CharGuy Premium Canvas Apron Review

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A work apron is useful in all types of situations and projects. From woodworking to cooking to gardening, a heavy-duty apron can ensure your safety and cleanliness while keeping tools and valuables accessible and handy. 

However, not all aprons are created equal. It must be strong and durable but adjustable and comfortable at the same time. In this article, I’m going to review the CharGuy Premium Canvas Apron, and whether or not it’s worth the money.

Features of the CharGuy Premium Canvas Apron

High-Quality Canvas Material

The material quality of this apron is the first thing I noticed. Designed with Heavy-Duty Canvas material, this protective, sturdy apron provides a  good amount of protection from potential hazards, perils, and debris that come with all types of woodworking projects for selling or personal use. 

The fabric is thick and has a premium feel, and I had no problems, even with the toughest jobs around the shop.

But even though the material is thick, the CharGuy Premium Canvas Apron is still lightweight, making it ideal for those long work days. I wore this apron for hours without any discomfort, strain, or pain.

Ultimately, the ruggedness of the canvas, combined with the apron’s lightweight nature makes it ideal for tough, long-lasting tasks.  

Adjustable Cross-Back Straps

Work aprons should have a good fit, so in the case of the CharGuy apron, the extended, adjustable straps added brownie points for me. The straps ensure a comfortable, firm fit for all sizes and allow for a full range of motion — which is definitely important when working with woodworking tools and equipment.

Slipping into and out of this apron is straightforward. The adjustable straps around the neck and waist are designed to minimize muscle strain, a feature I genuinely appreciate. Nothing kills your productivity like neck and shoulder pain, and if your apron doesn’t fit well, you’re setting yourself up for a world of discomfort. I’ve spent hours in the CharGuy apron without any issues, and that’s why it gets my seal of approval.

5 Large, Deep Sewn Pockets

As someone who handle a lot of tools, pockets are non-negotiable for me. Luckily, this apron has five deep, wide pockets. All the tools, valuables, and gauges I need are accessible, protected, and safe.

I can comfortably fit all the essentials in the rivet-reinforced,  roomy pockets – whether it’s clamps, combination squares, mallets, chisels, tape measures and other types of measuring tools, hammers, drills,  nails, and other tools I need at an arm’s reach. 

The pockets also have various sizes, including a  chest pocket for a cell phone and smaller items.  

Rivet-Reinforced Pockets

All five deep pockets are reinforced with metal rivets to provide maximum strength and sturdiness, ensuring security for all tools and valuables stored in the spacious pockets. 

These metal rivets provide additional oomph to the pockets, so they don’t tear or rip. Plus, the rivets are strategically placed, providing strength and reinforcement from top to bottom of the apron.


Durability is not only gauged by the thickness of the fabric but by the quality of stitching as well. The double-stitching on the hems and strap of this apron provides stronger seams, thus preventing fabric ripping, fraying, and tearing. 

Durable, cut-resistant, and sustainable, the CharGuy apron does hold up against anything thrown at it. Because of this, it can be reused with long-term durability for all future projects.  

Liquid Resistant

While this apron is excellent for woodworking jobs, it can also be used for other tasks like gardening, cooking, cleaning, and other housework. You’ll likely get wet in tasks like these, so it’s important to wear a liquid-resistant apron to protect you.

And yes, the CharGuy Premium Canvas Apron has that too. The liquid-resistant liner provides extra protection so you can work with various liquids and fluids without fear of your body or clothes getting wet or damaged. 

sawdust for garden or dirt path

I put this to the test by doing some cleaning and garden maintenance, and I’m happy that the apron held up really well.

Ease of Storage

A quality workshop demands organization and cleanliness, so it’s important that all tools and other things are stored properly after use. This apron is pretty easy to store. You just fold it up or hang it up, and you’re done. It doesn’t take up much space in the workshop, garage, kitchen, closet, etc. 


Wide Applications for Use

While the CharGuy Heavy Duty Apron is ideal for all woodworking and woodcarving projects, it can be used for other things, too. Whether you’re a professional chef, an avid grill master, a carpenter, or an artist, this apron provides the ideal protective layer to keep you comfortable and your clothes clean.

Because of the material quality and durability, it can be used in harsh environments and tough tasks. And, of course, the spacious pockets can hold your tools, cooking utensils, and other handy items you may be using. 

As such, this apron is perfect for woodworkers, mechanics, gardeners,  barbers, painters, artists, grillers, cleaners, and more.  

Additional Uses:

Customer Service

Whatever tools or products I try in the workshop, customer service is an important part of that. Fortunately, CharGuy’s customer service comes through as well. If you run into any issues with your apron, you can count on them to make it right—either by replacing the item or offering a refund. This kind of commitment to their customers really impresses me, and it’s a big reason why I recommend CharGuy.


The CharGuy Premium Canvas Apron is ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike. With adjustable cross-back straps, double stitching, and extra-strength canvas, this versatile apron ensures maximum protection and comfort for all projects. 

The large pockets are rivet-reinforced for additional strength while keeping your tools organized. The durable, long-lasting apron can be used again and again. 

So, is it worth it? My answer is yes. This high-quality apron has all the essential features you need, combining comfort with function for those heavy-duty tasks.

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