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Hitachi C10FCH2 Review

Coming in as one of the best-rated compound miter saws on Amazon, the Hitachi C10FCH2 is a 15-amp powerhouse that’s designed to destroy any wood you throw at it and give it a nice clean cut. The blade of this saw is laser-guided so you don’t have to do any second-guessing or carefully guide the saw because it will do that all on its own. The motor alone is a staggering 1520W which is a huge amount for a saw to have but it provides it with a lot of power and fuel for those easy cuts.


The front of this saw is really where the best part of the saw is because the rotating table allows the blade to cut from any angle easily. You can quickly adjust the depth and the angle of the cut straight from the handle on the bottom which is a convenient knob that helps you lock that perfect cut into place. There’s a full cover over top the blade when it’s not in use, so bonus points for the safety of this product overall. There’s a pivot fence on top as well to help with functioning.


  • The single best feature on this particular model has to be the laser marking system because it creates for a 100% accurate cut in no time and gives you smooth edges too when you need precise accuracy in your cuts
  • The motor provided in this model is a 15-amp motor which is more than plentiful enough for the most hardcore jobs, whether it’s thick wood, small wood or the type of cut you need to do, you’ll have the support of a powerful motor behind you every step of the way when needed
  • Speaking of the motor, with that 1950W maximum output, you’re probably worried about the vibration of the motor and how it feels on the hands, well you don’t need to worry about that because Hitachi has done a lot to make sure there’s a reduction on the level of vibration going out when this thing is in use at full capacity
  • If you need to stop the saw in a hurry, where your thumb should be resting in an accurate position that will allow you to stop the saw in case of an emergency and it’s great for the safety from injury of the person cutting as well, which is a nice feature that for some reason, a lot of different saws don’t have today

Pros & Cons


  • The perfect accuracy of Hitachi C10FCH2 Miter Saw comes from the laser-guided system included with this saw, so you won’t have to second guess and you won’t have to fight with the blade to try and get the perfect cut, you can have perfect precision and accuracy right out of the box
  • The motor provided in this model is the 15-amp motor, which is tough and is great for any kind of cutting job that you may have, thick or small
  • The flip fence is rather large which is great for unique functionality and you can even raise it to 4 inches which is great for cutting crown molding vertically if you ever need to do so
  • The handle is horizontal which makes it a lot easier when doing top-down cuts and it’s a lot easier on the hands as well with far less vibration than other models that don’t employ the handlebar above the blade
  • The bevel angle range is anywhere from 0 to 45 degrees, so you can cut tricky angles and you can get the cut right the first time
  • The miter angle range is anywhere from 0 to 52 degrees which makes a big difference over those saws that only go up to 45 degrees on their miters


  • The plastic top guard is a little concerning and wasn’t made with the best quality in mind, but it’s still solid


Q: What kind of thickness can this saw handle?
A: This saw can handle up to 4×6 but there might be some special instructions or kind of cut needed if you want to cut a 4×6. This should be included in the manufacturer’s notes or instructions as that type of board usually needs to be flipped over if you want to do a specific cut with it.

Q: Can this thing slide?
A: No, it cannot slide as per the manufacturer. It, however, handles every other kind of cut or movement just fine, so we don’t think you’d need the thing to slide to get the most functionality out of it.

Q: Does this saw handle 4×4 well or does it struggle a bit?
A: It handles it quite well, better than other saws. It almost cuts clean through as if it’s cutting through paper, so we’d say that this handles the 4×4 boards quite well.

Q: I want more voltage, is that possible?
A: Why? If you plug this thing directly into something with more voltage, you’ll risk frying it and starting a fire, so don’t do that. You’d need a converter to properly use it with more voltage.

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review Conclusion

This is a relatively cheap (price-wise) and affordable lightweight saw that you’ll probably have in your garage for many years, so don’t overlook it because of the cheap pricing. We don’t have too many complaints towards Hitachi products in general, at least none that would affect the optimal efficiency of this product and its wood cutting capabilities. The handle is great and makes cutting easy, so it’s a great purchase for the elderly or people with back problems.

The shipping is fast and you can probably get it the next day if you get the best shipping option available. It also comes with free shipping if you want to wait a little bit. It has plenty of safety features and a lot of power behind it, so you’ll enjoy it as we did.

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Hitachi C10FCH2 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review
6.5 Total Score

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