Best Woodworker Guilds in the USA

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Woodworking offers profound satisfaction and tangible results. Yet, diving in without guidance can lead to hours of frustration, not to mention wasted materials and money. Trust me, I’ve been there.

To save you from the pitfalls and steep learning curves, I’ve curated a list of the best woodworker guilds in the United States. These institutions offer structured courses and hands-on activities, ensuring you develop your skills efficiently and masterfully. Let’s start!

Top Woodworking Guilds to Join

#1: Alabama Woodworkers Guild

Alabama Woodworkers Guild

The Alabama Woodworkers Guild was started in 1983 by a group of individuals from the Shelby County region. Offering a meeting place for people with an interest in or talent in woodworking was seen as a community service that would benefit many. 

Anybody interested in woodworking is welcome to join The Alabama Woodworking Guild, regardless of whether or not they have access to their woodworking tools or dedicated workshop space.

#2: Northeastern Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild

Northeastern Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild

In May of 1982, a group of amateur and professional woodworkers in the Northeastern Wisconsin area came together to form the Northeastern Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild. 

The organization promotes woodworking education in Wisconsin and fellowship, advancing the collective interest in woodworking, fostering goodwill, and increasing visibility through exhibitions.

Anyone who wants to dip their toes into woodworking, whether as a hobby or a vocation, is welcome to join the Northeastern Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild. 

#3: Bay Area Woodturners Association

Bay Area Woodturners Association

Approximately 140 woodturners of varying skill levels from the San Francisco Bay Area are members of this organization. They gather once a month to share knowledge, gain insight from professionals, and have fun. 

Moreover, they rely on BAWA to access raw materials, information, and a community for woodturning.

With over 13,000 members and more than 330 chapters across the United States and internationally, the American Association of Woodturners is a large organization with which BAWA is affiliated.

#4: Diablo Woodworkers

Diablo Woodworkers

Pleasant Hill, California, is home to Diablo Woodworkers’ main office. They have virtual gatherings and in-person get-togethers. 

Everyone over 18 is welcome to join the club at no cost. Seminars and workshops are available for novices and seasoned woodworkers.

The members hail from diverse experience levels, ranging from fresh beginners to seasoned veterans. Their craftsmanship is also vast, producing everything from furniture to boats, toys, and so much more.

#5: Colorado Woodworkers Guild

Colorado Woodworkers Guild

About two hundred woodworkers of varying experience levels and ages (30+) and passions (instrument making, furniture making, cabinet making, wood art, turnings) make up this group.

The group’s main goal is to facilitate forums where woodworkers may meet and exchange ideas and tips, which some learners obtained from attending woodworking classes within Colorado.

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience, age, or interest. You can choose to register for a family membership or a joint membership between the Front Range Woodturners and Colorado Woodworkers guild.

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#6: The Delaware Woodworkers

The Delaware Woodworkers

The mission of the Delaware Woodworkers Guild is to promote the exchange of woodworking information and techniques.

They want to educate the public through presentations, classes, and shop tours. Besides, they want to foster a welcoming community for woodworkers of all ages in the region and contribute their talents to local charitable organizations.

#7: Mason Dixon Woodworkers

Mason Dixon Woodworkers

Bill Patterson was instrumental in establishing the Mason Dixon Woodworkers in 1987, and he continued to be involved in the organization and the hobby until his death.

The club’s foundation wasn’t a solo endeavor; it was the collective effort of a core group, each a skilled artisan in their own right. Thanks to their combined expertise, the Mason Dixon Woodworkers has stood as a beacon for woodcraft enthusiasts for many years.

One of the main goals of this guild is to help people learn more about woodworking and improve their skills in the field. 

#8: Rochester Woodworkers Society

Rochester Woodworkers Society

Rochester Woodworkers Society is a thriving community of men and women in Rochester, Upstate New York, who share a passion for woodworking.

They host events such as talks and workshops led by well-known woodworkers and local experts. They offer a library full of books, DVDs for checkout, and discussion boards for various woodworking subreddits [1].

#9: The Woodpeckers Guild

The Woodpeckers Guild

Dedicated woodworkers might find a community in the Woodpeckers Guild. Since its founding in 1958, the Guild has been going strong. 

Most of the group’s members live in northern Baltimore County, but some go from Baltimore City, Harford County, and Carroll County to be a part of it.

Veering away from the tradition of most woodworking guilds and clubs, members of the Woodpeckers Guild do not regularly convene at a designated time and place. Interestingly, the Head Woodpecker sets the gatherings in different locations in relation to the woodworking industry.

#10: Long Island Woodworkers

Long Island Woodworkers

Established in 1991, the Long Island Woodworkers is an organization with a dedicated membership passionate about woodworking and serving the local community. The club warmly welcomes individuals of all skill levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans.

For the benefit of the people of Long Island, New York, the Long Island Woodworkers organize and host events, including exhibitions, films, and lectures to spread knowledge about the craft of woodworking and stimulate interest in it.


The best woodworker guild will help you easily get started on the right foot with some important basics about tools, types of wood, safety, measuring techniques, and more! If you are passionate about woodworking, look into these guilds and see what they can offer. 

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2 thoughts on “Best Woodworker Guilds in the USA

  1. Hi Robert, This is a great list. I am a woodworker in St. Louis, Mo. I had the pleasure of meeting (virtually) with several other guilds across the country to discuss Post-pandemic challenges and other common bonds. What was your reasoning for this list? I would love to work on how to make the list for the St. Louis Woodworkers guild.

  2. For this list, I’ve focused on guilds with engaging activities, an active online presence, and a track record of fostering a supportive woodworking community. I’ve also considered guilds that have an inclusive environment for woodworkers of all skill levels. Of course, I’d be happy to consider the St. Louis Woodworkers Guild for the list. If you could share more about your unique initiatives and activities, feel free to contact us via email at

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