Hitachi C10FCG Review

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When I’m looking for precision and versatility in my cuts, I often turn to the C10FCG 15-amp miter saw. Having used it extensively, I can vouch for its ability to cut at various angles seamlessly. Not only does it deliver the desired angle every time, but it also ensures there’s no damage to the boards or unsightly marks left behind on my cuts.

It’s a highly flexible saw that can tilt right or left up to 52 degrees, which is pretty impressive. It’s also a pretty lightweight saw, weighing in at only 24 pounds per the manufacturer. Does it hold up against other miter saws on the market?


In my experience with Hitachi tools, they often opt for a more utilitarian design. While their products might not always win beauty contests, I’ve come to appreciate their straightforward look. To me, it’s clear that they prioritize functionality over flash, and I’ve always found their miter saws to perform exceptionally well where it counts.

The table was made sturdy, strong and reliable for those tough cuts and it had to be made strong because this saw comes with a 15-amp motor, which is strong for a lightweight miter saw. It’s also designed to handle dust and debris pretty well, to minimize cleanup.



If you need flexibility, then look no further because the miter angle ranges from 0 to 52 degrees unlike the Tacklife PMS03A with a 45-degree angle, with the simple touch of a button so no matter what kind of angled cut or bevel you’re trying to achieve, you shouldn’t have a problem. 

The arm is highly flexible and tilts to the right or the left, whether you’re trying to cut ceiling trim, floor trim, wood at an angle or whatever you’re trying to do.


Having worked with various miter saws over the years, I was pleasantly surprised by how light this one felt at just 24 pounds. It’s notably lighter than many others I’ve used, making it a top choice for me when I need something portable. The lightweight design doesn’t just make it convenient; it truly simplifies moving the saw around.

Easy Operation

I’ve found the vice clamp notably sturdy. It allows me a comfortable hands-off approach, which I think we can all agree is preferred—keeping our hands away from the boards during cuts just feels inherently safer and more secure. It’s a small detail that significantly elevates the user experience and safety.

Also, a nice guiding system on the tilt of the saw allows you to tell what angle it’s at, so you won’t have to make any guesses or do any measuring, it’ll tell you exactly how many degrees you’re cutting and how far left or right you’re tilting. By carefully using this miter saw, you can avoid having any miter saw injury in the process.

Fast Shipping

Hitachi always makes sure that people can get their products as quickly as possible, which is why shipping is super-fast for this miter saw, you can get it by the next day sometimes if you choose the right shipping option.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


Should I spend $20 more on the laser-guided system and is it useful?

By a long shot. If you’re concerned over a $20 enhancement, we’re a bit concerned about what kind of wood/flooring you buy. If you use this tool consistently and work on a lot of projects, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and you’ll find that making cuts is far easier with a laser. It’s definitely worth the extra few dollars that you’ll part with to get a laser. 

I’m concerned about the thickness of the cuts, how thick can this cut wood?

People have reported having no issues with most types and sizes of wood but you can easily cut a 4×6 piece of wood with it. It handles most sizes just fine and there are some sizes of wood that obviously can’t fit for this miter saw but that should be obvious. 

What if I want to cut metal with this blade?

Don’t. However, if you’re looking to cut metal, you’ll need to purchase an additional blade that’s made for that specific purpose. Not all blades are equal and this one is specifically made for cutting wood.

Hitachi C10FCG Review Conclusion

The Hitachi C10FCG is to the point, powerful and will get the job done. Is it worth the price? Absolutely. It’s not too expensive and the shipping doesn’t cost that much either. You’ll save money as the price has gone down since its original release, which wasn’t too long ago. 

The shipping is also free and fast, so if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait to get your hands on one, Amazon is the best place to order from. It’s great that there’s so much flexibility with this saw and it allows you to easily cut at different angles without any kind of hassle. 

The miter ranges again are from the left and right at a steady 52 degrees, which allows you to cut at any kind of beveled angle that you would require. It’s a great purchase and a great product, that I can’t recommend enough into your addition of power tools and handyman work. 

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