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Short Guide to Painting Woodwork (4 Steps)

Anyone can paint a piece of woodwork. Very few, however, know how to accomplish this task with a professional quality outcome. This quick guide will detail the steps required to paint any piece of woodwork the right way.
The golden rule of painting is that quality counts. In other words, you get what you pay for. Make sure that the paint you use is of a high quality and that the wood is undercoated with a good sealer before you begin.

The Four Steps to Painting Woodwork

  • Step 1:
  • Both old and new wood needs to be sanded before you begin to paint it. If it’s been painted before this will clean the older paint away and smooth any rough edges or blemishes. If the wood has yet to be painted the sand will prep the wood to accept an undercoat or primer. You can accomplish this task with a sanding block or hand sander to make quick work of it.

  • Step 2:
  • Once the item is sanded, the dust and debris will need to be cleared away using a shop rag. Make sure the project area is completely clean and then seal or undercoat the project. You will seal the project if the wood is new and undercoat it if you are using rescued material.

  • Step 3:
  • Tape off the areas which you desire to go unpainted and lay down your first level of paint. Different projects work best with differing methods, but a roller is an easy go to fix all when looking for an even coat. Some people will prefer spray painting the project to achieve the perfect coat. Remember, if this is the method you choose, make sure you keep the can or spray gun steady and at a level distance from your project for the entire job.

  • Step 4:

After the first coat of paint goes down and has dried you are going to want to lightly sand the entire project a second time. Don’t strip the paint from the project just clear out any bubbles, ridges, or streaks formed from the first layer. Once you’ve cleaned off the debris repeat step 3 to finish the job.

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