Can You Cut Granite With a Tile Saw?

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If you’ve experienced the challenges of cutting granite, you’ve likely explored numerous tools, often with less-than-desirable results. If you’ve ever wondered whether a tile saw can effectively handle granite, rest assured, you’re not alone in your curiosity. 

In this guide, I’ll provide expert insights to definitively answer that question and help you navigate the world of granite cutting with confidence. 

Granite Tile Properties

Granite tiles offer exceptional strength, beauty, and versatility for your home. They withstand high-traffic areas, add aesthetic charm, and adapt to various design preferences. Granite tiles are an outstanding choice for elevating your living spaces.

granite tile flooring

Polished and sealed granite is a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen upgrades because it has a timeless appeal, durability, and low maintenance that few other materials can’t match.

Can you Cut Granite Yourself?

Granite is a hard material that is difficult to cut, but you don’t have to be an artisan to do it yourself. You can make clean and precise cuts with any standard circular saw and a diamond-cut blade. Cutting granite can be a safe and enjoyable DIY project if you take the proper precautions.

Wet Tile Saw for Cutting Granite

While you can cut granite with a tile saw, a wet tile saw is best. This tool looks like a small stationary table saw, miter saw, or radial arm saw, but it uses water to keep a diamond-encrusted blade cool while cutting. It is an excellent tool for cutting ceramic and porcelain tile and stone tile safely and efficiently. 

When it comes to cutting granite, the most common method is to use a wet tile saw and a specialized rail saw for cutting large slabs, but you can also use a circular saw or miter saw for cutting tiles as long as it has the proper blade.

Right Blade to Use

For sure, many woodworking experts would suggest using a diamond blade for granite since other wet saw blades, such as those designed to cut through marble or ceramic, will not be able to cut through granite [1].

cutting granite tile with circular saw

A diamond blade will be able to cut through granite, both thick and thin. It is the type of blade that can cut through granite without overheating. 

You will have several options when selecting a diamond blade. One thing to keep in mind is that the blade should be specifically for cutting granite. Otherwise, it will be unable to handle the workload.

You can also use diamond blades with other tools to help you cut angles and shapes.

Using Water

Another factor to consider is whether you will be cutting the granite dry or wet. A wet-cut saw, such as a circular saw or tile saw, is always advantageous.

using water to cut granite tile

The wet cut variety has several benefits. It will keep the blade cool, allowing it to last much longer before it begins to wear out, and since granite cutting will generate a significant amount of dust, you should use water.

What Other Saws Can Cut Granite: Top Alternatives

Circular Saw

When cutting granite, you have two options: a standard circular saw or a wet-cut circular saw. While both work well, the wet-cut saw stands out for its ability to minimize dust by continuously dripping water onto the surface as you cut. This not only keeps your workspace cleaner but also enhances safety and precision.

When you need to make quick cuts in granite, a circular saw will come in handy. You will be able to easily control the depth of the cuts while remaining as accurate as possible. With this unit, you can also make straight and bevel cuts.

Miter Saw

When cutting granite, some people prefer to use a miter saw rather than a table saw. These reliable miter saws are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for construction sites.

cutting tile with miter saw

When used in conjunction with the appropriate diamond saw blade, you will be able to make precise cuts into granite surfaces. It will be ideal for cutting tiles or other granite items if you already have one.

Can Granite Countertops Be Recut?

Recutting granite countertops post-installation is indeed possible. However, it’s crucial to understand that granite, being a natural material, can have hidden fissures that may compromise its integrity during the process. 

Unfortunately, no contractor can provide an absolute guarantee against cracking, as these fissures can be unpredictable and prone to stress-induced breakage. 

To minimize risks, consult with a professional who can assess your specific countertop and recommend the safest course of action for your project.

Is it Possible to Cut Granite Tile Using a Ceramic Tile Cutter?

A ceramic tile cutter uses a process called score and snap, which involves making an incision across the tile’s surface and repositioning the tile to set the snapping nubs on top of it; snap the tile by pressing down the cutter.

This score and snap process is impossible to use on Granite tiles because it is too dense and heavy.


While a specialty rail saw and circular saw are the most common tools for cutting granite, you can also use a tile saw with the proper blade attachment. Granite’s exceptional density and hardness require cautious handling and the use of appropriate tools for optimal results. Approach your granite project with care to avoid costly mistakes and damage.

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