Craftsman vs. Husky: Which is the Better Brand?

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Shopping for tools can indeed feel quite daunting, even for someone like me who’s been working with them for years. It’s crucial to understand that regardless of your level of expertise, having the right equipment is absolutely essential for successfully completing any task.

That’s why I’ve put together this in-depth comparison between Craftsman and Husky tools. If you find yourself in a dilemma, trying to decide between these two reputable brands, I’m here to provide you with some valuable insights to make an informed choice.

History of Husky and Craftsman

Husky is an American manufacturer known for its storage solutions and pneumatic power tools. The first Husky wrench was made for mechanics’ toolkits in 1924, and the company was officially founded the following year. 

A short time later, they partnered with the J.H. Williams Tool Group to create an even more formidable corporation.

Craftsman tools
In 1932, the Olsen Manufacturing Company of New Britain, Connecticut, USA, sold the rights to the Husky brand name to the New Britain Machine Company. The hand tool division of Litton was discontinued in the 1980s. Then Husky was acquired by National Hand Tool at that time. 
The 1990s marked a turning point in their meteoric rise to fame. For that decade, Husky was not only featured at Home Depot but also handed over exclusive rights to the home improvement megastore.
On the other hand, Sears, the big department store, founded Craftsman in the 1920s. The idea was to produce mid-level tools offered exclusively at Sears. Things escalated to a far larger scale than expected.
Sears’ then-department head for tools, Arthur Burrows, paid only $500 to acquire the brand from the Marion Craftsman Tool Company.
Husky mechanic tool set

As time passed, Sears faced financial difficulties and sold the Craftsman name to Stanley Black & Decker, a major tool manufacturer. They maintain legal ownership of the brand trademark. 

At one point, Stanley Black & Decker acquired both companies, resulting in a rebranding and the introduction of new Craftsman products to stores, including Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.

Are Husky and Craftsman the Same?

Husky and Craftsman are two different brands. They share a parent firm, Stanley Black & Decker, but the two brands serve completely different consumer bases. Home Depot now controls the Husky brand.

Husky produces pneumatic tools, hand tools, and storage tools. But Craftsman makes more than just power tools. Now, they also make work clothes and outdoor items. 

It was formerly a Sears brand, but Stanley Black & Decker acquired the name after the company filed for bankruptcy.

Craftsman CMEC6150K Air Compressor

Both brands compete in a comparable price range and market segment, yet their product offerings couldn’t be more different.

Comparing Husky and Craftsman Products

Overall Quality: Which is Better For Heavy Duty Use?

The two brands are well-known for producing durable tools that will last for many years, but they are not the same company, and they both have major differences. 

They’re constructed to last, so you can use them for any job, no matter how demanding. However, they vary in the extent to which they meet various requirements.

Husky tools are a good option for experts and beginners due to their longevity, accuracy, and general tool quality. Long-term use won’t become an issue because of how well they’re made to feel in your hands. Their mechanic’s toolsets are the same high quality as those mainly constructed by other brands.

In most cases, Craftsman tools aren’t up to the task of professional or heavy-duty work. Lightweight and convenient for occasional use, they are an excellent choice for homeowners and DIY work.

Although Husky isn’t as versatile as other power tools, it can handle tough jobs. You might want to switch out the Craftsman for something more robust when the going gets tough.

Craftsman V20 Impact Driver

When it comes to Husky tools, it’s essential to be aware that they have multiple manufacturers producing their products, which can make it quite challenging to pinpoint the origins of each tool.

The extent of their involvement in the manufacturing process isn’t always transparent, but it’s worth noting that companies such as Western Forge, Iron Bridge Tools, Apex Tool Group, and Stanley Black & Decker are all somehow connected to Husky tools.

Regarding their production locations, it’s important to know that while some Husky power tools were originally made in the USA, the majority of their manufacturing has shifted to China and Taiwan in recent times.

Product Lineup

Ultimately, you need to understand what to look for when choosing tools and ensure that the brand you settle on offers the appropriate instruments for your work.

The mainstays of Husky’s product catalog are pneumatic tools, mechanics, primitive tools, automotive tools, and other accessories, including storage, workbenches, workwear, and illumination. 

A large selection of Husky wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, and mechanic tools are the main focus of the product line. Prices are lower than those of “professional” tool manufacturers like Snap-On and MAC. Still, the tool quality is sufficient for the typical do-it-yourselfer or weekend garage mechanic.

Husky tools

Compared to Husky, Craftsman’s product catalog is much more extensive, covering not just power tools but also automotive equipment and a large selection of outdoor equipment. 

The pricing is comparable to those of other tool manufacturers like Skil, Porter-Cable, and Ryobi, making it apparent that the range is meant for DIYers on a budget. 

The areas in which you are most likely to be torn between Craftsman and Husky are in the categories of basic hand tools and automotive equipment.

Winner: Craftsman

Power Tools

Neither of these companies makes the best power tools. Still, Craftsman enjoys a stellar reputation for manufacturing reliable power tools.

These power tools are generally considered for starting. Most common household and do-it-yourself tasks are considered ideal in addition to being soft, lightweight, and sturdy enough to withstand light work. However, Husky isn’t your best bet if you’re looking for tools that can stand up to professional use.

Craftsman Versastack

The Husky corporation is most recognized for its high-quality hand and automotive tools. It is generally agreed that Husky hand and pneumatic tools are on par with the best of the major manufacturers and are best suited for industrial settings.

Generally, these Craftsman tools fall in the middle of the quality spectrum, being neither particularly low nor exceptionally high. Craftsman tools, like Husky’s, are suitable for occasional or light use around the house or on little projects. 

However, the tools are not typically endorsed for use in professional settings due to their lack of durability.

And while Husky tools may have a stellar reputation, Craftsman hand tools are roughly on par with their power tool counterparts. Of course, it also means that Craftsman power tools are very cheap. 

Winner: Craftsman

Hand and Mechanic Tools

The areas in which you see a significant overlap between Husky and Craftsman tools are in the categories of hand and automotive equipment.

Husky tool set

Husky focuses more on these tools, and they produce some great quality hand and mechanics tools today, competing with the best brands in the business.

That’s not to say Craftsman’s hand tools are subpar. On the contrary, they’re excellent. Nonetheless, Husky hand tools are the best.

Winner: Husky

Wrenches, Ratchets, and Sockets

Husky is the best option for wrenches and sockets because the company specializes in mechanic’s sets and hand tools. 

They have a far wider variety of options than Craftsman. Besides, the Husky wrench is one of the first tools the company has produced. Thus, they are more reliable in this aspect.

Winner: Husky

Tool Boxes

Husky focuses on hand tools and their storage. Over the years, I have researched and tested several tool boxes and tool bags, and the Husky brand ranks among the very finest. 

Husky tool box

The casters roll smoothly, the drawers open and close smoothly, and the overall construction is of the highest caliber.

Winner: Husky


Husky also offers a wider variety of high-quality tool storage options, such as tool cabinets and bags. Husky tool cabinets are for those who want to buy a tool storage and organization system but can’t afford high-end storage, like Snap-On [1].

Husky cabinets are often better quality because they are constructed largely of steel and can do what they’re supposed to.

Winner: Husky


If you analyze the costs of Husky vs. Craftsman tools, you may notice many parallels. Because of their parallel locations, this is not a huge surprise.

Craftsman automotive tools

When comparing the pricing of the different brands’ basic mechanic sets, I find that they are all very close. The 137-piece Craftsman mechanic’s tool kit costs $119.95, while the almost equivalent 149-piece Husk set goes for $112.90.

A similar pattern emerges when comparing each brand’s entry-level 4-piece pliers set. When comparing prices, it’s worth noting that while Craftsman’s 4-piece set kit costs $34.99, Husky’s almost identical set of pliers costs the same.


Both of these businesses have excellent guarantee programs. Warranties provided by some manufacturers are time-bound and end after several years. 

Lifetime warranties or guarantees that last a lifetime are standard on tools from both Husky and Craftsman. Because of this, if the tools break, they can be sent back and replaced without hassle.

Both are well-known for their durability, but lifetime warranties can provide an extra layer of security. These companies stand behind their products seriously, which is reason enough to consider buying from them.

Husky 144 Position Dual Pawl Ratchet 125-piece Mechanics Tool Set

Both Husky and Craftsman provide a limited warranty of 2 years on their air compressors and tools, while the former goes a step further and provides a 3-year warranty on their air equipment.

Advantages of Craftsman Products

Most of their tools don’t require assembly, work right out of the box, and have user-friendly ergonomic designs. In addition, the guarantee offered by Craftsman is arguably the brand’s biggest selling point. 

The brand offers a solid guarantee on all equipment, regardless of whether you choose a mid-range or high-end model. Even if you’ve had the same equipment for ten years, you can just stroll into any store and walk out with a new one.

Customers are often pleased with the service life they receive from their Craftsman tools and garden equipment because of their dependability.

Craftsman compact blower

Professional tools tend to be on the pricier end of the spectrum, but the investment looks well-justified with their tools. Satisfied customers consistently express that the brand’s products are well worth the investment.

Advantages of Husky Products

Husky provides some of the greatest storage solutions available in terms of price and quality. Their toolboxes are also extremely lightweight, making them more convenient to store and move than competing brands.

If you’re looking for high-quality hand or mechanic’s tools, look no further than Husky. While their power tool products have been criticized, their hand tools have received largely positive reviews. They’re some of the best mechanic’s tools and hand tools available.

Husky is also well known for extensive toolkits, which are suitable for amateurs and experts. Each one comes with an extensive collection of high-quality instruments that can handle various tasks.

Husky tool cabinet

Husky tools are higher quality than standard brands yet cost less than other standard or premium options. The combination of low price and high quality makes them popular among novices and experts.

Which Brand Should I Opt For?

The choice is straightforward in this case. Husky is the brand to choose from if you need any kind of hand tools or mechanic’s tools. However, Craftsman is your only choice among these two for power tools and outdoor lawn and garden tools.

Husky doesn’t even come close regarding outdoor lawn and garden tools. So, go with Craftsman for all your gardening tool needs.

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In this extensive Husky and Craftsman comparison, I’ve meticulously examined the strengths and weaknesses of each brand’s offerings. It’s important to note that both brands present compelling options in price and quality.

Neither of these brands falls into the high-end category, but they deliver reliable performance. Overall, it’s worth remembering that Craftsman primarily focuses on power and outdoor tools, while Husky specializes in hand, mechanic, and top-notch tool storage solutions.

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