As several saws continue to encroach the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. The endless options can be overwhelming for beginners, who may end up buying models that are pricey and overhyped.

To help you save time and money, our team will discuss a circular saw known for its colossal amount of power and cutting-edge features in this Dewalt DCS573B review.



Dewalt DCS573B Design

The Dewalt DCS573B design is different from other Dewalt designs, like the Dewalt DCS386B, being that it’s a top-tier cordless circular saw. It’s a 7¼”  brushless cordless saw with a compact design, measuring 15.15″ x 9.3″ x 8.25″.

Our team of experts was impressed by this saw’s ruggedness, thanks to its super durable material. It can withstand several cutting activities and weather elements.

However, our experts weren’t impressed with the saw’s heaviness unlike other high quality mini circular saws that are more portable. It weighed approximately 11 pounds when the battery is included (it weighs less without a battery). But, since it’s a circular saw, this is to be expected.

Because of the slight heaviness, transporting and operating the machine will be slightly challenging, especially for a first-time, small user. However, a significantly large person will experience fewer inconveniences carrying it.

The handle is positioned for the user’s convenience and easy usage. Another incredible thing about the handle is that it’s massive enough to accommodate any user’s hands, and the rubber coating makes it easy for users to hold the saw.

Like most Dewalt cordless saws, this model includes a bright LED for increased visibility at night for more accuracy.

Features of the Dewalt DCS573B

Cutting Quality

Our team was most pleased with the saw’s superb cutting prowess just like when using an excellent track saw in your work. The shiny steel blade is super efficient at cutting through any material, whether it’s wood or metal [1].

The saw has a 1⅛” stroke length that delivers a maximum cutting speed of 5800 RPM no-load speed. This guarantees expedite cutting.

Besides, the saw comes with a positive bevel 22.5-degree and 45-degree stop to prevent the material from shifting out of position. The bevel angles further help the user to get a more accurate cut. The blade’s maximum cutting depth is 2 9/16″ at 90 degrees and 2″ at 45 degrees. 

If you are planning to use this saw on wood, you can read this guide on how to rip narrow wood with a circular saw

Blade Control

As this circular saw differs from a jigsaw, this saw has some blade control measures to maximize the user’s safety. It includes an electric brake that stops the blade after its trigger has been released. This means that you can make as many accurate cuts as you want without the fear of the blade shifting out of position.

Vibration Control

It was difficult to use Dewalt DCS573B for long hours when our team of experts tested it on metals. It produced some vibrations when the cutting time exceeded 45 minutes. However, it’s not so surprising, considering that it’s a powerful cordless circular saw just like the Rotorazer saw.

Due to these vibrations, using the saw for an extended period could result in severe hand or arm strain.

Dewalt DCS573B Power

This cordless saw offers users the opportunity to pair it with a 20V or 60V batteries. Our experts recommend using the 60V battery, as it lasts relatively longer than a 20V battery.

When paired with a FLEXVOLT 60V Max battery, it can deliver 77% more power. The battery is strong enough to power the cordless saw for a prolonged period.

As previously stated in the Dewalt DCS573B reviews, the total weight of this saw increases with the inclusion of the battery. It gets even heavier when it’s the 60V battery. This can make it slightly tough for many users to use the saw effectively, especially for the first time.

Like other Dewalt cordless saws, the saw doesn’t include the 20V nor the 60V battery. Our team wasn’t totally pleased about this, as you would need to purchase the battery separately, resulting in additional costs.

Extra Features

The inclusion of a bright LED was a brilliant idea from Dewalt. This innovative addition offers better visibility in a low-light environment and at night, resulting in improved accuracy.

It means that you are no longer limited to working during the day only. With this saw, you can work at any time, whether day or night and have flexible working hours.

There is also an option to connect a dust extractor or the Dewalt Airlock system to the dust port to minimize dust specks during cutting.

Dewalt DCS573B Price

The price of Dewalt DCS573B is fair compared to what other brands offer. Considering its features and cutting capabilities, this saw is worth the price.

Remember that no battery is included in the package. You’ll have to purchase it separately. Although this results in additional costs, the total price is reasonably fairer than some of other cordless saws.


Dewalt DCS573B comes with a three-year warranty, with a one-year for service option. This goes a long way in proving that the brand cares about customers’ needs.

A three-year warranty guarantees long-term usage of the product before replacing any of the parts. Suppose it develops a fault, you can return the product for a repair or change.

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Dewalt DCS573B Review Conclusion

No doubt, Dewalt DCS573 has what it takes to enhance users’ cutting experience, as evident in this Dewalt DCS573B review. Though slightly heavy, the saw’s rugged design is unique and can handle any heavy-duty cutting from woodcutting to metal cutting.

The saw’s blade is sharp and makes cutting super quick, while the blade control and positive bevel stop result in more accurate cuts. Furthermore, it is compatible with 20V and 60V batteries that are enough to power the saw through your cutting task.

Overall, our team was satisfied with the cutting capabilities and features of Dewalt DCS573B. 

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