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Four Best Hybrid Table Saws for Professional and Big Jobs in 2018

Hybrid saws are a mix of all the benefits of contractor saws and cabinet saws. It's a great option instead of getting two tools, which was the only option back when you can purchase only either cabinet saws or contractor saws. Looking for the best hybrid saw for your woodworking job? With all the big brands like Powermatic, Laguna Tools, Dewalt, Grizzly, Woodtek, Shop Fox, Axminster, Bosch and Delta  that offer a lot of hybrid table saws, it may be confusing. There are also many important features to keep in mind, like: belt drive and direct drive, power, which motors to choose, heavy weight, minimal kickback, long term use and stability of the tool. To find out a good hybrid table saw in 2018 that will suit your unique tool cutting needs doesn't have to be a problem. In order to help you in completing your contractor/cabinet table saw shopping choice checklist, we've gathered up a unique buying guide list and rating of the four best hybrid table saws you can pick for your workshop in 2018. Read them below:

Best Hybrid Table Saws Comparison & Reviews 2018

Browse the top-ranked list of hybrid table saws below along with associated reviews and opinions.

1. Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inchs

Grizzly G0715P is the best hybrid table saw in this list with the top rating. It’s backed by a motor with great power that delivers up to 220v when it’s pre-wired in a single phase. You can find this saw on Amazon at a price around $1,998.90. A lot of people say that the Grizzly G0715p offers the best cutting among all, so it is a perfect choice and your money will be worth buying it.


  • Great power: 220V Motor.
  • Efficient dust collection: large (4 inches) Dust Port fro a cleaner workshop and work sites
  • Convenient for easy set up
  • T-Slot Miter Gauge.
  • Interchangeable Riving Knife.
  • Magnetic On/Off Switch.
  • Anti-kickback feature
  • The latest features like splitter assembly


You’re going to need saw types that improves your accuracy. Fortunately, the Grizzly G0715P has a T-shaped fence system that holds up a maximum heavy weight of 416 pounds. Get this saw if you want to create complex shapes, and a surface with enough stability to hold your materials. It can also keep your shop relatively clean while you're working, with its great dust collection system that is great in keeping workshop clean and free of allergens.

The saw also features a riving knife. Users like this feature because it helps them switch between regular blades that don't require much effort, which is very important. Simply push the thumbwheel forward, and the riving knife will lock into place. Press the power on, and the machine is ready to go!

You’ll also like the blade guard that comes with this type of saw. It consists of a leaf on each side of the blade. Each of the leaves is used to hold wooden and metal materials into place. They rise independently, meaning that you can raise one of the leaves up for quick and smooth cuts.

Consumers across the board disliked the lack of mobility. While its 450 lbs lower than competing hybrid saws, it is made of heavy iron and can be difficult for transporting around your shop. We suggest that you keep this saw in a stationary position to improve its performance.

All in all, the Grizzly G0715P is great for professional quality usage. It has an anti-kickback pawls mechanism that protects users from self-injury while working and takes only 30 seconds to cut through material. If you’re serious about getting a hybrid table saw to assist you on your daily woodworking projects.

2. Woodtek 159665, Machiner Saws, 10" Lt 2hp Hybrid Table Saw, 52 inches Fence

The Woodtek 15995 is one of the top hybrid table saws, and it actually ranked second in this list. The Woodtek 159665 has a 10-inch blade that with a 30” rip capacity. This gives it enough power to cut through plywood, redwood, silver, and iron. There is an Euro style wrap blade in the base of the cabinet. This most well-rounded hybrid table saw is on Amazon at a price about 1,544.99, even though it provides the highest level of dust collection control (with fully enclosed cabinet base) among all of the hybrid saws.


  • Solid Construction
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • 2 HP size power filled Motor.
  • Table Height: 35 inches.
  • Tripod Caster System.
  • 30-inch rip capacity.


  • High price that might hurt budget.
  • Assembly is quite challenging
  • Some components are hard to replace.

Dust control is no longer a problem when using this device. Users like this feature because it allows them to do dust collection from their tables automatically through the dust port. This enhances your visibility and prevents sawdust from entering your body.

Another feature we’ve noticed is its durability. It has a stainless steel outer covering which can hold up to 350lbs without the need of extra support. On average, it has a lifespan of over 4 years, making it an excellent buy if you need a long term hybrid saw for your wood working project.

Plus, the saw has a Bisemeyer styled fence system. This allows it to mount multiple materials at once and keeps them in place. Buy this hybrid saw if you need a stable fence and cutting board to cut safely and with stability after an easy set up.

However, there have been a few complaints regarding the miter gauge. Shoppers reported that the miter gauge was cheap and would break and was unable to determine the readings even though the product is expensive. Make sure to use the miter gauge on small/compact wooden materials to ensure that it works.

Overall, the Woodtek 159665 is the best hybrid saw for your money (and may even be the best table saw in general). It’s adjustable and cuts through 4” of wood with ease. Look into this saw if you want the most accurate shapes and protection when doing projects.

3. Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table

Experienced woodworkers vouched that the Shop Fox W1824 is one of the leading hybrid table saws for the average woodworker similar to our top 1. It is due to its great features including a cast iron base which is resistant to bacteria, dents, and cuts while it also has top-supporting heavy cast iron trunnions located around the edges of the table. This product is currently sold on Amazon at a price around $1,256.70, which is pretty affordable and budget friendly for this very fine hybrid table saw. This hybrid table saw offers the best blade guard, among the helpful built-in safety features which makes it one of the most safe hybrid saws.


  • Motor - 2 HP.
  • Weight: 380 pounds.
  • Designed for professional quality applications.
  • Corded Power Source.
  • Camlock T-Shaped Fence.


  • Expensive price.
  • Complicated to use.

People like this saw due to its blade guard. The guard uses lifting sides and retractable sides and is made of polycarbonate. Users like this feature because it helps them cut clearly and keeps the blade in contact with the work piece during its operation.

And, it’s excellent for its better increased safety features compared to other saw types. For instance, the blade only moves in one direction and has no backwards action included. If the work station does move back, the pawl will slow the tool's cutting motion and reduces the user’s injury proximity. Less kickback means less accidents, perfect if you don't want the danger of being injured.

We also like the device because of its rotation ability. The saw’s knife mounts below the blade’s highest rotation point. This means that the height difference between the knife and the blade delivers non through cuts throughout the cutting work place’s thickness. The metal hand wheels on the sides and the front, can make it much easier to move some wood along the blade of the saw.

But, this saw has a steep learning curve. People complained that the saw’s instruction manual doesn’t give detailed information on how to use the machine and doesn’t include the different cutting postures. That makes it's assembly harder than it should be, too.

Still, the Shop Fox W1824 is an impressive quality hybrid saw for DIY and professional usage. Users can adjust the T-shaped fence to fix its height problems and it also has a easy-to-use magnetic switch. Buy this saw if you want to utilize your time and energy on your wood working projects.

4. Shop Fox W1837 10 inches 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

Similar to W1824, the Shop Fox W1837 is one of the greatest and the most powerful hybrid table saws in the market. It’s known for its rip capacity, blade tilt angle range, and its motor capacity. Also, it has a 3 HP motor (one of the strongest motors) which can cut at a speed of 3500 RPM. Purchase this product on Amazon at an affordable price of $936. The W1837 offers the best mobility, which makes it the greatest model in terms of mobility.


  • Weight: 243lbs.
  • 120V/240V Motor Speed.
  • Cast Iron Table.
  • 10 x 40 inches Tooth Carbide Blade.
  • Dimensions.


  • Lack of some features.
  • Blade Adjustments.

Clients who reviewed the Shop Fox W1837, say it has a great built-in mobile base making its portability great. To use it, press down on the foot levers. Once pressed the saw will rise up and is easily moved throughout your large work station, despite it's quite heavy weight. Even though the saw weighs in at 243 pounds, its mobility makes it easy for users of all skill levels.

This hybrid saw can tilt by 45 degrees after it is set up. Start by loosening the saw’s blade tilt lock. Then, you turn the tilt hardwheel to adjust the blade to your desired setting. Keep the blade in its position to help you create more accurate and consistent cuts.

People like the spacious and larger tabletop area that the Shop Fox W1837 was designed to provide. It’s able to do smooth power cut through material that’s 5” thick. As a result, users have enough large space to process larger pieces and chunks of any density.

On the other hand, its blade adjustment leaves it at a small disadvantage. For example, the blade won’t stay parallel to the miter slot. We suggest that you buy a replacement if this issue persists.

You can’t go wrong with the Shop Fox W1837 quality. The saw require only 2 hours to install and can cut wood into pieces even up to 5” in width size. If you’re a novice woodworker or regular DIYer in need of saws that offer enough precision level and power, efficient, and are durable enough to last for 3 years.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of this buying guide that the Shop Fox 1824 is the winner. Unlike its competitors, it has a lot of advantages that other saw types don't have: a sturdy outer base, a strong motor with awesome power, high portability, and a T-shaped bench to increase the user’s accuracy/precision quality, which are all important elements to keep in mind. Conclusively, you should look into this hybrid saw or something similar if you want to create effective and smooth cuts while remaining safe when it’s in operation. We haven't reviewed any models from known brands like Powermatic and Laguna Tools Fusion (even though it has a large dust port and amazing dust collection system plus a plastic surrounding its blade). However, it might be added in the next rating update so stay tuned for another good read!

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