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Dewalt DWE7480XA Table Saw Review

The DWE7480XA table saw is a pretty well-rounded table saw (check the best ones on this page) if we were to go by the customer reviews. It has outstanding reviews all across the board and it’s not that pricey for a fully functional table saw. It’s compact, so it’s mobile and practical for people on the go or handymen and it provides the same level of power that a full-sized table saw does, so we give it some functional points in that area as well. The company behind this saw is DeWalt and they make some pretty outstanding tools from our experience (check here).

The legs of this table saw are thin but sturdy. They intercross to provide more support and stability for the saw, which doesn’t weigh a lot in the first place. While stands are generally inexpensive, it’s great to have one included in the pricing. The guarding system works proactively to catch debris or any pieces that may fly off during the cuts. It does a great job of making sure that doesn’t happen in the first place but if it does, that’s why the system is there. The cleanup is really easy as well thanks to the smooth top and the dust port.

  • Being able to easily adjust your cut on the fly is one of the most important features of a DeWalt product because you need versatility when you’re making a cut which is why the telescoping fence makes it easy to adjust your angle or cut
  • There are 24 inches of rip capacity available for your cutting needs which will let you cut different boards of various sizes and you can even build shelves with this table saw
  • It’s very compact and only 10 inches, so it’s easy to carry around when you need this on the go and when you need to move it from site A to site B in a hurry
  • If you’re always tired of cleaning up after table saws do their job but leave a huge mess of debris and dust behind, then rest assured that this model doesn’t leave any mess behind and the debris that is left can be cleaned up in seconds with a small vacuum
  • This thing provides absolute power in the form of a 4800-rpm motor that will tear through any project you have for it and it comes with 15 amps so no matter what kind of wood you need cut, this saw will get the job done with ease

Pros & Cons


  • If power’s what you desire, then Dewalt DWE7480XA Table Saw is built from the ground up to ensure that you get the most power a saw can produce because aside from the 4800-rpm motor, the base, the cutting surface, and legs were all designed to ensure more power
  • The shipping of this item is handled delicately and it comes in some of the finest packagings you’ve ever seen but it does take a rather long time with no way to speed that process up
  • Comes with a free table stand so you won’t have to go to Walmart and buy one or order one online because we know how frustrating table saws being sent without the table stands can be
  • While there’s some cleanup required, it’s relatively easy to clean up after and anyone with a small shop vacuum can easily clean up any of the leftovers from cutting but this thing cuts pretty smooth so there’s not a lot
  • You can extend the rip to 24 inches and you’ll have far more access to the type of wood you can cut from hardwood to trim to shelves and much more


  • This item takes forever to ship, along the lines of 2-6 months and it doesn’t ship in one package, it comes in several


Q: What about the dado capacity? Can I do that with this saw?
A: Sort of but you need to follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions. First, this saw will only cut at a rate of 3/8 inches at once. You’ll also have to find a box joint cutter that will fit the saw and there’s a lot of them out there to choose from.

Q: If the rip fence is one of the best on this saw, why don’t others use it?
A: This is a question we can’t answer for 100% certainty but we do know that it’s absolutely great for beginners and super easy to use. It’s great for people of any skillsets and the reason this rip fence isn’t on other saws is maybe DeWalt has a patent on this particular rip fence? We’re not entirely sure about this one and I don’t think they’re going to talk about it if they do.

Q: Would this table saw work well for laminate flooring?
A: This saw works for any kind of flooring from our experience and it’s a perfect match for laminate flooring. You can use it for plank flooring as well as a lot of people have had a positive experience for that purpose.

DeWalt DWE7480XA Review Conclusion

The DeWalt DWE7480XA table saw is a great compact table saw that gets the job done, no matter what the job is. The only real complaint we have is that the wait time on the shipping of this product is brutal. It takes forever and a half to get this product shipped out and you’ll be waiting for months to receive it. You might get the first piece of it in a couple of months and the last piece in 6 months.

The wait is worth it though because this table saw destroys the competition and is better than any portable table saw we’ve seen by a long shot. 2,000+ customer reviews that have glowing positivity can’t be wrong, can they? DeWalt backs all of its products and backs them with a warranty as well if you have any concerns. For more table saws under 1000 dollars, check this post.

Dewalt DWE7480XA 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

Dewalt DWE7480XA Table Saw Review
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