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What is the Difference Between Compound and Normal Miter Saw

Most of the people are confused with the properties of the normal miter saw with a component miter saw. There is a huge difference between the normal miter saw to the component miter saw. Whatever it is, generally the miter saw is a tool which places a vital role in cutting the perfect angel cuts in all types of wood materials. For comparison of the advanced models on the market, check out this page.

Other than cutting woods the miter saws are also used for cutting the metal elements also. There are various types of miter saws are available in the market, so that it is important to know the basic difference between every type of miter saw, then only you can able to select a perfect miter saw based on your need.

Normal miter saw and its uses:

The normal miter saw is known as a tool which allows you to make cuts on the wood at a variety of angles. The normal miter saw has a blade mounted on a swing arm which pivots left or right to get an angled cuts.

You can use the miter saw to cut the woods very fastly and make cuts on the following:

  • Crown molding
  • Picture frames
  • Door frames
  • Window casing

Compound miter saw:

The component miter saw comes with a blade which pivots the left and right for giving an angled cuts. The blade in the component miter saw is tilt with single, double and sliding manners to get a bevel cut.

Based on the way of blade attached on the component miter saw, it has three types as a dual component miter saw, sliding component miter saw, and single component miter saw. All these three types are having separate users while cutting the wood or metal.

The component miter saw is used for cutting the following:

  • Picture frame with perfect finishing
  • High-level crown molding
  • Projects which has combined two wood materials as one material
  • Crafting works with high finishing

Other than the above all differences another one main difference between normal miter saw with component miter saw is, the normal miter saw is used to get a normal cut on the wood, on the other hand, the component miter saws are used to get a bevel cut on the wood.
You can find the difference between the bevel cut with miter cut just by simply looking the wood. A miter cut means to an angle cut on the face of the two different shapes which are joined to make a corner.

The miter cut is normally made by pushing the flat on the table at an angle to the blade. On the other hand, the bevel cuts are made by adjusting the blade’s angle with respect to the surface of the wooden piece.

Some of the common tips for handling the miter saw are listed below:

  • If you are want to make a perfect miter cut, you need to shape your saw blade, which allows you to smoothly with a very little pressure and make a clean cut with no burn marks.
  • If you are installing the baseboards or trimming out doors or windows, fit only one miter at a time in the machine and after you get a perfect fit, you can proceed forward and mark the next cut.
  • Before going to the next level make sure that the miter joint is tightly pressed together with another wood, join the miter and check for the level differences before nailing the outside. Also don’t nail very close to the ends or edges to avoid splitting the molding.

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