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Scroll Saws – Great Kid-Oriented Craft Idea

When looking for crafts Ideas to do with a kid scroll sawing could be one of the simple answers. There are many reasons to choose scroll saws. Some of these reasons are; scroll saws a fairly cheap. You can usually find one for under $100. Material is usually cheap as well. When doing scroll saw projects you can normally use scrap wood. Unlimited amount of project ideas is another of the reasons to choose a scroll saw - if this something you might be interested in, read more here.

One of my favorite reasons for scroll saws as a kid oriented craft though is safety. Scroll saw is an electric powered saw, but the blade is small and thin. Also the scroll saw normally has a speed adjustment for slower and faster speeds.

The blade while it is a saw dose not draw the cutting material in like it does on a miter saw or table saw. You can still be cut but it doesn't happen often and generally the cuts are just superficies brakes in the skin.

When working with a scroll saw you normally either draw the pattern onto the material to be cut. Or you use spray adhesive and a paper template onto the material and just follow the pattern lines with the saw blade.

The materials that you can cut with the scroll saw are almost unlimited. You can cut; wood, copper, brass, aluminum, lead, plastic.

Earlier I told you a bit about patterns. You can purchase these online or at a wood working store. If you do a search for free scroll saw patterns you will find more then enough free patterns to get you going.

If you are looking for a craft with the kids this is a good one do to the fact that most kids will like the idea of you letting them use a power saw. I started doing scroll saw projects with my kids when they where as young as five. They simply loved it.

When working with younger children you have to have constant supervision on them. Also having larger pieced similar patterns helps also.

The joy and jubilation you get from making that first project is immeasurable. Once the project is done it is one you will never want to get rid of. It will be one of those embarrassing keepsakes that you keep and show to your grandchildren when they are the same age as your kids where when they made it.

The last great point of scroll sawing with kids is the possibility of making some extra money. People love hand made crafts. There are a lot of consignment shops that will sell your work for you at a profit.

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