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How to get most out of your table saw?

Are you looking for getting a table saw? Doesn't matter if it's going to be an hybrid table saw or traditional one, you need to focus many things before you buy it. In the world of table saws, the price of the saw can ranges dramatically from low range to high range to make it suitable for both portable home owners grade and professional wood cutting shops.

Some tips to get the most out of your table saw

  • Work with a helper.
  • Use an extendable roller stands.
  • Build a temporary table.
  • Make a multiple passes on your table.
  • Secure your table saw.
  • Work with a helper:

    The larger and expensive table saw will have a huge tables to support the work piece whereas you cut the wood. The small size table saws are designed in the manner that they are portable, which means that they are back in a heavy table to support their work.

    Having a helper with you while you are working will help you to handle the wood materials as it comes out of the table saw which will keep the weight distribution even on both sides and prevent you to face a dangerous situations like the saw tipping over or the wood kicking back.

    Use an extendable roller stands:

    While you are not able to have a helper with you to handle your table saw, then using a telescopic roller will stand or two can quickly extend the reach of your saw’s table. You need to be more careful to ensure the rollers are set at the right height and they are exactly perpendicular to the saw blade.

    A roller which is turned slightly can pull your work in one direction or other, to creating sideways pressure on your saw blade and causing binding and in worst cases a dangerous kickback. You can avoid this problem with a high-quality ball rollers that allows the workpiece to move in multiple directions.

    Build a temporary table:

    You can build your own temporary table for placing your table saw with a With a few sawhorses and a couple sheets of melamine-coated particleboard. You can build a decent outfeed table large enough for lightweight sheet goods.

    This can be helpful when cutting thin sheets such as paneling or wainscot.
    All you have to do is, Just you need to be careful not to block access to your saw's emergency shut off switch or other safety features.

    Make a multiple passes:

    While you are working with your table saw, Don't ask too much of your motor by trying to cut material that is too thick, large, heavy, or dense. Because the Entry-level table saws often have comparatively low-power electric motors.

    It is justified because the blade on your saw extends 3 inches above the table doesn't mean the motor can handle cutting 3 inches of solid lumber, especially if the cut is long wood materials.

    Secure your table saw:

    In most of the portable table saws, they have holes for securely fastening the saw to a stable work surface. You can Use them to secure your table saw. By making sure your saw won't vibrate or move during your cutting operation, you're going to make your work safer, easier, and more accurate. It's only a few minutes' work, and it's easy to reverse when you're done for the day.

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