Table saw and circular saws are both saws that are used for woodworking projects such as construction and DIY. Here you will read all that you need to know in comparing both the table saw and the circular saw.

The saw that is right for the type of projects that you will be working on depends on what type of projects that are, especially when it comes to the materials that you will be using for that project. Table saws and circular saws both work great for making long and deep cuts in materials that are preinstalled. Both saws are also intended to cut straight lines along a rail that is guided. While both the saws do have some common similarities, they also have some differences that set them apart from one another.

What is the difference between a table saw and a circular saw?

These saws have more in common than they do differently. They both use an electric motor to rotate a circular blade, its high speed. The serrated edge that the blade has can cut through a variety of different materials without any issues at all. It’s like cutting butter.

Just like with many other similar tools, they are both designed to operate for specific projects within a variety of different circumstances.

Dewalt DWE7480XA Table Saw

Table Saws

For accurate angled cuts, the table saw is the tool that you will want to go with. The table saw gets its name because it is set up like a table, and the blade sticks right up from the center.

They have a circular saw blade that sticks right out of the middle slit opening. The area on the table is large, making it appropriate for carpenters to cut large wood planks, as well as composite boards. When cutting these materials, all you need to do is rest them on the table surface. The table saw is quite accurate in the cuts that it creates, which is why many woodcarvers are prone to choose this tool for their various projects.

On the majority of table saws, some guardrails are adjustable on the sides. This aids in the user accomplishing fast yet precise cuts.

When using a table saw, it is also possible for you to adjust the blade at different angles to acquire the cut that you want. You can create really shallow or really deep cuts with these types of adjustments. The crank is what you would use to adjust settings of the depth that you want for cutting your materials.

With the table saw, you can also incorporate other types of accessories to improve your material cutting experience. An extension table is something that comes with many of the table saws, but some just have an extension for you to buy the extra piece for the table. If you take care of the parts for the table saw, it should last you for many years to come.

Circular Saws

A circular saw is great to use for materials that are stationary and cannot be transferred like those that are cut with a table saw. The circular saws are handheld and are powered either by a battery or an electrical cord. However, they are not as accurate and consistent as a table saw. However, these saws are mobile, and they provide just as much power when cutting as the table saw does. With the circular saw the cutting disc that it uses rotates in an arbor that has an electrical motor. The motor belts allow the arbor to spin the blade that is attached.

Circular saws are used for cutting various types of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and masonry. They are very versatile in the cutting materials department.

The circular saw is usually a portable one-handed saw (like the old worm-drive circular saw). Circular saws are popular amongst carpenters, home builders, and gardeners. As its name suggests, the moves in circles while cutting things with its abrasive disc or blade.

Circular saws are ideal for straight cutting wood, plastic and small sheets of paper. The saw is designed to make a single cut through the material.

Electricity is the main source of power for circular saws. Alternatively, some tools are powered via battery. There are wide variety types of circular saws such as the cold saw, abrasive saw, Sally saw, and concrete saw.

Key Features

  • Used for cutting smaller stuff.
  • Angle stop indicator that stops the blade when needed.
  • It has an electric brake that stops the motors in two seconds.
  • Simple learning tool for beginners.

You need a circular saw that can effectively cut without hazards. Because of this, it’s important that you invest in a high-quality saw. Low-quality saws have low durability and tend to become safety hazards due to chipping or lack of safety guards that are great for your hands, which lasts through long term usage. Save yourself the hassle by getting the right circular saw the first time.

Remember, each circular saw comes with a different set of qualities to accommodate for different tasks. Read this short section and deem the points as clear guides to see which key features are suitable for your situation.

When buying circular saws such as the cordless Dewalt DCS573Bhave a list of what’s most important to you such as Left or Right-handedness of the Saw. Usually, the left-biased saws are easier to handle with the right hand. Amps or Blade Capacity can also make a huge difference, plus other added attributes like LED lights and onboard blade wrench. After deciding, purchase one of the five products on this review that suits your needs the most. Doing this ensures that you’ll gain the right saw and finish your job with professional results.

Blade Capacity

This determines the highest cutting capacity of a cut the saw can get. As a rule of thumb, the larger the blade, the deeper the saw cuts through thick things. You’ll usually see circular saw models with a blade measurement of 7 ½ inches.

Most blades with a diameter of 6 inches or more can cut 2inches of at a 45-degree. A blade of 5 3/8 inch can cut through 2-dimensional in one pass at 90 degrees. However, it will take two passes if laid at a 45-degree.

Electric Brakes

This feature reverses the electricity flow in the saw’s motor once the trigger is pressed. They reverse the current and quickly stops the blade’s momentum. On average, the electric brake can fully stop a machine within 3 seconds; this is faster than a blade without this.


Amps are measured in corded saws while power is measured on cordless saws. Having a high quantity of amps and power increases the cutting efficiency of the blade. When buying your first circular saw, make sure it has an adequate amount of amps for the job at hand.

Shaft-Locks and Spindles

Spindles and locks make it less challenging to change the type of blades. The lock stops and immobilizes the blades and shafts, allowing you to remove and install a new blade securely.

How to use a Table saw vs a Circular saw

First and foremost you must know that safety always comes first when you are using any type of cutting too no matter how small or unhazardous it may seem. You should also make sure that you are wearing eye protection.

Since table saws and circular saws hold a high velocity of power there is often debris that shoots or flies out from the machine that you are cutting. So it is very important that you protect your eyes as well as your ears.

Power saws produce a lot of noise that is not always safe for your hearing when using regularly. The decibel levels often exceed those that are known to be safe, so cover your ears and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to also wear a hard hat to protect your head while you work as well.

Milwaukee worm drive circular saw

Table Saw

Table saws like Delta 36 725 or Ridgid R4512 require that you do a bit more work with your arms and hands because you will be pushing the material through the blade to get the desired cut. When materials that you are cutting are thin, you have to get close to the spinning blade, which can be quite dangerous, so it is highly recommended that you use a push stick for the instances that you have to get close to the blade.

Many experienced carpenters use a 3 ft. piece of hardwood that extends in their hand to the point of the blade. It is used to push materials through the blade when they are thin are some angles require getting extra close to the blade. Many retailers sell push sticks that conform to the designs of the materials that you are working with.

Circular saw

A circular saw is a saw that is more mobile, but it is quite heavy as well. With it being mobile you can take the saw where you need it so that you can work on projects. You do not have anything to support the material while cutting like you would with the table saw.

When using a circular saw, even high quality mini and compact circular saw, you need to make sure you keep the base flat on the material at all times. Keeping your hands steady while cutting is the main obstacle when using a circular saw.