25 Chainsaw Man Tattoo Ideas

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Getting a chainsaw tattoo is becoming a trend, especially for woodworkers nowadays. It’s symbolism for the many woodworkers and an implication of their hard work. 

You’re probably curious about what ink you can get, so here we compiled a list of chainsaw man tattoo ideas for you to choose from.

25 Chainsaw Man-Inspired Tattoo Ideas

1. Chainsaw engulfed in leaves

Chainsaw engulfed in leaves

Start with this artistically crafted chainsaw tattoo detailing a chainsaw cutting through leaves. It’s the very basic chainsaw tattoo style you can find and is usually appealing to fellers and woodworkers. 

Most would place it on the arm, but you can also mimic a smaller and line art-style detail of this tattoo somewhere instead.

2. Denji


If you’re an avid fan of Denji chainsaw man, why not try infusing his image all over your body? This Denji sketch is another witty concept to ink yourself with. Just be strategic on where you’ll put his face on so it doesn’t look awkward when tattooed on your body. 

3. Kaneki pose

Kaneki pose

This chainsaw-man-inspired tattoo is keen on details, and you’ll need to find a good tattoo artist to perfect the sketch. It also needs small needles, so you get the dotted designs. 

4. Aesthetic Arm Chainsaw

Aesthetic Arm Chainsaw

This trend is the hype nowadays, especially for people opting for colored but minimalistic tattoos. It’s also best placed on the upper side of the arm for a more aesthetic tattoo spot. 

5. Small minimalist

Small minimalist

If you’re up to small minimalist-style tattoos, you can choose from either of these patterns and styles since lines mostly create it and can be placed anywhere you like, even on the side of your ear. 

6. Small chainsaw with head and teeth

Small chainsaw with head and teeth

Paint angst on your chainsaw tattoo with this simple yet creative design that’s best when paired with different minimalistic tattoos. The teeth on the head may look scary, but the red makes it more appealing.

7. Man with a chainsaw

Man with a chainsaw

This type of chainsaw tattoo is best for people with huge pain tolerance in tattoos since it’s detailed and has many elements. It looks fiery and is best placed on the upper arm where it can be more highlighted. 

8. Bubbly chainsaw style

Bubbly chainsaw style

If you want a lighter style of chainsaw tattoo, you can opt for this cute one. This design features cutting into trees, so if you’re working on one with your chainsaw, you can draw inspiration from this. 

9. Cute Chainsaw

Cute Chainsaw

This cute chainsaw tattoo will be an addition to your favorites. It’s porchetta from chainsaw man, and it surely won’t scare kids who’ll see your tattoo. 

10. Chainsaw man panel

Chainsaw man panel

Opt for a unique chainsaw tattoo with this chainsaw man panel style that takes about 4 -6 hours to finish. It’s a panel of chainsaw men aligned in a straight line, where the other shows their lower body in a reverse position.

11. Scary chainsaw men

Scary chainsaw men

This mechanical chainsaw man design serves a different style approach since it’s almost a kid’s drawing-like type of art but still looks scary when inked. Also, this one is a line art style making it minimalistic looking yet still elegant.

12. Vector-like chainsaw

Vector-like chainsaw

Turn your vector chainsaw into a tattoo, and mimic this inspiration. Unlike all other chainsaw tattoos above, this one is also fully colored, preserving the iconic ‘orange’ handle of Stihl chainsaws.

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13. Stihl


Another Stihl-inspired tattoo from which you can draw ideas is this cute Stihl temporary tattoo which you can surely turn into a temporary one. It’s creative to look at, and you can even imprint your name on the chainsaw blade for a more personalized approach. 

14. Maxima hugs CSM

Maxima hugs CSM

Inked on the heart, this tattoo symbolizes love for the chainsaw man regardless of who his character is. It displays affection in the purest of forms. This is the best design idea for those who want their tattoo to be more symbolic. 

15. Editorial Type

If you’re keen on editorial drawings, this is the perfect idea to suit your interest. The design speaks for itself and can be interpreted in many ways.

16. Chainsaw accident cover-up

Chainsaw accident cover-up

The story behind this chainsaw tattoo idea is much more than you expected. It’s a chainsaw tattoo made to cover up a scar from a chainsaw accident. This is very sentimental but can be a design idea to choose, given how intricate and detailed the art is.

17. Manga fan

Manga fan

This idea will suit you if you’re an avid manga fan or a chainsaw man. It depicts an illustration of a chainsaw man with the iconic chainsaw.

18. Cute Pochita

Cute Pochita

Another cute tattoo to consider is this Pochita tattoo. It’s colored, but you can also opt for line arts. However, it still looks more playful with the original color. These tattoo ideas are best placed on the wrist or at the back of the ear since it only looks decent if it’s in a small size. 

19. Stihl Fan

Stihl fan

Stihl fans will feel enthusiastic about this idea, given how much it reiterates the brand. It’s the STIHL MS261 which is a common favorite amongst Stihl users and chainsaw users alike.

20. Lumberjack Tattoo

Lumberjack Tattoo

Woodworkers often wear tattoos that symbolize their job line, and this lumberjack tattoo is one of the best designs we’ve encountered. It has pine trees in the background and a chainsaw pointed at a log. 

21. Tree surgeon

Tree surgeon

What do you call a doctor who conducts tree surgeries? A tree surgeon! This idea depicts a more elaborate design of a chainsaw with wordings that define their line of job [1]

Most of the time, people think it’s just about cutting and logging when it’s also about spirit and passion.

22. Arborist


Another idea we have here is this arborist tree surgeon tattoo. It’s a man facing the saw sawing, but with sketch-like details. Tattoo enthusiasts find it difficult to do tattoos like this since it needs very small needles and a lot of shading. 

23. Full sleeve Stihl inspired

Full sleeve Stihl inspired

Every tattoo person dreams of a full sleeve, and if you’re both into tattoos and chainsaws, this one here is a match. Cover your arms with this Stihl-inspired tattoo, or you can replace the Stihl chainsaw with your preferred saw. 

24. Creepy saw

Creepy saw

If you’re up to creepy designs, this chainsaw man sitting on his chainsaw in a cemetery will pique your interest. It’s creepy and aesthetic at the same time, but it is one-of-a-kind. 

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25. Blood Dripping Chainsaw

Blood dripping saw

This blood-dripping chainsaw idea may look drastic for non-chainsaw users, but it symbolizes sweat and hard work. Chainsaw users exert their human efforts when utilizing the machine. While it looks easy from the outside, it’s hard to use one. 

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Going for a chainsaw tattoo is a one-for-the-books, especially if you’re a chainsaw fan or enthusiast. While it may be confusing since there are very limited designs, we gave you all the possible chainsaw man tattoo ideas, and you can either use them or draw inspiration when crafting your next ink. 

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