Top 10 Unique Cricut Wood Projects — Try These at Home!

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So you have got yourself a new Cricut maker, and you want to know some tried and true projects that will allow you to use various materials together. To make sure you are using your Cricut maker correctly, our team has a few suggestions for Cricut wood projects suitable for all skill levels.

What is a Cricut?

Cricut machines are tools that can cut through various materials such as paper, balsa wood, wood veneer, basswood and various other different materials. A Cricut is a very versatile machine that can even handle fabric to help you create the perfect DIY project with just one tool.

Best Types of Wood for Cricut

There are various Cricut maker wood projects you can create, but our woodworking experts suggest thinner material such as balsa wood and basswood. In fact, any thin sheet of plywood would work best with your Circut. Aside from wooden pieces, you can also use the Cricut maker machine for vinyl, paper, and more.

Top 10 Unique Cricut Wood Projects You Can Try

1. Wood Letters

wooden letter

Wooden letters are among the most common Cricut machine projects. You can use a handsaw for these crafts, but a Cricut machine will produce better lines. Wooden letters can be used for address numbers, stockings, and decorations for your door.

2. Home Sign

wooden sign forhome

Another example of Cricut maker wood projects great for beginners is home signs. The signs can read anything you want with just a simple word or a more complex phrase.

3. Earrings

wooden earring
Believe it or not, you can even use balsa wood or basswood to create accessories such as wood earrings. Simply use the machine to execute the design you have in mind.

4. Christmas Tree Trinkets

wooden Christmas Tree Trinkets
Our team has plenty of tips to help you realize your DIY dream, but Christmas tree trinkets are by far the most fun. There are no limits to what your Christmas tree decoration needs to be, and you can make any shape and paint it any color you want before you hang it on your tree.

5. Coasters

wood coasters
Coasters can be likened to DIY decorations that you don’t string up. Aside from using wood, you can also use vinyl and enlist the help of your sewing tool to make more elaborate coaster projects.

6. Name Puzzle

wooden Name Puzzle
Your Cricut maker is also an excellent candidate for smaller wood crafts and such as a name puzzle. You don’t have to use your name as other wood words are just as effective. You can round up your family members and engage in a fun afternoon activity at no additional cost.

7. Bookmark

wooden Bookmark

One of the simplest Cricut maker wood projects our woodworkers love is a bookmark. Don’t pick a material that’s too thick, because these crafts need to fit between the pages of your book. Basswood is an excellent choice for this DIY idea.

8. Animal Decors

wooden Animal Decors

Aside from small DIY jobs, you can also graduate to home decor once you have mastered Cricut wood projects. Animal decors are a fun way to bring life to your walls and smaller versions of the animals can also become parts of your other DIY [1] ideas.

9. Plaque

A plaque is a general idea our woodworking team has that requires the basics of sign post making. Grab your Cricut maker, cut a suitable piece and let your imagination run wild.

10. Car Décor

wooden Car Décor

If you can make DIY wood ideas for your home, then you can definitely make them for your car. Cute designs can look really cute hanging from the rearview mirror and door handles. Car decor is among the most favored Cricut maker wood projects by our experts and ideal woodturning projects for two persons.


What can the Cricut do with wood?

A Cricut can make many designs on wood. It can not only cut, but it can also write and draw the pictures and words you have in mind. A Cricut maker is an excellent tool for making a sign or for smaller decorative pieces.

Can Cricut cut wood?

Yes, a Cricut can cut wood. In fact, a Cricut maker is one of the most versatile and intricate machines for DIY wood designs because of its precision. Not only can it cut, but writing and drawing pictures on your wood pieces are also possible.

What can I make with wood on my Cricut maker?

You can make DIY wood designs on your Cricut maker. For example, a name sign or letters are very popular with the Cricut maker. It’s also an excellent option for puzzles, coasters and other home decors.

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Cricut wood projects can be very simple or very advanced. These DIY wood ideas are a great afternoon activity for the whole family to enjoy. Your Cricut can turn your dreams into a reality by mirroring what you have on your design program onto the wooden piece to make a unique item

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