What is the Best Zero Turn Mower for 1 Acre? — Reviews of Top-Rated Residential Mowers and More (2023)

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Mowing an acre can be tough. Besides the amount of work involved, you also need a mower with high maneuverability to keep your grass even. Without the best mower, you could spend hours on the lawn without making reasonable progress. Our team of experts reviewed the best zero turn mower for 1 acre to help you find the best product.

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Reviews of the Best Zero Turn Mowers for 1 Acre

1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower

During our reviews for the best zero turn mowers for 1 acre, we found the Husqvarna MZ61. It is a capable machine with a balance of range and power. The riding mower has an incredible deck width of 54 in., making it adept for cutting large lawns in a very short time.

We also loved its powerful 27-HP engine that kept mowing speed optimal. Other awesome features include a fabricated 11-gauge steel deck and an ergonomically designed deck lift for optimal adjustments. The Husqvarna also has features for rider comfort, like a high-back seat with shock absorption, foam-padded hand grips, and armrests.

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2. Ariens Edge 52 in. 726 cc Zero-Turn-Radius Lawn Tractor

The Ariens Edge sports a highly durable deck made from 11-gauge steel. Our team loves it because it’s driven by a powerful 726 cc Kawasaki engine. In addition to its wide cutting deck, these features provide the best possible cut for any 1-acre lawn.

We also love the foot-operated deck lift because it allows riders to adjust their cutting height with relative ease. The mower has a high-back seat with seat springs, sealed ball bearings, and intuitive controls. Since it’s a zero-turn mower, this machine also has premium maneuverability, making it that much easier to control. The only drawback is that it can be technical to assemble the first time around, and you should always observer whether the mower has drive belt that keeps coming off

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3. Husqvarna Z248F 48 in. 21.5 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

With a 21.5-HP Kawasaki engine, this mower can reach a top speed of 6.5 mph, covering your 1 acre lawn in little time. Just like most riding lawn mowers with bagger, it also has Husqvarna’s ClearCut technology which offers efficiency and bagging using the 48 in. deck. This mower’s cutting prowess is also improved thanks to the deep deck design, superior airflow, and performance blades.

Our team loves that the clippings can be discharged, mulched, or bagged depending on the user’s preference. The Husqvarna Z248F also offers riders maximum comfort with a high-back seat, ergonomic control, shock-absorbing springs, and an anti-slip foot area.

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4. Ariens IKON XD 52 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower

Our team loves the Ariens IKON XD because of its advanced airflow technology. The system provides a more efficient cut by circulating air around the cutting deck. This riding zero turn mower also has a high plush back seat with sufficient padding. Besides being highly comfortable for the rider, it also improves the mower’s aesthetics.

Other features include adjustable armrests, multiple cutting positions, and a reinforced steel deck. One thing we didn’t like about this mower is its poor performance in wet conditions. The grass tends to clog up in the cutting deck, causing the cut to be uneven.

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Zero Turn Mower for 1 Acre Buyer’s Guide

Engine Power

Because you’re mowing a large space, you need a mower that have a zero-turn radius with enough power and speed to cover the lawn in the shortest time. Any engine with 20 HP and above will work just fine.


The bigger the mower, the bigger the cutting deck tends to be. And you need a large deck for faster mowing times.

(If you are looking for a mower for smaller area, you can also check our review of the best zero turn mover hills here

Ease of Use

Zero turn mowers have two levers that are quite easy to use. Many of them also have features like park brakes and roll-over protection systems to make things even easier to use.


Mowers with hydrostatic transmission are the best option for you because they tend to have a smoother drive experience.

Cutting Size

A large cutting deck is perfect for your 1-acre [1] lawn. Decks 48 in. and wider would work great for a large cutting area.

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Safety and Comfort

For safety and comfort and avoid a potential harm from your zero turn mower, look out for features like a high-back seat, armrests, foot-operated deck lifts, and rollover protection systems.


Is a zero turn mower worth it for 1 acre?

Zero turn mowers including the Ferris zero turn machine are great for 1-acre lawns. Their maneuverability can make the entire task easier for you. If you can get a machine with a powerful engine, even better!

Our Top Pick For a Zero Turn Mowers for 1 Acre: Husqvarna MZ61

The Husqvarna MZ61 is the best zero turn mower for 1 acre for our team. Its high maneuverability and large cutting deck make it a prime choice for anyone looking to mow a large piece of land. Additionally, the mower has a reinforced deck, high-back seat, and armrests.

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