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How to Protect Woodwork While Painting

Painting walls takes a considerable amount of time and talent, and the ability it takes does not require artistic aptitude. What it takes is a little know-how and the desire to complete the job neatly, especially around woodwork. Slop up the woodwork, baseboards, ceiling, and flooring while painting walls and you will cheapen the overall look of the home. Consider the following easy ways to protect woodwork while painting, and achieve a professional look without spending a small fortune in the process.

Use High-Quality Blue Painter’s Tape to Protect Trim

When trying to protect woodwork while painting trim, take the time to apply high-quality blue painter’s tape to the edges of all surfaces that come in contact with the painted walls. Applying the tape is often more time-consuming than painting, but it is well worth the effort. When carefully applied it will leave a clean edge, and the trim will be spared from rollers and over-brushing.

Protect the Woodwork with Citrus Oil

When applying painter’s tape is not an option for whatever reason, coat the edges of the woodwork with citrus oil to protect it from painting accidents. If the paint comes in contact with the woodwork, it will be easy to wipe away with a rag. Not only will the citrus oil protect the woodwork, but it will clean and condition it too. Just be sure to wipe it away with a soft, clean rag after the paint has fully dried.

Use a Straightedge Tool to Protect the Trim

A long straightedge painting tool provides another one of the best ways to protect woodwork while painting. To fully protect the trim from painting mishaps, apply citrus oil to the edges of the woodwork before getting started. Use the aforementioned information. Otherwise, simply position the straightedge next to the woodwork before applying the paint. Be certain the straightedge has not touched the paint before placing it against the trim or any other location that should be avoided.

Always Use High-Quality Paintbrushes

Cheap paintbrushes result in a cheap looking paintjob. Not only will the bristles end up going in every which direction, but they will also leave behind lines. When trying to do a good job and protect the trim while painting, consider the quality of the brushes. Spend a little more on high-quality materials for a professional look every time.

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