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Crafting Woodworking Christmas Gifts from Scrap Hardwoods

With the necessary woodworking skills, anyone can create Christmas gifts and save money during the process.
A handmade gift can be prized more than a store bought item, which motivates the woodworker even more. Let’s take a look at some excellent gift ideas which can be crafted from woodworking scraps.

These gifts are smaller in size than a piece of furniture or other larger projects.

Small gifts can include jewelry, trinket boxes, music boxes, checker boards, small clocks, container boxes, Picture frames or even decorative plaques, bowls, figurines and miniature furniture. The list for gift ideas is endless, so use your creativity and imagination to craft the most sought after Christmas gifts.

For this example, we will look into detail about how to craft simple wooden boxes made from leftover pieces in the shop.

Selection of hardwood species is vital in designing and building individual pieces. For instance, Light colored woods should be integrated with dark colored wood to add beauty and distinction. Most small shops will have a variety of waste pieces in light and dark colors. Adding exotic woods to the project will give the project a “rare” value.

Re-sawing leftover cut-off waste is an effective method to start the project. Thicknessing can be done by a simple modification to a belt sander or with the use of jigs and power sanders.

Joinery for these smaller projects is simplified with the use of a router and router table. Dado, box joints, dovetail and mortise and tenon joints can be cut with precision when using the router. The woodworker can control the work piece better with the use of the router aided by functional jigs.

Edge details such as ogee, coves or round-over are also ideally suited for cutting with the router.

Making small projects requires the same knowledge used in full-size woodworking. Think of it as creating a project with a magnifying glass. Some miniature projects which include many small pieces joined together (such as a marquetry project) will require the use of a magnifying device.

Adding specific details to miniature projects will give your gift even more appeal, such as adding miniature turnings, inlaid exotic hardwoods, mother of pearl, and brass or other non- ferrous metals.

Enjoy the Christmas season even more by hand crafting Christmas gifts for your family and friends.

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