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Woodworking Patterns for Kids

With fall upon us it is a great time to start a woodworking project with your kids. Here are 10 free woodworking patterns available online to help you get started.

Some excellent patterns for kids

  • Birdhouse – Thissimple woodworking pattern for a bird house is a classic example of a started project for woodworking kids. With a simple diagram and mostly strait cuts your children can feel confident in the final results.
  • Pirate Chest – This woodworking pattern is a little more advanced and will require a lot of hands on help from an adult, but since it has a complete picture tutorial with the directions and plans available to purchase if you don’t think you can work out the dimensions yourself.
  • Toy Truck – This small toy truck has a lot of different sized pieces to cut that will help build a child’s woodworking skills. The woodworking pattern is overall very simple and has directions for building it as well as diagrammed dimensions.
  • Three Wheeled Scooter – This detailed woodworking pattern is great for an older sibling to make for their toddler aged brother or sister. It has full diagrams and some directions but there is not a full materials list so an adult will need top help work out those details.
  • Toy Airplane – This simple but attractive toy airplane’s woodworking pattern is well detailed and has a full materials list as well as diagrams and directions that a child can follow with adult supervisions.
  • Rice-Paper Lamp – The woodworking pattern for this lamp is well laid out and uses only strait and simple cuts of wood. There are a lot of pieces but this woodworking project is great for experienced adolescents.
  • Jewelry Box – This classic woodworking pattern makes for a great Mother’s Day gift from both father and child when built together. There are detailed directions for each portion of the project and a full materials and diagrams list available.
  • Easel – This artist’s easel woodworking pattern has a full list of the few required materials as well as the tools needed to build it. The directions are simple and easy to follow for a child.
  • Sand Box – The pattern for this woodworking project are very well laid out and lists now only the normal materials and tools list as well as preparation steps that are needed. The full directions are very detailed and the result is a great sandbox for younger children to enjoy when they are done.
  • Cornhole Game – This simple woodworking pattern is great for kids because the project is easy to complete even for beginners and once complete children have a new game to play.

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