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Bosch RA1181 Router Table Review

The Bosch RA1181 router table can attach to virtually any workbench. Therefore, it's suited for the home woodworker who doesn't have the space necessary for a full-size model. It's also portable enough for use on the job site. Keep reading to learn about some of the useful features provided by this model.

The RA1181's cast aluminum table provides a surface area 27 inches long and 18 inches wide. Since it's made of cast aluminum, it will help minimize friction which can keep you from sliding wood across the surface easily. To further reduce the amount of friction you have to deal with, the area near the fence is designed to minimize surface contact.

Miter Slot
The Bosch RA1181 is equipped with a 3/8-inch deep, 3/4-inch wide standard miter slot. Running along the full width of the table, this slot can accommodate any common jig or miter guide. Also, the surface on the other side of the miter slot has a grooved design. This groove, which runs parallel to the fence, is designed to collect dust so it doesn't build up beneath the wood.

Mounting Plate
The Bosch RA1181 will help you achieve accurate cuts thanks to its sturdy aluminum router mounting plate. The mounting plate is compatible with many different brands of routers thanks to the integrated hole patterns. Furthermore, you're also provided with the appropriate fasteners for use with these routers.

The fence on the Bosch RA1181 has a height of 4 7/8 inches and a length of 25 1/8 inches. You can easily use tall stock with this design thanks to the relatively tall fence. Also, you can adjust the fence's width anywhere from 0 inches to 3 3/4 inches.

The Bosch RA1181 comes with two featherboards that easily attach to the table and fence. So that you can work with a wide variety of pieces, you can adjust these featherboards as necessary. This model is also fitted with an accessory slot so that you can attach additional featherboards if you want.

Another nice feature of the Bosch RA1181 is the dust port. This dust collection system will negate the need to clean up dust and other debris after you're done. You can attach a standard 2.5 inch vacuum hose to this dust collection port.

If you need a router table but don't have a lot of space, you should consider the Bosch RA1181. It provides a surface area measuring 27 inches long and 18 inches wide. There is also a dust collection system to minimize cleanup time.

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Bosch RA1181 Router Table Review
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  1. Reply Dennis Wheeler March 19, 2018 at 10:27 pm

    I find the miter slot to big to attach a featherboard. I have tries several things like miter gage, the feather boards I use on other equipment. They will not tightening the slot.

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