Common Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower Problems + Troubleshooting Tips

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Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers are excellent lawn-cutting tools, but not without some issues. A time will come that some mower components will fail due to wear and tear. The challenge lies in identifying which parts are faulty or need maintenance.

In this guide, our lawn care experts will list some of the most common Cub Cadet zero-turn mower problems and how to fix them.

Top Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower Issues + Fixes

Issues with your lawnmower may range from sudden power loss to weak hydrostatic transmission. Fortunately, these problems can be fixed conveniently. Some issues can be fixed in the comfort of your home as outlined by our engineers here:

1. Mower Won't Start

So many reasons can prevent your mower from starting. A damaged spark plug, Cub Cadet belt keeps coming off, poor connection, and clogged fuel filter can cause such an issue. Old fuel in the tank, no gas in the tank, and a dirty carburetor can also be responsible.

cub cade xt2

If you discover a bad spark plug or dirty carburetor, you can either clean the deposits or replace them to resolve your Cub Cadet starting issues. For clogged fuel and air filters, you should replace them to permit fuel flow. 

2. Mower Suddenly Stops

Lawnmowers like the John Deere riding mower machines suddenly stop if there’s a power loss. This can be caused by compromised air systems, lack of fuel/bad fuel, and clogged air/fuel lines. 

If it’s bad fuel, you should drain the tank and replace it was the fresh one. Bad fuel leaves debris and gummy deposits in the tank, which clogs the fuel filter and the carburetor. For the filters and lines, you should remove the clogs or replace them if they are in bad condition.

3. Mower Producing Smoke

A mower will produce smoke if an oil passes into the cylinder from the crankcase and starts to burn off. Low oil capacity can also be responsible and could cause the components to burn due to friction.

cub cadet mower producing smoke

The issue can be fixed by reducing the oil level in the crankcase to the recommended level. If the problem persists, you can take it to the repair shop. 

4. Weak Hydrostatic Transmission

If the hydraulic is low or the drive belt is worn out, the mower may experience a weak hydrostatic transmission. You can fix the issue by replacing the drive belt and changing the hydraulics according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

5. Mower Won't Steer Straight or Correctly

Several things, such as worn steering parts, unequal tire pressure, and bad dampers, can cause your Cub Cadet Zero-Turn mower to go off track and steer in the wrong direction. Check the tire pressure first and ensure they are filled adequately. 

cub cade cutting deck

Worn steering components and damper should be replaced. If one tire moves faster than the other, adjust the speed bolt. You can refer to the manual to do this or contact repair services. 

6. Mower Not Moving

The belt drive alongside the tensioner pulley is two core components of a mower. If they are damaged, your mower may not be able to move. In addition, if the release lever or the bypass rod on the hydrostatic is wrongly positioned, the mower may not move. 

You can fix the lever issue by rightfully positioning it. For the drive belt and tensioner pulley, replacing would do. Ensure you inspect other components for notable defects.

7. Mower Vibrating

Vibration is a major Cub Cadet zero-turn mower problem caused by loose components, failing bearings and pulleys, and unbalanced blades [1]. These issues can be addressed by adjusting the parts. You should also replace damaged components. 

cub cadet transmission repair

8. Uneven Cut

If your Cub Cadet riding lawn mower cuts unevenly, you should inspect the tires, blade, and mower deck. Damaged or dull blades and uneven tires can make the mower cut unevenly. If the mower deck is unlevel, the cuts won’t be smooth. 

You can sharpen the blade for better cuts if not damaged. The tires should be of the ideal pressure, and the deck should be level. 

9. Gas Leaking

Gas leaks occur if the carburetor gasket is damaged. However, it shouldn’t stop you from investigating other possible causes. All you need to do is replace the gasket and remove excess gas from the tank

10. Mower Difficult to Start

Difficult starts are common problems of Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers. Some of the causes of this include the dirty carburetor and old fuel. The solutions are taking the carburetor out for a deep clean if you’re capable and draining the old fuel. 

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What would make a Cub Cadet not start?

A Cub Cadet may not start due to a damaged spark plug, clogged fuel/air filters, faulty battery, bad fuel, clogged fuel pump and carburetor, and corroded components.

How do I know if my Cub Cadet solenoid is bad?

You would know if your Cub Cadet solenoid is faulty if it gets hot and smells. 


No Cub Cadet zero-turn Mower is free from occasional issues. As time progresses, it’s bound to encounter problems like those our engineers mentioned in this post. 

The good news is you can fix them with the remedies provided here at your convenience. If the problems persist, you shouldn’t hesitate to take it to a repair shop. 

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