18 Best Tools for Removing Tile

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As time passes, tiles can become dirty and dull, and when this happens, the best thing to do is to remove them. Removing these tiles, however, can be arduous without the right tool. 

Therefore, you’ll need the best tools for removing tiles to solve this problem. Here, our pro woodworkers and contractors have listed tools that are affordable and specially designed for this purpose. 

Our Best Picks for Tile Removing Tools

1. Xtremework Power US 2200 Watts Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

The Xtremework Power 2200W Jackhammer is effective for removing or demolishing tiles. Apart from its effectiveness as a tile removal tool, it is cost-effective, handy, and easy to use. 

They design this jackhammer in an elegant way, making it easy to handle and convenient to use. It has a great burst of power and will make your tile removal process easy. 

To cap it all, the manufacturers of this amazing power tool packaged some add-ons with this beauty. It comes with gloves, glasses, and other useful accessories that will aid the success of your project.

2. DeWalt Oscillating Tool Kit

Dewalt is one of the market power tool makers, if not the best. They design this machine with a 3 amp motor to ease your grout and tile removal activities. 

This means that you can use it for drilling even bigger projects. It is a highly recommended and effective tile removal tool on the market.

On the body of the DeWalt Oscillating Tool Kit is a trigger that helps you control the motor’s speed, and it comes with accessories and practical items such as a sandpaper sheet. 

3. Bosch 11255VSR Bull Dog Extreme

In today’s power tools market, the Bosch 11255 VSR Bulldog Extreme is one of the best rotary hammer drills. It features a motor of 7.5 amps, 36 locking positions, three modes, and a speed trigger that allows you to control the speed. 

The amazing features of this rotary hammer do not stop there. It comes with an ergonomic handle grip design for easy carriage, and it features a carry case that allows you to carry the drill as you go.

4. Crescent 18" Pry Bar

The Crescent 18″ Pry Bar is one of the best you can get from any home improvement store. It features an amazing 16 lockable positions and 180-degree indexing. It doesn’t stop there. 

By carefully examining this tool, we help you understand the head’s design specifically for different demolition tasks. The crescent pry bars come in sizes ranging from 18 to 30 inches.

5. Kelbat-SDS Max Floor Scraper

They designed the Kelbat-SDS Max Floor Scraper specifically‌ to help you with your home improvement tasks. It features a long handle with an attractive design to help you avoid back pain when using it. 

If you’re concerned about its strength and sturdiness, the floor scrapper was made using heat-treated and hardened steel. You can be sure of its durability and effectiveness as the best tool for removing tile.

Tile Removal Essentials

#1: Hammer

drywall hammer

Hammers are indispensable home improvement tools that serve various purposes for different projects. They prove useful for tasks like tile removal and can be valuable when you’re on a budget or lacking specific demolition tools. If you don’t have a hammer, you can easily find one at any local hardware store.

#2: Floor Scraper

floor scraper

One of the top tools for tile removal is a floor or tile scraper. You can use them to remove tiles that are glued to the wrong floor or wall. 

A floor scraper is a hand tool with a flat edge you can easily insert under the tile. Once you’re able to insert the angled edge of your floor scraper, all you need to do is use its blade to lift up the tile.

Floor scrapers are cost-effective, sturdy, and effective tile removal tools. The only con is that they design most floor scrapers only help you lift grout and tiles. They are not multipurpose. You may not use them for other projects.

#3: Demolition Fork

demolition fork

A demolition fork is a tile removal tool that can replace a pry bar. They make them out of steel, with a strong fork at the end. It is sturdy, strong, and effective for people into home improvement or renovation projects.

A demolition fork comes in various sizes, so you must choose the one that best suits your floor or wall tile removal project. Unlike other tile removal tools, this fork is multipurpose. 

In addition, they make them of steel, so they are durable. In fact, your new demolition fork should serve you well for many years to come not just to remove tile but for other construction projects as well.

You can also use your demolition fork for other demolition projects aside from tile removal projects. To get one visit any hardware tool store near you.

#4: Air Hammer

air hammer

An air hammer is a pneumatic hand tool designed to help make your tile removal project easy. This tool uses pressurized air to move a hammer back and forth at quick successions. It can go about 5,000 swings per second.

No wonder it is one of the best tile removal tools. For this project, you can also use this tile removal tool with a chisel head. 

All you need to do is insert it into your air hammer. Although the air hammer is not as precise as other manual or hand removal tools such as a chisel, it is an essential tool for floor tile removal. If you want to remove a stubborn tile easily, use an air hammer.

#5: Jackhammer


Although jackhammers are very effective home processing tools, they cannot be used for every floor or wall tile removal task. 

Many factors are needed to be considered for its usage. This includes the availability of space and the type of project you are doing. We do not advise using a jackhammer if you do not have enough space in your project environment.

They are very strong and can damage the floor easily. Therefore, you must use this tool with utmost care. If you follow all safety guidelines, you will love this tool.

#6: Sledgehammer


A sledgehammer is one of the best tile removal tools, you can use to break up a floor or wall tile. They come in different sizes, and they weigh about 10 pounds. Furthermore, they feature vibration-dampening particles that help to reduce the impact you feel while working. 

Using a sledgehammer requires you to use energy, but it will get the job done and remove tile flooring easily. Another thing that determines how quickly you get the job done is the dimension of where you are removing the tiles from. 

Sledgehammers are not meant for confined spaces such as a bathroom or a toilet. It won’t be easy to move it back and forth. They are powerful tools and you need enough space to swing the hammer back and forth. 

#7: Grout Removal Tool

grout removal tool

Removing grout left by a tile can be difficult and takes time. Therefore, you need to invest in handheld grout removal tools. 

They will help you speed up removing grouts. They are more effective in the drywall used as masonry chisels. Aside from this, you can use them to cut wood or drywall. You can get grout removal tools at any hardware store near you.

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#8: Power Grout Tool

power grout removal tool

A power grout is also a tile removal tool. Therefore, if you need to remove tile grout faster and more efficiently, you can invest in it. They are better than handheld tile removal tools such as chisels, which makes them an effective tool. 

They do the job of removing grouts better, and this is why they are one of the best tools for removing tiles. Aside from this, you can also use them to sand or cut drywall and wood. Using power tools is effective and reliable. You might want to check here the complete list of tools for constructions workers and woodworkers! 

#9: Drill With Tile Drill Bits


It’s not an easy task to remove tile flooring that is stubborn and immovable. Using a drill with a tile drill bit makes it easy. They help you drill holes into the tiles but will compromise the integrity. However, you will get the job done. Once you bore a hole, you will use another tool to remove it.

As powerful as they are, a drill bit cannot drill into ceramic tiles. Therefore, you will need a diamond drill with tile brits for such projects.

(Let’s compare brushless vs brushed drills to see which one should you use for your project.) 

#10: Vacuum

Fein Turbo Dust Extractor & Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums are multi-tools. You can use them for different projects. They are effective for getting rid of dust during floor tile removal projects. 

You sure know everywhere will be dusty without a vacuum, and dust will get to places you do not want them to. If you do not want dust to settle in unwanted places, then get a vacuum ready before you remove your old tile. If you want a compact vacuum, read our review of the best small shop vac next!

#11: Wheelbarrow


A wheelbarrow is also an essential tile removal tool. Although you cannot use it to remove tiles, you can collect grout, broken tile, and other debris. 

You will need this for your tile removal jobs. Without a wheelbarrow, it is impossible to move your removed tile pieces. Therefore, we advise that you invest in it.

#12: Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Fein Multimaster Tool Oscillating Kit

A multipurpose oscillating tool or a power grout removal tool is a multi-tool you can use for various projects. 

As a tile removal tool, they designed this machine with several attachments that make it easy to grind grout and remove it from between tiles. With an efficient multipurpose oscillating tool, you will save time and effort. 

It is also a must-have if you are into DIY projects. You can use them alongside sanding pads and cutting blades.

#13: Masonry Chisel

masonry chisel

A masonry chisel is also one of the best tools for removing tile. You can use them hand in hand with a claw hammer but preferably use a mallet head.

One advantage of this tool is that it allows you to reach tiles where hands or a larger floor scraper would normally not reach. All you have to do is use the sharp edges of the masonry chisel to connect with the points where your tiles are plastered to the floor.

Use a mallet head or a traditional claw hammer to hit the end of your masonry chisel, to make it fit perfectly. Then lift the tile up by exerting some force on the handle of the masonry chisel, and there you go. 

The masonry chisel is an efficient and cost-effective tile removal tool, but using it takes time to finish

#14: Pry Bar

pry bar

A pry bar works similarly to a scraper. They are sturdy and strong. This tool features a foot and sharp corners that can fit under any tile. 

Once under the tile, lift the pry bar and successfully complete the process. They are available in home improvement stores. If you do not have one, you can get it there.

#15: Noise-Canceling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones

In your floor tiles removal project, you must wear noise-canceling headphones. This will help you prevent damage to your ear, especially when working with power tiles removal tools which can be very loud. 

Working constantly without headphones can damage your hearing or cause long-term hearing difficulties. Noise-canceling headphones are an essential tile removal tool and they are a decently priced equipment every DIYer or tiler must possess.

#16: Safety Goggles

safety goggles

Safety goggles are also an important tool in removing tiles. They are inexpensive and will help protect your eye from dust, flying debris of tiles, or chipped grout and enhance your vision. 

They are essential protective equipment every DIYer or tiler must have.

#17: Safety Mask

safety masks

Safety masks are also an essential tile removal tool. There is no way you will break tiles with handheld or power devices without creating dust, and you do not want to inhale this into your nostrils. This can make you sick. 

Therefore, we recommend you get a safety mask to avoid irritation to your lungs. They are easy to put on and cover your nose and mouth without making breathing difficult. 

#18: Work Gloves

construction gloves

They design work gloves with a piece of thicker fabric than regular gloves. Some of them have reinforced fingers made from thick leather. 

The primary aim of this safety tool is to protect your hands from injuries during floor tile removal. Also, it will help enhance the grip of any handheld tool.

Tile Removal Tool Buyer's Guide

If you are looking to buy the best tile removal tool for the job, there are certain factors you have to consider. This will help you select the best tool that suits your project and your budget. 

You need to consider the following factors in your search for a tile removal tool: 

Tool Type

From reading this guide, you must have observed different tile removal tools—we have hand tools and power equipment. We manually operate the hand tools, while the power devices need electricity or a battery pack. 

Furthermore, for your home renovation project, you need to determine factors such as space, the type of project (long, or short), the versatility of the tool, the tool manufacturer, and so forth. 

prying tiles off

Understanding this will help you know the right tools that suit your project, and find the best flooring solution you need.

Material Quality

The quality of work you get is directly proportional to the type of tool you use. Therefore, it is expedient that you invest in quality materials to see an excellent result. 

If you use handheld tools manually, ensure that they make them out of hardened or heated steel, and the power tools should have good power ratings. This is the first step to a successful guaranteed tile removal job. 

Area and Scale

The area and scale are also essential in your floor tile removal activity. You will not want to use a sledgehammer in a confined space. 

removing tiles from concrete floor

Sledgehammers are not effective for small spaces. They are bully tools and they design them for environments where you can easily swing them back and forth. Therefore, we advise you to find out the area and scale of your working environment and plan along this line.


You do not need to break the bank to do an exceptional tile removal job. The best tile removal tools in the market are cost-effective and efficient. 

These include products from Dewalt and Bosch. They make very good power tools that will not cost you a fortune. However, if you are going for the super expensive ones, be sure they will serve the purpose and are worth every penny. 

Number of Tools

The first step to any successful project is adequate planning. Many DIYers and tilers fail for this reason. Do not wait until you start the project to know the number of tools you need. 

removing tiles with oscillating tool

Advisably, you must figure this out even before the project begins‌. Also, know how difficult the task would be, you can start by removing a few tiles.


We believe reading this guide has introduced you to all the major tile removal tools in the market. We have also included a guide to help you choose the best tools for your next project. 

Remember to wear safety equipment [1] at all times when working, and be careful of shards of broken tiles.

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