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Four Best Hybrid Table Saws for Professional and Big Jobs in 2020

best hybrid table saws

For the novice woodworker to a veteran woodshop hobbyist, buying a hybrid table saw is essential for your woodshop arsenal. They are the one-stop tool that are able to hold the piece of wood you’re working on and cut it at the same time. This allows even amateurs to complete projects with precision every time and get things done efficiently.

There are a lot of hybrid table saws out there, but which one should be your choice for the best hybrid table saw? Let’s take a look at some of our top picks!

Top 5 Hybrid Table Saws – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

1 – Grizzly Industrial G0690-10’’ 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife

This masterpiece of a table saw from Grizzly makes its way on a lot of best table saws reviews and choice list. This is not without a reason. Other than the quick release blade guard, this table saw also comes equipped with a quick release riving knife, which is an essential safety equipment for the table saw.

The quality cast iron table made with precision in mind and T-slot miter gauge the table saw can handle heavy-duty woodwork. The durable and quality cast iron helps to absorb vibration from the motor and blade and works to hold the sharp blade in alignment with the miter slot for even more accuracy and precision every single time.

To keep all of the mess in one place, with this product you also get a 4-foot dust collector port that collects all the leftover dust and empties out easily. It’s quite a hefty piece of equipment weighing at about 530 lbs, it has all you need to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for its price.


  • It comes with a quick release riving knife, which works to keep the two cut piece of wood open to not pinch the saw blade and cause kickback.
  • There is also a quick release blade guard for added safety and a push stick which one should use instead of their fingers to keep a piece of wood flat against the blade/machine table.
  • Comes with a 4-foot (very large and spacious) dust collection port.
  • The also heavy-duty miter gauge will keep the wood steady for those angled cuts, unlike other models.
  • The strong table comes with cast iron extension wings for more space.
  • The belt drive and easy-glide fence makes cutting wood even easier.
  • Comes with knurled knobs for adjusting the fence with nylon runners.


  • The green decal bottom scratches easily.
  • Customer service needs improvement.

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2 – DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

While other units come with a base, the Dewalt table saw has a very high rating due to its portability. Weighing only 22 kg, buying it is an investment that goes a long way (and to many places). The steel roll cage protects against drops, 22 kg could still be pretty heavy to haul around, and the rack and pinion fence combined with clear scales and a front and rear fence lock make this table saw very easy to use.

The motor with a power of 1850 watts is amazing for all types of wood and cuts. The cast tabletop and bevel lock not only allow for supreme accuracy and precision and easy adjustments, but the overload protection system help with the job for hard, wet and even frozen pieces of wood.


  • This heavy-duty piece of equipment comes with a 3-year limited warranty, one year of free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Talk about a protected purchase!
  • The 15 amp high-torque motor delivers consistent and powerful performance.
  • The fence allows a very large rip capacity of 20 inches for thicker cuts.
  • The rack and pinion fence rails make adjustments fast and easy.
  • It’s has a convenient size with a  small and portable design that goes where you go without too much weight.
  • This portable table saw weighs only 22 kg.
  • It comes with an impressive, high quality 2.5-inch dust collector for its size.
  • The Dewalt table saw allows for quick and easy tool-free adjustments.
  • It comes with a modular guard system that will keep your hands and fingers safe.


  • The blade raising and lowering mechanism is hard to use.

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3 – Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw

The next one on our best table saw list is a great choice for a professional jobsite table saw from Bosch Power Tools. The brand is known for great tool options, like their top-rated scroll saws, which is as impressive as the 4100-10 table saw.  It’s a powerful tool that has a 4.0 max Hp and 3650 RPM to cut through most materials. The large cast aluminum table top gives you more space with 25 inches of rip capacity. 

It’s a portable option that comes with a gravity rise wheeled stand that makes the product easy for use at the jobsite. Wheel it anywhere you need to go and disassemble it easily from the stand when needed. 

The smart guard protection system includes a riving knife and anti kickback pawls that provide superior protection. The guard also keeps your fingers and hands safe with an unobstructed view.


  • The portable and collapsible design allows you to adjust the height and move it to suit your specific needs.
  • It’s an efficient design that allows for one-handed operation.
  • For safety features, there is a riving knife in the design and anti kickback pawls.
  • The cutting surface area is larger and can handle cuts with wood pieces and planks up to 25 inches wide.
  • Heavy weight machine that’s powerful and efficient with accurate cutting.
  • Very versatile and durable for the jobsite.


  • Doesn’t last long, compared to other top models.
  • May not be built for heavy-duty construction.

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4 – Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

At 539 pounds, this high quality table saw from Shop Fox is built to last. Buying it will ensure many years of minimal maintenance service. The large cast iron trunnions absorb vibrations and the 3 HP motor and triple drive belt on top of the cast iron table with wings for more workspace, what more could you ask for in a hybrid table saw? 

The blade guard of the Shop Fox W1819 is made of a clear polycarbonate shield with a spreader and anti-kickback pawls to minimize any accidents. The clear shield will not obstruct vision during operation. Of course, we cannot forget about the riving knife which prevents the cut piece from pinching the back of the blade. It also comes with a magnetic switch, to top that off.

For longer work pieces, the miter fence of the Shop Fox W1819 provides superior support. With a flip stop that allows for easy pivoting when workpieces need to be cut in the same length, you can be sure your end product will have excellent precision.

To get the exact angle you want, the operator is able to control blade tilt anywhere from 0-45 degrees. 


  • The design of this hybrid table saw was created with longevity in mind.
  • Equipped with cast iron trunnions for easy use and a triple belt drive motor, the table saw can handle most tough workpieces with great performance.
  • The cast iron table with wings offer more workspace.
  • The guard, spreader and anti-kickback pawls offer all the safety features you need.
  • The clear polycarbonate shield does not obstruct your vision.
  • The operator can change the blade tilt anywhere between 0-45 degrees.


  • There is a lot of aligning and adjusting before use with hard to understand instructions.
  • The fence isn’t very effective.

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5 – LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36 inch RIP 110 V

The Laguna Tools Fusion is the best hybrid table saw for more heavy duty jobs. So if you are looking at something that can deal with quality construction of houses, this may be your best choice. The 1.75 hp motor and the 110 volt outlet gives you more than enough power.

The 10-inch blade is on the same level with other standard hybrid saws. One special feature about the Laguna Tools Fusion hybrid table saw is the trunnions are not attached to the table top, unlike other models. It’s a hybrid because the product takes the design of the traditional cabinet table saw.

Other useful features and safety measures include a riving knife, precision fence, and 2 miter slots.

To keep your workplace free of dust and debris, the Fusion hybrid saw also comes with a dust collection port built in.


  • The good quality 1.75 HP motor provides more than enough power for heavy-duty jobs.
  • The dust collection system keeps your workplace free of dust and messes.
  • The riving knife and safety blade guard keep your fingers from harm.
  • The trunnion is mounted on the frame instead of being attached to the table top like other conventional designs.
  • It’s easy to change the blades on this machine.
  • Ripping capacity is more than 30 inches.


  • It may be suited to a higher voltage.
  • The insert that surrounds the blade is made of plastic.
  • The dust control and collection may not be very effective.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Hybrid Table Saw

The hybrid table saw is among the most handy tools to keep in your workshop. No matter if you are a beginner who just picked up the first top woodworking book you found, a hobbyist, or even a veteran, they offer a variety of services and convenience. They are called hybrids because they are the perfect mix of cabinet saws and contractor saws. They possess the best of both worlds. But how do we know what to look for and what important features to consider? Follow the guide we have compiled below.


It’s best to find a hybrid table saw with safety features built-in. Blade guards (that are hopefully transparent to not obstruct your line of sight), and a riving knife are pretty standard. Although transparent blade guards are easier to use, it will be stronger if it’s made out of steel. The main purpose of it is to prevent kickback, which could cause accidents.


Belt drive or direct drive? That is the question. Belt drives give more torque and actually last longer and are more durable than the direct drive. However, the downside to a drive belt is the continuous maintenance needed to replace the belts, they are noisier, and they pick up more dust. So to each their own.


The standard power output of hybrid table saws range from 1.5-1.75 HP. That should be sufficient enough for the average handyman and woodworker. If you happen upon a hybrid table saw that possess a higher power output than that, then you’ve got a winner on your hands! However, anything above a 2.0 HP might be too powerful for those with less experience. And if you need something with much less power than that or something to use in a small DIY project, you might want to consider getting the best small circular saw.

Hybrid table saws are best used with 110 – 220 volt outlets.


Think about where you will be setting up shop and how much space you are allowed. You have to make sure it will even fit in your workspace! Next up is the weight, which is a more significant feature than you think. If you are looking for one that’s portable, it’s important for it to be relatively light. Look into stands, and foldable bases with wheels or even a tabletop saw.

Dust Collection

This is not a total necessity but it may be for some. Keeping your workspace clean may help maintain your sanity and save you from a big cleanup job. Don’t worry, because most hybrid table saws have a dust collection feature. The larger the port is, the more dust it can collect, so dust control is much easier.

Price and Budget

The price range of hybrid table saws on the market is very wide. Models can range from a few hundred to thousands, just like chainsaws (click for the list of pro options). This all depends on the brand, model, and features. If you are a weekend enthusiast of woodworking projects, there will be no need for you to break the bank purchasing a professional grade table saw preferred by the tradespeople. Make sure you identify the features you require and try to get the best option within your price range.


Since hybrid table saws will definitely range in the hundreds at least, you want your investment to be worth it. A way to ensure that is quality and heavy duty construction, especially of the base. A lot of the options we presented above have cast iron material construction, which is the best. There are some with plastic guards but in regards to safety, metals are always better and more sturdy than the alternative. One downside of cast iron material is the weight. They are considerably heavier than aluminum or steel, which could make them less portable. Make sure the stand has sturdy legs and the table top is cast iron at least and smooth and flat.


As mentioned before, hybrid table saws are the best of both worlds between cabinet saws and contractor saws. The best (and safest) ones should possess all the top quality features we mentioned and maybe even more. A lot of these hybrid saws also come with a storage cabinet in the base to hold all your tools!

Being able to find a cost-effective and efficient blend of the two most sought after saws makes the hybrid table saws one of the most important additions to your workspace and/or jobsite. But before buying, just keep in mind all the safety features that they should possess to keep yourself out of harm’s way. 

I hope my hybrid table saw reviews and buyer’s guide helped you pick out the perfect high performance saw for the right price. But if you’re on the hunt for affordable table saw models, check out my reviews of the top table saws below $1000.


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