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What is Bevel Cut and What’s the use of it ?

A bevel cut refers to cut with sharp edges that are not perpendicular to the top of the wood/material. It is a cut in a beveled curve, which is round in profile and has radius while the angle usually measured against a square-edge cut. Here, the blade is on an angle against the vertical plane, to know off the sharp edge of the piece. It also goes by the names: incline cut, slope cut, cant cut, angled cut and slant cut.

People usually confuse bevel cuts with double bevel cuts and miter cuts, but these two have a remarkable difference. A miter cut is just cutting two pieces of material in angle (not 90 degrees) before joining them. It is any cut on the wood surface other than square cut, with the blade on an angle against the horizontal plane of the piece.

Bevel cuts can be classified into types of edges, including A, V, X, K, Bottom Y, and Top Y. A bevel cut is used to do decorative finishing techniques, give additional support for welding and also increase an edge’s surface area.

Generally, the bevel cuts are used in the carpentry to create small pieces of wood that are more aesthetically pleasing, more resistant to weathering to look. On the other hand in simple words, the bevel cuts are used to soften an edge of the woods without causing an injury to the woods.

For example, a wood piece that is cut by using the bevel cut can serve as a trim around the base of a wall to prevent injuries in the wall and give the decorative appearance to the wall.

The bevel cuts are also called as a technique that is used in the carpentry to hiding the joints between two different wood pieces by fastening together the two pieces with an edge which makes a complementary angle.

The pieces are slightly overlapped on each other and appear to be a single piece of wood when it was joined perfectly together by the help of a bevel cutter.

Most of the people are confused with the uses of bevel cut with a miter cut. A miter cut is a cut angle other 90-degree angles along with the length and width of the workpiece. The miter cut means to give other than a square cut on the wood face.

As the reverse of it, the bevel cut cuts the wood other than 90 degrees along with the thickness of the workpiece. It is cut which is angled relative to the face of the material used and most of the time it is not a straight edge cut.

Bevel Cut unique applications in the carpentry to get a perfect cut on the wood pieces

  • The bevel cut has many more users in the carpentry, and other than carpentry it has benefits with welding and crafting also.
  • The materials used in the process of welding and crafting are generally made up of softwood materials and they should have an, even more, soften edges for the reason of safety, aesthetics, joining pieces, creating geometrical shapes and increasing the resistance to weathering.
  • The wood materials shaped by the bevel cut are used for trimming the base side of the wall to prevent the injuries caused in the walls.
  • The use of wood pieces on the walls also gives a more authentically pleasing look using hiding the joints of two different pieces with edges which are fastened together by making a complementary angle on each other.
  • By using the bevel cuts two different parts of wood pieces can slightly overlap with each other and joined carefully to look like a single piece of wood.
  • Other than carpentry the bevel cuts are also widely used in the welding. In welding, the bevel cuts give additional support on the joints to make them more strong enough to hold heavy loads.

Normally the bevel cuts are little difficult to achieve with precision using the hand tools which are usually made up using more power tools. Some of the saw gauges are not giving a perfect bevel cut, in that case, you can use a protractor to check the blade angle.

If you want to avoid the kickbacks on the wood, you need to set the fence in a way which the blade tilts away from it and for safety purposes make sure that the saw is unplugged when doing this work. You can simply use the miter cutter to get a bevel cut.

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