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How to use the Reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw is one of type of cutting saw, which is used to cuts an accurate curved line on the woods using an up-and-down motion. Guides on this saw can be clamped onto the base plate for making a parallel or circular cuts on the wood.

The shallow blades are maneuverable than the deeper ones. The miter cuts in the woods can be made by tilting the saw’s main body. And also while you use this reciprocating saw on high speed for cutting wood and slower speed for cutting metal or ceramic tiles.

Basic Steps for operating reciprocating saws

  • Step 1: You need to set the orbital action on your reciprocating saw:
  • First thing you need to do is, you need to adjust the orbital action on the saw to match the type of material which you working with.

  • Step 2: you need to insert the blade on your reciprocating saw:
  • After setting the orbital action, you need to position a new blade against the guide roller. And then you can release the blade to change the lever to secure it or tighten based to the tool’s mechanism.

  • Step 3: now start cutting the wood:
  • After fixing the blade, you need rest the front edge of the base plate on the wood piece which need to be cut, with the blade at a right angle to the marked guide line.

  • Step 4: make a needed setting adjustments:
  • Again You need to adjust the speed and rotary action setting of the reciprocating saw, if it needed, before starting up the cutting with saw. Progress along the guide line to make the cut in the wood.

  • Step 5: You need to make a cutting a hole in wood or drill a hole in wood:
  • A main process of cutting the wood is to drill a hole at one edge of the cut by using a wood bit with a diameter large enough to accommodate the reciprocating saws blade.

  • Step 6: Insert the tip of the blade on reciprocating saw:
  • You need to insert the saw blade via the hole and make your cut. You need to take care to support the wood and follow the guide line from the manufacturer carefully.

  • Step 7: Using a heavy- duty reciprocating saw:

This kind of reciprocating saw is used for doing more arduous tasks like demolition work. It works with an up-and down motion. Some of saws have a back and forth action which cuts more easily and quickly to minimize the blade wear and aids the sawdust removal from the cutting point. The blade and orbital setting changes vary by every type of saw.

If you are follow the all above steps, you can easily cut the wood materials as per you need and in addition cut the sharp edge woods, you can also able make a perfect holes in the wood.

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