-sharp teeth that bite effectively into metal and wood. 

One issue I encountered is that the collar on the hole saws can occasionally become stuck after use. It can be challenging to loosen it, but with a bit of effort and an adjustable wrench, I managed to resolve this. Despite this minor setback, the kit’s performance and durability overall are commendable.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Hole Saw Kit Buyer's Guide

Purpose and Frequency of Use

Choosing the ideal model for a hole saw can be difficult as many models are available, each differing in sizes, shapes, quality, and build. 

It’s important to note that some hole saws are better suited for specific tasks than others. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s crucial to understand the intended use or purpose of the hole saw. This could include tasks like drilling holes in metal, or cutting through materials like wood or drywall.

After identifying their respective purposes, pick the saw made to cut through your project. Also make sure that it can withstand repetitive usage on the material you’ll work on. 

Types of Hole Saws


With adjustable saws, you can change their settings to select from a variety of hole cut sizes. According to the model you’re using, you must either place the metal strips of the unit into specific grooves or change the screw tightness.


This is a popular but expensive choice due to its high adaptability and toughness. Given that it’s made of two different metals: carbon and high-speed steel, it lasts longer in all conditions. 

You can cut stronger materials like cast iron, sheet metal or hard metal, hardwood, PVC board, etc.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is a popular and reasonably priced choice primarily used to cut malleable or softer materials (like plastic or softwood). They’re known as general-purpose or multipurpose hole saws.

Core cutters

Core hole cutters are specialized hole saws frequently used to remove cylindrical pieces of material and improve their cutting depth. This saw is made of sturdy materials and has tungsten carbide teeth or diamond edging. 

This is a nice option if you’re working on more difficult tasks like drilling fiberglass or plasterboard. 

Diamond Grit

This type of hole saw has a diamond-grit edge instead of traditional teeth, providing heat resistance and durability. It is ideal for cutting more durable materials like ceramic or fiberglass. 

But make sure to take good care of the tip by giving them frequent waterings to keep them cool until you stop working.

High-Speed Steel

Hole saws with high-speed steel blades are hard and provide clean cuts. But since it lacks a flexible carbon steel component, it is not the best tool for all-around use. This type is more common in fields like electrical work.

Single Tooth

As the name suggests, it only has one tooth used to sever wood or cement sheeting. The teeth’s tungsten carbide tips contribute to their effectiveness and durability. 

Additionally, it moves with an incredible drilling speed and gathers debris quickly.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped

When dealing with hard materials like fiberglass and ceramic, a tungsten carbide hole saw is a flexible and ideal choice. Although it’s made up of multiple teeth rather than just one, they function as single-tooth units.

Kit Sizes

Before purchasing any kit, it’s critical to understand the saw sizes included in the set. This reveals what can be done to achieve ideal results. With a kit that includes a variety of sizes, you can easily complete many projects. 

Most household work requires smaller than 2 1/2 inches, but occasionally it is necessary to make holes that require a hole saw larger than this range. 

If you need to make a hole larger than 2 1/2 inches for any specific purpose, choose a kit that includes enough hole saw drill bits to suit your needs. 

Therefore, be mindful of the largest hole you intend to drill or cut, and ensure that the kit you choose includes the appropriate bits for the job, even if they are large in size.

Blade Size

The best hole saw kits are designed to cater to a wide range of needs and, therefore, include a variety of saw blade diameters. These sizes range from tiny blades with a 3/4-inch diameter to larger ones with a 4 3/4-inch diameter.

Typically, saw blades have open portions on the side, making it simple to remove the plug after the cut. The majority of kits include a minimum of 10 saw blades, arbors set, and mandrels that can accommodate various saw blade sizes.

Material and Construction

Some hole saw kits’ teeth are carbide-tipped, making them more effective when cutting metal. 

Some, though, are merely made of high-speed steel, making them more appropriate for simple woodworking and cutting. But some are bi-metal constructed, like the Bosch HB25M Kit, composed of an alloy with 8% cobalt.

These saws make up most of the hole saw kits I’ve mentioned above and those currently on the market. 

What distinguishes an alloy from a bi-metal, then? A bi-metal construction is made of layers, while alloys are already a mixture of melted metals. 

Hole Width

A hole saw kit typically includes bits in various sizes to accommodate various projects. So it guarantees that you can use the saw bit to drill the precise hole size needed for your particular project. 

As hole width determines how large a bit can drill a hole, it’s crucial to consider this before purchasing. If you want a single-hole saw, ensure the hole width is appropriate for your task. Or better yet, opt for a bimetal one.

Corded or Cordless Drill?

Holes saws are power tools that are powered by a battery or an electrical outlet. If you opt to use them outside, a cordless drill offers more practicality and portability, whereas a corded drill is more potent but less practical.

Unlike a standard drill bit (or bench drill), hole saws typically require more power to operate properly. So, the corded drill is a good choice that generates high RPMs, plus it’s more torque.

Drill Bits

In the same way that a pilot bit fits perfectly in the core of the round saw blade, the drill bit included in a hole saw kit will also work as a guide to position the metal blades in the middle of the material. 

A pilot bit and a drill bit come in various shapes and sizes, with the longer bit being more useful for securing the saw to the material. Shorter drill bits offer less flexibility and more stability, making them ideal if you work on harder materials.

Cutting Speed

The design and construction of the saw blades determine the hole saw’s cutting speed. The quick types of blades used to cut or drill through any material are made of high-speed steel and dual-metal. 

Any power tool’s speed is expressed in rotations per minute (RPM), and the higher the RPM value, the faster the material can be cut.

The best blades for removing more material with each rotation are those with deep gullets and high-speed steel teeth angles as they cut faster and deeper. 

This blade type doesn’t produce smooth cuts like a blade with more TPI, whereas a blade with smaller gullets will ultimately take a long time to cut perfectly round holes through the material.

Tooth Design and Teeth Per Inch

While examining the hole saw’s teeth, consider two key factors: TPI and tooth design. These factors will guide you in making the right choice.

“Teeth Per Inch” (TPI) describes the saw blade’s tooth count per inch. This TPI rating will affect the speed and quality of the cut as well as the kind of material that the specific saw can easily cut or drill through.

Work Material

Do you primarily work with PVC, wood, or metal? Before purchasing a hole saw kit, you should first decide what kind of material you’ll be using it for. High-speed steel works just fine for wood, while carbide-tipped hole saws work great on metal.

Assembly and Ease of Use

To save time setting up, working on the replacement pilot drill bit, and increasing productivity, hole saws should be easy to assemble. The quick-change systems from the kits on this list make it simple for you to switch between sizes.

Another benefit of selecting a good hole saw kit is the removal of waste material. This is particularly true when working on metal or plumbing projects where removing debris manually is challenging.


For proper use of an electric drill or impact driver bit set, selecting the appropriate adapter is crucial. Usually, the top hole saw kits include adapters, but I recommend you have a variety of drill adapters on hand to suit your needs.


Small components, such as a specialized bit used to insert the hole saw kit’s mandrels, saw blades, and adapters of different drill types or impact drivers might be visible. 

Therefore, the design and durability of the case are crucial factors to consider when purchasing hole saw sets to protect them from the elements and other debris, especially if you plan to use them at various workplaces.

Extra Features

These supplemental features provide ease of use while boosting your productivity and aiding in completing the task more quickly. 


One of the most crucial considerations when picking the best hole saw set is the price and your budget. You can find budget-friendly ones in this list, like the SUNGATOR and Bosch kits, which are affordable yet high-quality. 

But if you have the budget, you can opt for premium ones like the LENOX Hole Saw Kit. 

The price depends on the features, build, and brand. So make sure to know what you need to narrow down your options and determine the best deal for your requirements.  


What is an arbor hole saw?

It’s a ring-shaped saw blade included on most of the best hole saw sets. It works in conjunction with the pilot drill bit to stop the saw teeth from turning. 

Will a diamond hole saw be able to cut steel?

In general, diamond hole saws are strong, resilient, and capable of cutting through tough materials like thick steel. However, drilling hardened material such as stainless steel) is not recommended because the steel could clog the holes.

What is the most common hole saw size in kits?

Hole saw kits contain hole saws of various sizes. The most popular saw sizes have a cutting depth between 22mm and 350mm and a diameter between 14mm and 210mm.

Can I use a hole saw without the pilot bit?

Typically, hole saws are centered using a pilot bit [1] as a guide. Although a hole saw doesn’t require a pilot bit, it can be challenging to center the saw for proper drilling or cutting.

My Top Pick For a Hole Saw Kit: SUNGATOR 18-Piece Hole Saw Kit

After thorough testing and review, I’ve chosen the Sungator 18-Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit as my top pick. It stands out not only as the best hole saw kit for the money but also in terms of ease of use.

Beginners can freely and confidently dabble with this saw kit with a range of selections, thanks to its many blades and high-quality materials. 

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