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Table Saw Safety Guide

Table saws are used to cut the wood material in various direction for making it useful in various purpose of works. Not only for cutting the materials, the table saws are also used for cutting the steel materials and some other hard materials.

Due to that, the blades used in the table saws are very sharp and they are always comes with a sharp end teeth blades which perform the cutting task very fastly. So that it is vital to handle the table saw with more care, because even if it is an advanced model like those, small mistake will lead to cut your hands or fingers or any other parts of the body while you handling it.

On the other hand being as a electronic instrument, you need to use it, even more, care because there is a probability for getting affected with a electric shock. So that it is vital for handling the table saws very safely for handling both sharpness and electric shocks.

Safety Guidelines for using a table saw

  • You must wear safety glasses, goggles or a face shield at all times while using the saw to avoid the dust affected for your eyes and face.
  • If the cutting operation is dusty, wear a dust mask on your face.
  • Keep in mind that please do not wear gloves while you operating a table saw.
  • You need to avoid wearing if long sleeves, ties, dangling jewelry or any other loose fitting clothing while operating a table saw because these kind of clothing could get caught in the blade.
  • You must wear a non-slip footwear.
  • You need to use a push stick to cut stock, which is 150 cm or less in width.
  • You need to use a stop block when you cross cut short lengths on wood materials.
  • You must keep position your body so that it is not in line with the blade. Doing this kind of works will help you to avoid being injured by flying sawdust, wood chips or the work.
  • You need to focus on the height of the blade and the height of the blade should be set just slightly higher than the stock being cut.
  • The height of the blade should never be more than 6mm above the height of the stock. This will help you to ensure that if your hand slip you only receive a slight cut and do not lose a limb.
  • Always you need to stand firmly on the floor and try avoid any awkward operations. This is to avoid falling into the blade by slipping or losing your balance.
  • Please do not carry on a speaking with others while you cutting the blades, and also you need to pay attention to the work being performed.
  • Please do not reach behind or over the blade unless it has stopped turning the blades.
  • Please do not leave the saw until the blade has come to a complete stop.
  • Keep in mind that you need to always disconnect the power prior to changing the blade or performing any other maintenance operation in your table saw.
  • You need to make sure that the blade has stopped turning before you adjust the table saw.
  • You need to ensure that the guides are positioned properly and that the tabletop is smooth and polished. An unclean or rough table requires you to use more force to push the stock through the blade.

Before you operating the table saw you need to keep this above guidelines on your mind.
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