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Reciprocating Saw Features

If you want to know the use of reciprocating saw, then you need to keep first thing in your mind that the blades which will determine that what the reciprocating saw is going to cut effectively. You can cut the wood material, wood with the embedded nails, copper pipes, galvanized iron pipe, composite fiber glass, PVC pipe, sheet metal, rebar, frozen studs, and etc.

But one thing to note is probably the title will not able to cut tile and for the demolition, you can put a long wood steel blade on it and it will make a short work of a teardown.

You can get the flush cut blades which permits the blades to cut parallel cut and right down to a floor or up to a ceiling.
It is vital for cutting via an outside wall bottom plate, for example when you fitting a door where a window opening was fixed previously.

Some of the features

  • Tool-free blade changes option:

  • most of the reciprocating saws gives a feature for a tool-less than the clamp to retain the blade by making a tool changes fast and easy way.

  • Light indicator:

  • If you are doing a plunge cut into the drywall for a switch box or following a cutoff line and it's really handy to have a saw with the led illumination to make it easier to see the cutting line.

  • Variable speed and speed control options:

  • Most of the reciprocating saws are variable speed and the trigger is the speed control. Whatever it is you may find the best reciprocating saw with a two-speed gearbox, which is added with a sophistication or one with the distinct speeds.

  • Electric brake system:

  • Most of the new models of reciprocating saws will include an electric brake system which stops the blade immediately when the trigger is released. So that you can able to safeguard yourself even when you operating it with a very high speed.

  • Adjustable shoes in reciprocating saws:

The adjustable shoes comes with the reciprocating saws will allow you to set the cutting depth but they have their limits. And setting the shoes way out to increases the space, so that you will need to get the saw to the cut.

Another important thing to note while you are operating the reciprocating saw will raise vibrations based on the weight of that saw. A heavier reciprocating saw dampens vibration a little more than a lighter weight models.

However, you can set against the fact that you can have to work with the reciprocating saw. You may want to select a saw with the weight that works best for you.

One easy tip to note here is when shopping, lift the saw above your head to see if you would be comfortable working like that.

If you encounter a vibration is an issue, take a look at the Makita models with AVT – anti-vibration technology which will help you to avoid the vibrations during the working of reciprocating saws.

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